Cheating fiancé to get fucked by Dominant Master

Hi All, this is one more story about love, hatred, affair, and BDSM with a dominant Master.

About Me: I am Shiv, age 29. Working in MNC loves poetry, photography, and sex.

My ex-girlfriend is my slave now. We are colleagues. She was impressed by my photography skills. We traveled in the same cab every day. I stayed in a rented apartment. She was staying with her grandma. (a year back, she passed away)

She doesn’t have a dad from an early age. He eloped with some lady. Her mom was staying with her son in Delhi as he’s pursuing MBBS.

Before 4 years:

It was my second company, and she joined as a fresher. I call it fate. We both joined on the same day. And our shift was from 1 to 10 pm

She was just college passed out. Her mom decided to get her married. But she fought, saying that she would work for a couple of years.

She was talkative, chubby, cute, a perfect whore. But no one ever tasted this fruit. I love people who talk well.

To my luck, she stays half a kilometer after my place. As per company policy, if the last drop is a girl, escort is mandatory. The cab driver requested me to get down last. I love spending time with her, so I agreed.

Before two kilometers the other girl used to get down, mostly she used to come only 3 days a week. So we got like 20 minutes to enjoy. Initially, our chats were normal.

One day while dropping her, she was feeling sleepy and took a nap on my shoulder. I was holding her hand, kissed her forehead. I know she’s awake. Still, she pretended to be asleep.

I woke her when we reached her place around 10.40 pm. She woke and kissed my palm, which she was holding. She said, “I love you,” and we bid bye.

That night we had a chat till 3 am, and I cum thrice. That’s when I got to her wishes and desires. She said she loves the way I care. But she said she couldn’t marry me because of caste.

I said, “It’s fine, let’s enjoy every minute when we are together.”

Also, she said she loves to remain a virgin until marriage. I said it’s cheating. If I need to agree to this, I want to take her anal virginity and oral. She immediately agreed. She asked me if I was a virgin.

I said, “No. I had sex before 3 years with my lecturer. Her hubby was working in the gulf, and her son was 4 years. My lecturer was missing sex. So we fucked every day after class in college and at her home. Later, my lecturer went to the gulf with her husband. Now I’m missing sex badly. How about you?”

She: I never had sex, not even a kiss. Can we plan tomorrow at your place? I will get down from the cab at your place saying I forgot my pen drive. I will ask you to drop me at the office.

Me: It looks like a perfect plan.

The next day, she boarded the cab and acted the same. Later I said, “I’ll drop you today.” The cab driver thanked me.

We both had reached my house. We entered my room. We kept our bag on the sofa.

Me: You need something to drink?

She: Your cum.

Me: You little slut, wait.

I pulled her close and smooched her. As it was her first time, I was very kind to her. After 5 minutes of smooch, she said.

She: Are you always soft?

Me: What do you mean?

She: I love hardcore. Don’t be polite to me. Treat me like whore. Make me your slut.

Me: I never thought you were a slut. How did you know about hardcore and all?

She: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Me: Lol. Bitch, that’s not just hardcore.

I took my phone, played some BDSM videos. She was getting so hot and kept rubbing her pussy.

Finally, she said, “Master.”

She: Master, will you accept me as your slave? Give me a chance to serve you, Master.

Me: Strip yourself

I was chewing her tits, biting her tits, sucking her tits. It was sometimes with force and passionate lovemaking. I was slapping her tits hard. I made her lie on the bed, used to spank her hard. Pull her hair and spit on her pussy.

I used to say, “I want to fuck you.”

She: Master, Please, Master, no Master. Not my pussy. You can fuck my ass.

I used to punish her for not listening to me. I used to tie her hands and place ice cubes on the belly. I will tell her not to move until it melts. I used to clip her tits and light candles, and pour drops of wax on her boobs

I made her do the squat and asked her to dance nude. I Make her jump 100 times and see her boobs jiggle. Spread her legs wide and sit so that I can see her pussy.

Used to pinch her clit. Lick her pussy and bite slowly. I used to give her a golden shower, and she loves it. Many times used to pour ice water on her tits and pussy.

I bought a big cucumber and fucked it in her ass. She started crying out loud but was enjoying herself at the same time. I used to make her kneel and suck my dick.

I made her lie on the bed and tie both her hands and legs. I make her drink a jug full of water, will tie her legs and hands to four corners of the bed. Every time she asked permission to pee, I used to give her more water to drink.

Every time we used to fuck or make love, we tried something different. We both loved experimenting. For the next two years, we had sex in different places. We had foreplay in the cab, office cabin, parking area.

Once she followed me to the washroom. I made her suck my dick in the toilet. That was so crazy. She was the slave one could ask for. But all good times will come to an end. That’s how it ended. Due to some ego clash, we both stopped talking.

All this continued for 2 years. After two years, one day, she broke the ice and told me her marriage was fixed. We talked like good old times. She said she would be moving to the US after her marriage. He is working there.

And she also said from the past 1 month, they were speaking. But she feels her fiancé is not much interested in sex, and her fiancé talks spiritually. She even spoke to her fiancé about sex and wild fantasies. Her fiancé said, “It’s some mental illness. You should stay away from those girls.”

Slave: Master being a slave, I should never have an ego with you. Please forgive me. There were many nights, my pussy used to cry for your presence.

Master: Past is past, it’s all over, and we decided to move on. Honestly speaking, I’m not ready to get into it. You broke the code of being a slave.

Slave: There should be something I can do to rectify it, Master. I’m your pussy. You have all rights to punish me.

Master: I want you to get fucked in all three holes by me tomorrow. Also, I want you to talk over call to your mom and fiancé while having sex with me. If you agree to this, we shall start again tomorrow.

Master: Remember, tomorrow, I will be fucking you without a condom. If you are not ready, I will end it right now.

Slave: Sure, Master. I’m at your command.

Present-day: She knocked on my door twice. I opened the door.

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