The Couple And The House Owner

People who know me describe me as absent-minded and easy-going, and rightfully so. I have always tried to get better, but finally accepted the fact that it’s in my character and can’t be changed. Why did I say this? Because I should have tried to change.

I have two apartments, a small one upstairs and a bigger, more luxurious one on the ground floor. As the house owner, I live in the small one myself, and I rent out the ground floor most of the time.

A few months back, I rented out the ground floor to a lovely couple I met on Craigslist. They went by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and were in their forties. I could see that they liked the place when they first came here. The day they moved in, I went downstairs to help them with their bags.

I could see that they were pleased that I came to help them without even asking. After everything was settled, they offered me some tea. We sat down in the living room and had a little chat. They told me a lot about them and vice-versa. But I was a bit surprised when I came to know that Mr. Smith was homophobic.

“Hate those guys! I don’t understand why they want to be gay,” said Mr. Smith, with a condemning voice. I was a little taken aback, but I did not worry too much over it since they seemed nice overall. Besides, I was straight, and so were all my friends. So I had nothing to be bothered about.

I make food most of the time. In the first month of their stay, the Smiths did not allow me to cook food. They made dinner for me every day and even brought it upstairs. At first, I thought they were trying to please the ‘house owner’. But later I realized that they were just nice people.

I didn’t have to cook food for a whole month. I was beyond overjoyed that I found these people.

Mrs. Smith was an average looking lady with big brown eyes and long hair. She always wore tight skirts and a loose t-shirt. She had the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Mr. Smith, on the other hand, looked way better for his age. He was tall and well built.

He had a wide chest and thick black hair. He wears shorts and a tight t-shirt all the time. They both looked pretty good for their age.

“You up there?” asked Mrs. Smith as she was climbing up the stairs.
“I’m right here! Door’s open, Mrs. Smith,” I replied with haste.
“For the hundredth time, just call me Linda son, I don’t mind,” said Mrs. Smith with a bit of tease.

“Sorry, I got used to it, Linda,” I said with a smile.
“Well, better change it then. I don’t need to be reminded about who I’m married to every single time! Even Smith wants you to call him by his name,” she said with a giggle. “Here, I brought dinner.”

“Oh, thanks, Linda. You know, you’re have been nice to me for the past month. I have never had people being this nice to me in my whole life!” I said for the hundredth time, out of gratitude.

“It’s nothing, Ben. It’s my pleasure. Oh, by the way, I have to go to my mother’s house tomorrow. I’ll come back only after a week or so. You’ll have to cook food for yourself.”

“No problem, Linda! Is Mr. Smith not going?”
“No, he’s not very fond of my family. Don’t worry about him. He can handle himself, he’s a big boy!” she said with a smile. I laughed.

“Yeah, seriously, he’s really good. I have heard that he was an alpha in his college. Even guys wanted to go out with him.”
“Oh,” I said with a confused face. I did not know how to answer that.

“Anyway, I’m off to bed. Have an early flight tomorrow. Be free to ask Smith if you need help with anything, okay?”
“Sure! Mrs. Smith,  Linda!”
“All right, good night,” she said, chuckling before she left the room.

The next day was pretty boring. I spent the entire day binge-watching a TV series. I forgot to have lunch. I was too lazy to cook since I became accustomed to Linda, making me dinner every day. So, I decided to order from outside.

Just as I grabbed the phone, I heard a knock on the door. I opened to see Mr. Smith in a sleeveless T-shirt. It was the first time I saw him like that. He was sweating a lot, and I could see his nipples.

“You busy?” he asked.
“No, not at all, what’s up, Smith?” I replied, remembering what Linda had told me about calling him by his name.

“I was cooking dinner and thought maybe we could make it together if you are free?” he said. I wanted to say no so badly, I just wanted to order some food and hit the bed. But I did not want to be rude, so I agreed. I immediately closed the door and followed him.

“Since Linda is gone for a week, I thought maybe we could cook dinner at night together. We both stay alone, anyways.”
“Sure, we can do that,” I said, even though I did not want to spend time in his house every night.

“We’ll go straight to the kitchen; you must be hungry.”
“Yes, I am. I forgot to eat lunch,” I said with a laugh
“Oh, why didn’t you say so? I would have made something for you. I don’t mind,” he said with a wink.

I did not understand what he meant by the wink, but I smiled. He was making pancakes fresh out of the oven.“We buy only organic food items. Even this honey, here have some,” Mr. Smith approached me with his finger dipped in honey.

Before I could do anything, he put his finger in my mouth, while holding the back of my head with his hand.

“Delicious, isn’t it? Linda only buys the best of the fresh out there,” he said. I was a bit weirded out by what just happened. “Maybe he’s like this with everyone,” I thought to myself.
“Yes, it’s good,” I said.

“Why don’t you take out some plates and pour some honey over these? I have to call Linda.”
“Okay, take your time Smith,” I said. Mr. Smith gave a keen look at me before he left to get the phone.

“Shouldn’t I call him that? I was doing it because Linda told me so. Maybe it’s nothing,” I thought to myself. I could hear Smith talking to Linda over the phone.
“He’s right here,” Smith gave me the phone while signaling that it’s Linda.

“Hi, Linda! How was your flight?” I asked.
“It was tiring, I’m going to hit the bed after this, did a lot of lifting,” she replied. “What are you guys up to?”

Meanwhile, Smith took a piece of the pancake, wet with the honey, and put it inside my mouth. He wiped away the honey from my lips and licked it while looking at me, smiling. When he saw that I stood there motionless, he took the phone from me and began talking to Linda.

“He’s eating my pancakes! We decided to cook dinner together,” he said while still smirking at me. It felt weird the first time, but this time I didn’t feel weird. I believed people behave differently, and I was fine with it. Besides, it felt good when he did that.

“Okay then sleep well honey, I’ll call you later” Smith put down the phone. “Take the plates, we’ll have the pancakes in the living room,” Smith said while turning on the TV. He changed a lot of channels and finally decided to put Game of Thrones.

I took both plates and placed it on the sofa and sat beside it, giving the other end of the sofa for Smith.
“Oh, you watch Game of Thrones, Smith?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, Linda made me watch it. It’s good. Plus, it has a lot of stuff, if you know what I mean,” Smith said. He began smirking again. I laughed out loud. “Yes, Smith, it does, a lot.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” he said. Smith took the plates off from the sofa and sat near me. He held the plates in his hand and offered me the pancakes. It felt a bit weird that he would come so close to me. The sofa was big enough for two people. I took a pancake and smiled.

“Who’s your favorite in it?” Smith asked me with a sly smile. I sat there, with an ocean of awkwardness in my face.
“Oh, come on, you can be open with me. It will be our little secret,” he said while winking again.

“I guess it would have to be Natalie Dormer,” I replied. “Wow, he’s such a cool guy,” I thought to myself.

“Hmm, she is hot, I can see why you picked her. I bet you jerked off to her a dozen times,” he said, still having that sly smile.

“This guy is so cool for his age! I can discuss stuff like this with him!” I thought to myself with excitement, not realizing that he came even closer to me.

“What about you, Smith? Who’s your favorite?” I asked, naive as a lamb.
“You,” Smith replied while putting his hand on my crotch and grabbing my cock over my shorts. I felt a boner instantly.

“And don’t call me Smith. You should have some respect,” he said while putting his hand in my mouth and pulling down my lower lips.

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