Sexcapades With Office Colleague Maya

Hi guys, my name is Tom. I stay in Mumbai and I am a 25-year-old guy. I have been an avid reader of this site for the last 8 years. I want to narrate a true story that happened to me a few weeks back.

Let me introduce you to the heroine of this story. Her name is Maya and she works in the same it company as me. Although we are in different teams, we do know each other through inter-team events and the frequent bump-ins we have at the company lobby.

Coming to the story, this happened right before the lockdown started in Mumbai. Before I forget, Maya’s stats are 32-24-36.

Maya was basically the office bombshell who used to be the eye-candy of every guy in the office. To be honest, I am an average looking guy and not a very well-chiseled guy.

It was a Friday evening and after a long week of hard work, I and my team decided to blow off some steam at the nearby pub. We invited a few of the other cross-functional teams and altogether a total of 25-27 people turned up for the party. Maya was one of these people.

When my hot office colleague entered the party, it was like every guy there had their jaws wide open. Maya was dressed in a maroon spaghetti top with a black short skirt. I was pretty sure she was being eye-fucked by every guy in the pub that day.

So as the night wore on and with the drinks flowing, my office colleague started getting into her elements. I was busy with my team and in the middle, drifted to the bar to get more drinks. That was when things started to spark.

As I reached the bar, I bumped into Maya. She was tipsy and dancing away to the Bollywood tunes. As she saw me, she forced me to dance with her. Sensing the opportunity, I couldn’t manage to resist, and went to the dance floor with her. There we started dancing and gradually she started getting bolder.

My co-worker started grinding her ass on my crotch and her raised-up hands started caressing my face. I could sense the heat as I began developing a hard-on.

She must have definitely felt the hard-on on her ass as I could see her reaction. She was smiling slyly and was biting her lips. I somehow managed to control myself and slipped away to my team with drinks.

As the night wore on further, I could see her dance on the floor with all guys surrounding her. I managed to find a way around these guys and came up to her again and asked her for a dance. She willingly accepted and we started jiving the night away.

As it was getting late, everyone started dispersing. Only people left were my team leader, me, and Maya. We paid up and left the pub. It must have been around 2 am.

As we left, my team leader took his bike and left the premises. I asked Maya whether she had any way to commute to which she replied that she didn’t have any. So I offered her a drop on my bike.

As we were coursing through the empty roads, I could feel her head rest on my shoulder and her boobs press against my back. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my crotch and I looked at her. My bombshell colleague had a sly smile across her face as she bit her lower lip.

Maya opened my zipper and started playing with my dick. The way she was giving a handjob could have driven any guy wild! She then exchanged seats with me and started riding.

When I was sitting behind her, I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist and inserted my hands into her pantie. And guys, believe me when I tell you that she was dripping wet!! I started playing with her pussy as we made our place back to her place.

As soon as we reached her place, Maya jumped on me and started smooching me. We smooched for around 15 minutes after which we proceeded to the bedroom. She told me that she was going to freshen up.

As she entered the bathroom, Maya urged me to follow her too. We both were in the bathroom and I turned the shower on. The cold shower on our naked bodies as we kissed each other was a different feeling altogether. We played with each other’s bodies as we showered and then proceeded to the bed.

I made her lie down on the bed as I kissed her. I then moved down to her neck and gave her a peck over there and licked her earlobes. She gave out a soft moan.

I then caressed her boobs and pinched her nipples. I sucked her boobs as my finger went down to her pussy. I then shifted my attention to her navel and licked it. I then went down to her clean pussy. I started kissing it licked it.

I inserted one finger into her pussy as I continued to eat her out. I played with her clit with my tongue and pressed it between my index finger and thumb. She was moaning loudly. We changed position to get into 69 as she took my dick in her mouth and I continued to play and lick her pussy.

Her lips on my shaft felt so good and she was giving a blowjob just like the ones in the porn movies. She took my balls in her mouth and at that moment, the feeling was exhilarating. Aa I was licking her pussy, I inserted my thumb into her asshole. She was surprised, but couldn’t scream with my dick in her mouth.

We got out of the 69 position and she said that she wanted to ride me. Maya positioned herself over my dick and slowly sat on it. I could see my dick go right inside her pussy as she began jumping over my dick. Her boobs started moving all over the place.

I played with her boobs as pulled her by the hair towards me and gave her a deep kiss. I then held her close to me and started pounding her. She was screaming and I had to switch on the TV so that the neighbors don’t hear us.

I then made her bend on all fours and entered her in the doggy style. As I was fucking her, I was slapping her ass. She was going wild and begged me to spank her harder. I continued ramming her and she was screaming that she was about to cum. As she said that, I increased the pace.

As I was doing that, I was even rubbing my office colleague’s pussy vigorously. I was also on the verge of cumming and I was going harder. As she began cumming, she squirted!!!

I also couldn’t control any longer and came deep inside her. Exhausted, she fell on the bed. Her whole body was vibrating. We dozed off with my dick inside her. We had 3 more sessions that night and we spent the weekend together. I lost count of the number of times we fucked during that weekend. We fucked in all corners of the house.

There are many more stories I want to share which will depend on the response I receive on this story.

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