Vodka With My HR Manager – Part 1

Hi everyone, here I am going to share my experience with a hot lady in my office at Chennai. This happened one month ago. I am skjoe, age 26 and working in an IT sector. I am living in Chennai. So Chennai ladies who are all suffering from being lonely can contact me through my mail.

You can feel the ultimate pleasure. The ultimate pleasure is always open for all. the thing is how we gonna explore it or how we gonna use it wisely. So let’s get into the story.

There was a hot lady in our office who came for an interview for the HR position. I got attracted to her when I saw her for the first time. But I didn’t show it to her. I can see that this lady is a little tough to catch. After three days when I entered the office, the same lady was sitting at the entrance.

I was like confused about why she is sitting here again. After 15 minutes she was introduced to all the employees as hereafter she is our new HR manager. And her name is Lakshmi. Then the days are moving as usual. I didn’t forget to stare at her whenever I got a chance. She was also aware of it.

One fine day she was sitting with an angry face in front of her laptop. Due to there being some internet problem in her laptop. As the system admin took leave on that day, she was sitting with an angry face. After seeing her state I went there and asked her what happened.

She told me that the internet is not working on her laptop. I took her laptop and changed the IP address and the problem got fixed. I gave her the laptop and taught her how to change the IP address in the future. She was happy and thanked me with a wide smile on her face. She had to send some important emails.

After that incident, we become a little closer. We started smiling at each other whenever we saw each other. Our talks are moved from office to mobile conversation. And soon we started to have lunch together. Since I am staying alone so she would bring me lunch some times.

Seriously she cooks so well. I give Dairy Milk Silk whenever she brings me lunch. One fine day she asked me, “Hey Joe do you have a girlfriend?” I said no to her. She asked me why, as you are looking handsome and cute. I smiled at her and told her that I broke up with my ex-girlfriend one year back.

So after that, I don’t wanna get into any serious relationship. She said sorry for my breakup. And gave a warm hug. At that time I felt her two big melons were poking at my chest. Seriously she has a good figure which can make any cock to get erected. Her figures are ( 36-34-36 ) and her age is 32.

Even she got married two years back, she maintained her figures well. Or her husband maybe not active in regular sex. Days passed and we got closer day by day like best friends. One day she was waiting at the nearby bus stop for an auto. I went there and asked her what happened to her bike.

She gave it to a regular service so she came to the office by cab. I asked her to sit on my bike. I will drop her in her flat. She also got on to my bike. In the evening time in Chennai, there is always huge traffic. So I applied breaks frequently. One point of time she couldn’t hold the bike to get the balance.

So she placed her hand in my shoulder and leaned on my back. I felt her two hot melons were poking my back. She didn’t mind that. I dropped her home. She said thanks and asked me to come inside and have a cup of coffee.

I told her playfully like, “Yes look, my back is paining like someone poked my back with some two hard stones.” She too hit me with a shy face and pinched my hand. She said you are so naughty like our office girls said.

Then I came to know that she got to know about me from our office girls. Most of the girls in my office had slept with me. Then we entered into her house and I asked her about her husband. She said he went on an official tour to Mumbai and he will be back after three days.

While we were having coffee, outside it started raining. I was like, “How can I go home now?” with a sad face. By seeing my sad face she started kidding me like, “Oh my baby boy started crying ha. If you don’t mind you can stay here tonight. I  am all alone here, it will be boring for me.”

I said okay. And she asked me, “What are you gonna drink?” I said, “Let’s have vodka.” She smiled and took a vodka bottle in the mini-fridge. In the meantime, she had prepared dinner for us while I was watching TV. After 30 minutes she said the dinner is ready.

Then we started to drink after two shots she was a little drunk. I then started teasing her for her highness in just two little shots. She then took the vodka bottle and drank half a bottle of vodka. She felt so hot after drinking that and was searching for some side dishes.

We forget to get the side dishes. So there was no other way. Then I locked her lips with my lips. We were being like that for a few minutes. After she felt okay and she separated. I said, “Sorry, I didn’t know what to do to make you calm.” I thought she will slap me. But she didn’t do that.

Read my next part to know what happened next. I hope you guys love my story and support me by giving feedback. I will meet you soon in the next part. Any ladies in and around Chennai, who are all feeling lonely you can ping me at [email protected]

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