Lost My Virginity To My Hot Senior

Hi, guys, my name is Jason (name changed). I’m the 20-year-old guy with a height of 5.9 with a 6.5-inch dick. I live in Bangalore and had crazy sexual experiences for 2 years with four girls till now. Before I lost my virginity I used to masturbate only to porn and was addicted to it.

This my first story so just bear with me for a while and enjoy!

Let me begin by introducing you to my best friend Ava. We are friends for many years and she was like my sister. We never had feelings for each other. She used to introduce me to her friends who were pretty. And as usual, I and Ava were going for a jog at 5 pm at a nearby park.

That’s where I met the hottest girl ever Ishaani, she was our senior. Ishaani was not that pretty but had a perfect body with 34 size boobs and a fine ass, back then, she was 21. I was going to turn 19 in two weeks. Ava introduced me to Ishaani and we started talking and kept going on for a while.

I kept staring at her boobs coz it was huge and got a boner. My boner was visible cause I was wearing joggers. Ava saw my boner and controlled her laugh. As soon Ishaani left Ava started making fun of me cause I have no self-control and I get a boner easily.

Ava has seen it several times and used to make fun of me. After some days I meet Ishaani at the bus stop. She was waiting for the bus. I used to go with my friend on his bike but he had not come that day. So I had to take the bus. I and Ishaani saw each other and smiled.

Then we started talking suddenly. She gets a call from her friend that she won’t be coming today. Ishaani then thought that today would be boring cause it’s Saturday. Then she decided to bunk and go to the mall nearby college. She asked if I wanted to bunk as well.

I instantly said yes and we took an auto and left cause the bus was very crowded. We went to the mall and watched a movie in the mall theater. The theater was filled with only couples. We felt kind of awkward so to make things less awkward.

I started making fun of those couples and how stupid relationships are etc. We had fun cracking jokes and enjoyed the movie as well. While leaving we exchanged numbers and since then we chatted regularly.

One night she asked me if I had a girlfriend to which I replied no. I had broken up recently. I told Ishaani the whole story about how things were and because of that, I hate relationships. Then we started talking about various things and then suddenly we started flirting as well.

After some time she asked me if I had ever kissed my girlfriend and I said no. She started laughing and called me a loser because I had never kissed a girl before. She then asked me if she could teach me how to kiss and I started laughing and told her to stop joking.

She said that was serious and she doesn’t mind teaching me cause she finds me cute. We then decided to meet each other as my birthday was coming up soon. On the day of my birthday, I kept a house party as my parents went out of the station.

It was just me, Ishaani and some friends (most of my friends were older than me). Ava was late for the party as she had dance practice. I cut the cake and we all had some drinks in my room and started playing music. We all had fun. Some couples started making out and left my room. Others were talking to each other.

Ishaani then suddenly asked me if she could teach me how to kiss to which I said yes. Our lips touched and we started making out. All my friends started recording the video. then I pressed her boob by mistake and I apologized to which she laughed and told it’s fine.

We made out intensely and I pressed both her boobs.

We made out for 10 minutes. I chased all my friends out of the room because I was getting horny. After that, I removed her top and kissed her neck and slowly came down and removed her bra. It was my first time so it was difficult. I then saw those lovely boobs and started sucking them for a while.

Then I slowly went down to her belly. Then I went all the way down removed her pants and kissed her thighs. She started getting wet. I then started touching her pussy on top of her panty. She wanted me to finger her real bad. I removed her panties and saw her hairy pussy, I started fingering it.

First I started off by inserting one finger then two then three she was moaning in pain, I the. Closed her mouth with my left hand and kept fingering for 10 minutes. Then I went down and started licking her pussy with my tongue. The pussy juice was tasty, I’ve never tasted anything like this before.

It was so amazing and I felt I was in heaven. Till that day I only use to masturbate watching porn. Now I have a naked girl in front of me. She had an orgasm just by oral as I’ve watched many videos on how to please a woman. I made her cum and I licked all of it.

Ishaani then removed my pants and saw my dick and said she didn’t expect me to have a nice dick. She told me about her ex. Her ex was very tall and built but had a small dick for his body size. She then started sucking my dick for a while and it felt so amazing. Trust me it was way better than porn.

She sucked me deep completely and was deep throating it. Suddenly Ava walks into my room with my birthday gift and was shocked to see my dick in Ishaani’s mouth. Ava then walked out of there. I forgot to lock the door which was very stupid of me.

After that, I and Ishaani got back to our session. I told Ishaani that there was no condom. She said it was fine as we can have sex even without it. I then took my dick and inserted it into her pussy. It was not that tight cause it had fingered her that time. I started fucking her in the missionary position for 10 minutes.

Then we changed to doggy style and kept going on it felt so amazing. I still couldn’t believe that I was fucking a girl in real. We tried different positions and kept it going on for an hour. She had another orgasm again. I kept wondering why I did not cum. She was already tired by so much of fucking.

But I was not satisfied cause I had not cummed. She then gave me a handjob for 20 minutes and nothing had happened. I kept wondering if I have a problem. I still wanted to fuck and cum as I had a lot of energy left. Ishaani wanted to sleep and I did not let her sleep.

I inserted my dick inside her pussy from behind as she was lying down. I fucked her again for sometime in that position. Then changed to cowgirl and then missionary. We kept going on again and again after 2 hours. At last, I took out my dick from her pussy and cummed on her boobs.

I felt so good, Ishaani was shocked by the fact that I lasted so long. She praised me and I felt so happy about myself until the next day. When I found out that watching too much porn is not good. We end up expecting sex like how porn videos are and that’s why I could not cum until I imagined my favorite porn star, Lana Rhoades.

Then I realized why I lasted so long. Thank you for reading my story. Hope you enjoyed it. In the next story, I will tell you about what happened next and how I fucked Ava in our classroom. For feedback email to [email protected]

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