Getting Sexual With A Cute Virgin Girl On Facebook

One day, I received a friend request on Facebook from a girl along with the message that she saw me in a mall recently, got my details from a form I filled and wanted to be friends. It was a weekend and I didn’t have any programs that day, so I thought like why not and we started chatting.

Then I came to know that she was 22 years old, working in a cosmetic company and doing her studies in parallel.

Over the next couple of weeks, we started to chat a lot. She used to send her pictures in various attires for my opinion. We had a healthy friendly relationship, nothing sexual.

One day she invited me to her home as her parents were going to hometown for some function. I skipped the office and went to her house at 9 am the next day. I rang the bell and she opened the door. She was wearing a half-saree as I had told her once that I like girls in half saree.

Let me describe her. my facebook friend was a pretty lean girl, wheatish in color and about 5’4″ in height. The half saree that she wore was very beautiful and kind of revealing. It was pink and white and semi-transparent. I was mesmerized.

Suddenly, she pulled me inside the house so that none of the neighbors will see me. We sat on the couch and started talking.

During the conversation, I noticed her pallu was out of place and her navel was visible. It was looking sexy. As I have a navel fetish, my eyes were looking at this cute young girl’s navel occasionally throughout our conversation. She also noticed it but didn’t say anything.

After some time, she went into the kitchen get something to drink and I too went after her. I was watching her squeezing lemon to make juice. I slowly went behind her and stood too close to her. She paused for a moment but then continued her activities. However, I could feel my FB friend’s breath rate increasing.

Without thinking too much, I placed my hand on her bare stomach, which was so soft. She twitched and stopped what she was doing.

I slowly slid my hand to her navel and started making circles around the navel hole with my forefinger. Her breathing increased rapidly.

Since she didn’t resist, I took it as the green signal and started to kiss and suck her neck and earlobes from behind. She started to moan and started to make sexual noises. I was also getting turned on hearing that and I continued it for some time.

Then I turned her around, she was very shy. I placed a kiss on her lips. She didn’t respond at first. Then I started to suck her lower lips. She slowly started to kiss me back and we started to play with each other’s tongue.

This girl was getting hornier and passionate. I took her in my arms and went to her bedroom and placed her on the bed. I switched on the AC.

I sat on top of her and started kissing her. I removed her pallu and started to kiss her stomach, licking all around her navel hole. I put my tongue into the navel and started to suck and kiss it. She began to moan ecstatically and started to pull my hair.

I removed her blouse and was surprised to see that she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs were not so big, but they very soft and pointy. I held her boobs with both my hands and started to suck both her nipples simultaneously. Her nipples were already hard and I kept on feeding on it for around 20 minutes.

She then removed my t-shirt and started to kiss all over my body. After some time, I removed her petticoat and pantie and made her completely nude on the bed.

I then went down near her pussy and started to kiss it gently and then to lick. The FB girl started to moan wildly now. I fingered her while kissing and licking her pussy. She was leaking her juice and seeing that, I increased the pace. She started cumming in a short while.

After that, she pushed me onto the bed, removed my boxers and held my cock in her hand. She started pressing it cluelessly. I told her to kiss the tip and lick it while stroking it and she started to do that nicely. She was new at it but did a pretty good job.

After a while, she got comfortable with it and started to stroke and suck my cock vigorously. Soon, I cummed on her face. She told that she kind of liked the taste.

As she was a virgin, I didn’t felt like fucking her at that time. Instead, we went to have a bath together as there was a bathtub in her bathroom.

I made her lie down on top of me in the tub, filled the water and started to clean her body with soapy water. I started with her hands, then played with her armpits for some time while she was giggling.

Then I moved slowly to her soft plump boobs and started to press, fondle and play with them. Her nipples were so hard which made me pinch it until she begged me to stop.

Afterward, I cleaned her stomach, navel and moved towards her pussy area and started to finger her. I made her cum in the bathtub too.

She cleaned my whole body in return and gave me a blowjob while in the tub. Then we went under the shower and cleaned each other of the soap and had a long smooching session there.

We wiped each other with a towel and returned to the bedroom naked with her in my arms. After that, we were pretty tired. We cuddled and slept naked under the blanket till around 2 pm and then had lunch.

I will tell what happened after that in the next sex story.

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