Sathvika, My Friend With Benefits

Hi there, I’m Sai from Hyderabad. I’m presently doing my B.Tech in the most reputed college here. I’m in my third year of B.Tech (CSE). This is my first story here.

This incident happened when I was in my first year. She was my classmate and we both became good friends after the induction program (a small 15-20 days introduction course which generally has field trips, some one-day tours, etc).

So let me begin my story, by describing her. She is of medium height, somewhat dusky in color but trust me guys she has a beautiful face and lips, one that you would suck for an hour.

She has medium-sized boobs that will suit her height and a die for ass. Her ass makes me get an instant hard-on just thinking about her. So after the induction program, our regular classes started.

We were not so close to each other then. But we used to chit chat during the breaks. In this way, time passed and one semester got completed. Then during the second semester, we had a course called a mechanical workshop, where the whole class was divided into 4 member batches.

Since both our names begin with the same letter, we got bunched in the same group. As time flew, we became close to each other and started having video calls, and so on. We used to share everything with each other and discuss each other’s problems.

We didn’t have any sexual intentions for each other. One day during the workshop, it was on Friday and most of the class was absent. Only we two were there in our batch.

That day we had a physical task which was to cut the given wooden block into some shape. I’m quite familiar with that task. We had recently done up the cupboard in our home, and I had watched those carpenters at work. Our given task was also quite familiar to that.

Sathvika, sought my help and asked me to show her how to cut the block? I was holding her hands from behind and showing her how to mark things and so on.

At that moment when I was holding her hands from behind, my dick was just behind her ass. When I noticed this, just the thought gave me an instant hard-on and I realized what a beauty I was missing all these days.

From that day, I started having sexual intentions towards her. Finally, the semester was over and we had the summer holidays. Our video calls, chatting and other stuff continued.

She told me that she was very bored, as she does not have any siblings, and both her parents were working. She asked me to suggest some good movies or series that she could watch online. I suggested the names of some good movies that I had enjoyed and also told her about the movie – “Friends with benefits” (FWB).

After a few days, she told me that she had completed seeing all the suggested movies. I thought this is the time to make my next move. I asked her for a review of the movies she had seen.

She said all of them were good, but that was not enough for me. I asked her to describe each movie. She described all of them except FWB. I asked her whether she had watched that movie?

She said, “Yes” but did not say anything more. I insisted she describes that movie too. She was a bit hesitant at first, but later told me that it was a good concept movie.

I was totally shocked as she said the movie concept was good (for the people who don’t know the story….The movie has two friends who get involved in sex without having any relationship with each other).

I told her that I too felt that it has a good concept and that I was okay with kind of stuff. I then asked for her opinion. By now she knew that I want to have sex with her. So she replied to me by sending me some angry emote and started avoiding my calls and messages.

After a lot of texts and calls, I apologized and told her that I won’t ask her such things in the future. She was back to chatting. But she was not like before.

Earlier she used to reply to me within seconds after I sent her some message, but now she was hardly replying to me. I apologized to her many times and then we were back to normal.

After a week or so she messaged me saying that she is okay with the friends with benefits concept. I thought she was teasing me seeing the sudden change from her.

She told me that she was a very horny type of girl who used to masturbate 3-4 times a week and she was not interested in any relationship.

She hadn’t agreed before because she thought it might get leaked and she told me she wants complete anonymity in this. I was so happy. I told her that I want to meet her and will book a room in Oyo.

She said, “Someone might see us.” She was not ok with that idea, instead, she said that her home might be perfect as her parents leave their house in the morning and return in the evening or night. So we made plans for the next day.

The very next morning around 11 am, I reached her colony and called her up to check whether her parents had left for work. She told me that everyone has left and she is waiting for me.

I was on cloud 9. I rang her doorbell. She opened the door. As soon as she opened the door I caught her in my arms and started to kiss her. As that was my first kiss I was in great haste and started to put my tongue in her mouth.

She told me not to hurry. Then she closed the door and we went inside her bedroom. As I was a virgin and it was the first time that I had kissed a girl, I couldn’t control my hard-on and started to press her boobs over her tee-shirt.

Sathvika told me that she wants to have romantic sex rather than a lustful one. But how can a virgin who has never experienced that feeling control himself?

She came near me and started to kiss me slowly but I wanted to put my tongue inside her and taste her saliva. She was resisting opening her mouth, so had to kiss her on the lips for some time to open her mouth.

She was also a virgin but she knew how to kiss and then she suddenly put her tongue out and our tongues met and we were exchanging our saliva for 10 minutes.

While my hands were exploring her body, I couldn’t believe what’s happening – that a sexy girl like Sathvika is kissing me and I was exploring her whole body. It was an amazing feeling.

Then I started to kiss her neck while playing with her boobs which were soft and smooth. After that, I removed her t-shirt and bra and started to suck her nipples.

They were slightly brown but they tasted so good. I started to suck one boob while pressing the other. She was moaning, “Ahh.Aah…Ahhhhh,” while I was pressing her boobs hard.

Later I began to lick her armpits (they were neatly shaven). I have a fetish of licking the armpits. My 7″ inch dick was hard and it felt that it might explode if it stays inside my underwear.

I removed my clothes and she removed hers. We again kissed for around 5 minutes. Then I bent down to lick her pussy. I started to lick it but found it was slightly salty.

Trust me guys that taste will stay in your mouth for a long time. She was moaning a lot, “Aaaah…Ahh..Aha….Lick me more, Lick my pussy!!” I inserted my finger inside her pussy, which was really tight.

It was that warm feeling when you enter a virgin girl’s pussy. You simply begin to love it. I started to finger her and she came, with a big load of cum.

I drank all of it and kissed her. She tasted her own cum from my mouth. This was the time for her to payback. I pointed my dick at her mouth telling her to suck it. But she denied saying, “I can’t do that. It will taste bad.”

told her just to put the tip in her mouth once and apply some saliva on it. She agreed unwillingly and took it inside her mouth. I don’t know what happened but she started to give a blowjob. I was in heaven.

The feeling of getting a blowjob for the first time is irresistible. I started to mouth fuck her and I came inside her mouth without telling her. Actually, even I didn’t know that I was cumming.

She swallowed some cum but spat out most of it. Then I started to kiss her mouth and pressed her boobs so hard that she started to moan very loudly. In no time my dick was hard again.

I gave her a condom and told her to put it on me. She put the condom on my 7″ dick. I told her to lie in a missionary position on the corner of her bed. She was in a missionary position. I started to enter her pussy. It was really tight.

I could not even put my dickhead in. She was shouting to stop it, as it was hurting her. I took out my dick and applied some honey on it and started to insert it again. This time I started to kiss her and my dick slid inside her vagina.

She was pressing her nails against my back while hugging me. I put my whole dick inside her after two or three attempts. She started to cry and started bleeding.

I took out my dick and cleaned her pussy blood with some cloth and entered again. This time she had some pain but started to moan, “Ah..Ah..Ah.Ahhhha.”

She asked me to fuck her slowly. I started giving small strokes and after some time she became comfortable. I started ramming her pussy at top speed. She was moaning very loudly now and any person passing by could have heard her.

I lip locked her and came inside her pussy, actually I side the condom. We lay there for some time and when she woke up to have lunch she was not able to walk properly, as her pussy was sore.

I carried her in my arms to the dining hall, and we had our lunch naked. I then left her house in the evening. Since then we have made out many times whenever we get time.

Any aunties or girls or couples want to have some fun secretly can contact me [email protected]

If I get a good response, I will write another story, how we involved her friend Harshita with us, and had a threesome.

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