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Hi, XIS readers, my name is Rahul. I am 27, single, to be frank, not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person. I’m basically from Mysore. Now shifted to Mangalore, a beautiful city in Karnataka.

It happened in 2013 exactly 7 years back, with my best friend Sonali. I was doing my diploma and had two backlogs in the previous semester. My friend wanted me to clear it. I was very weak in math and it was one of the backlogs subjects. Sonali said she will come home during study holidays to teach me.

She was a well-known person to my family. The same with me and her family. We were so close and were always hanging out together. As per our plan, we started to study. She started teaching me and it went on for 3-4 days. Then my cousins showed up to my place for a trip.

So we shifted our study session to her place. My cousins were home for a week They planned a trip far from my locality and even insisted that we join. I rejected their request as I had exams in 10 days. My parents and brother joined them, and I was left alone. They planned in the evening and left that night.

I have a habit of boozing at home if I am alone. As soon as they left I went and purchased some drinks, and came home. I called Sonali and informed her about what happened. I was having booze watching a porn movie. I had too much that night. I was totally hit and did not even know when I dozed off.

In the morning I woke up and the time was 11.45. I immediately took my phone (NOKIA 1100) and saw 23 missed calls from Sonali and my mom. I called her back. She received the call in one ring and asked me to open the door in an angry tone and disconnected.

I ran to the door and opened to see her sitting on the lawn. She stared at me and came in and sat. I went and sat next to her and did not speak anything. She saw me and asked if I ate anything last night. I replied with a no. She said she will prepare something and asked me to get fresh.

I was in a hangover, and informed her about that and went to get fresh. When I came back she gave me a lemonade. I drank and sat on the kitchen slab and said sorry for making her wait. I also told her that I was in no mood to study. She understood and said ok as we had already completed 80% of the syllabus.

She prepared breakfast and sat in front of the TV. She switched on the TV, and I was making a drink for me to get over my hangover. She asked me to make her a drink too. She wanted to try it for the first time, I made a small and handed it over to her.

As it was her first time I asked her to be slow, but she gulped in a go, and asked for another one. We started talking in the 2nd peg about our past, school-days and how things had changed. She started reminding me of my ex and how I was balancing both her and my ex. She was single and only I was committed.

She knows everything which happened between me and my ex except that we had sex. She knew we were making out as we used to kiss in her presence. But I always maintained the secret about sex as I did not want to spoil my ex’s name. It was the only secret I kept from Sonali.

I was thinking about how my ex left me. It made me feel bad and tears rolled in my eyes. Sonali noticed and said sorry for making me remind that past. I gulped two pegs in a go and was drunk. I opened up and said about our sex life. I also explained to her why I did not tell her all these days.

She smiled and said she doubted it. I started crying, and she came next to me and hugged the console. Hugging was common between us but that day it was different. She had consoled me the same way when I broke up with my ex. That too in the middle of the road.

Opposite sex hugging each other is a big taboo in India that too in south India its equal to a big crime. But this time it was not the same. I was feeling horny now because of her hug. I did not want to spoil her mood. So, I pushed her away. She was shocked by my act and went in to get fresh.

I followed her to the bathroom, held the door when she was about to close. I told her what I felt and why I pushed her away. She felt pity for me and hugged me, this time very tightly. We missed balance and fell in the bathroom. I was above her and hurt her.

I left her, and we stood up laughing at each other. Her dress was wet by now and my dick raised seeing her. She was in chudidar. I had seen her many times in slip and short shorts, but I never felt anything. This time the situation and alcohol were making both of us hot.

We stopped laughing at a point. I made a move and went near her. I moved her hair near her neck brushing her neck. She shivered a bit and our lips met. I kissed her. It was a different feeling of kissing my best friend. I broke the kiss, and we were breathing heavily, smiling and looking at each other.

It was a mixed feeling for both. We never thought that we will end up in this situation. We hugged, and she kissed me again. Her fingers were playing with my hair and my hand was creasing her back. In the same position, we moved to the bedroom hugging each other and fell on the bed.

She was over me and could feel my hard-on. I could feel her raising heartbeat. I moved my hand over her ass and pressed her against me. I inserted my hand inside her dress. I was caressing her back and could feel her bra strap. Slowly I removed her top, she was in her pink bra.

She hugged me tightly in shyness. I made her stand by holding her hips. She jerked when I touched her hip. She was shivering a bit, and I started kissing her over her stomach, she held my hair and was pulling me over her. I kissed and licked her belly button making her go crazy.

It was her 1st time, so she was going mad with my every touch. Her moans filled the room, I was getting hornier due to her moans. I was making circles on her nipples over her bra and tried to remove the knot of her pants. She helped me remove it. I still remember that moment of undressing her.

I dropped her pants down and kissed her pussy over her panty. I made her turn and kissed and licked her thighs. She was shivering, I unhooked her bra, and she caught it from the front not allowing me to remove it. I kissed and licked her back from neck till spine making her lose control, and she dropped her bra.

Still, she was covering her tits with her hand. I made her face me and knelt and licked just below her stomach, exactly above her panty line. She removed her hand and held my hair showing me those beautiful boobs. I held both her tits pressed and pinched her nipples lightly.

At the same time with the help of my teeth, I stripped her panty. There, my best friend was completely nude in front of me with her hands covering her face due to shyness. I removed her hands and made her lie on the bed. I started sucking her boobs and meanwhile rubbing her pussy slowly.

She was moaning in pleasure and was bouncing on the bed. I made fast movements which made her climax in five minutes. She came over me and removed my T-shirt and shorts making me nude. My dick was hard, and she gave a good look for a minute as it was her first time seeing a live dick.

She started rubbing and pulled my foreskin without knowing how to handle it. I guided my dick to her mouth and asked her to suck. She refused to take it. So, I made her sleep and showed the skills of my tongue on her pussy. She did not expect it. First, she pushed me away.

But I said she will enjoy it and went on to suck her pussy. I spread her legs and licked her pussy till her butt hole and tongue fucked her pussy and butt hole. She started enjoying my lickings. I made sure she enjoyed every moment. She gave a jerk signaling her second climax.

I increased my speed, and she lifted herself and climaxed on my face and collapsed. I knew she was tired. So I did not make any move for 5 to 10 minutes and laid next to her. After some time she came over on me and kissed my whole body. I was lying like a dead person.

She kissed my dick and took it in her mouth. She was gagging and so, I did not force her further. My dick was hard by now. I made her lie in missionary position and placed my dick on her pussy lips and rubbed it slowly. She was in pleasure. I entered inside her in a single push and broke her hymen.

I knew if I slowly entered my dick it might hurt her for a long time. If I do it in a single go, it might hurt for some time. She did not expect that and was about to shout. I was quick enough to close her mouth with my lips. I stayed in that position. She was trying to push me and wanted to remove my dick out.

I signaled her not to worry through my eyes. She controlled the pain and I separated my lips giving her some fresh air to gasp. She was ok now and I started giving slow thrusts. The pain was minimized slowly, and she started to enjoy the thrusts.

After 3 to 4 minutes I increased my speed making her moan louder. She squirted twice while I increased the speed. I fucked her for 15 to 20 minutes and was about to ejaculate. She understood seeing my face and asked me not to cum inside. I removed my dick and exploded over her stomach.

I saw her blood and cum oozing pussy. She had a satisfied smile. She was looking so cute at that moment. I gave her time to calm down a bit and carried her to the washroom. I cleaned her and gave her a hot water bath. We took a bath and sat in the hall facing each other. We both were in a towel.

There was an awkward silence, and we looked at each other and burst into laughter. She stood up telling me she will prepare something for lunch. I pulled her near me, made her sit on my lap and kissed her. She pushed me and said she was hungry. It was already 2 P.M.

I said I too was hungry for her and pulled her towel. She ran to the bedroom. I followed her, and we had one more session. She was tired by now and not able to walk properly. So I asked her to take some rest and went out to get some food. I fed her and massaged her and asked her to sleep for some time.

She slept naked and I too slept hugging her. We woke up at 6 in the evening, and I dropped her home. After this, we fucked almost daily during the study holiday. I cleared my subjects, and she was very happy about that. We were fuck buddies for 5 years after this incident.

She got married after that. I made sure she was happy, and we took good care of each other. She has a kid now. I keep visiting her twice or thrice a week, but we are no more fuck buddies now.

Feel free to respond, waiting to hear from you all. Your responses will encourage writing more stories. Contact me at [email protected]

I stay in Mangalore and keep traveling to Bangalore, Mysore, Kannur, Calicut, and Coimbatore. Women from any of these places feel free to contact. Only trusted and genuine people are expected. Privacy will be maintained.

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