Exciting Lesbian Sexperience At Girls Hostel

Hey girls and guys, this is Siya. I am submitting my first story and been following this site from the past couple of months.

A quick intro about myself. I am a 21-year-old girl with assets of 34-25-34 as a result of hitting the gym since the past year. I am an average above middle-class girl with fair skin. I am from Odisha staying in Hyderabad for study purposes. This story is 3 years old.

My first year in college was pretty dull and boring as I was an introvert and my body was not like now a couple of years ago. I came to college pretty early after my second semester holidays and as a result, I had to stay alone in my hostel. My roommates were yet to come and they told me that they were gonna come the next week.

The hostel was almost empty as students were slowly arriving and the new academic year had just started and admissions were going on.

There was this girl called Lathika who grew up in Mumbai and she was in my class. We were just formal friends saying “Hi-Byes” and communicating a couple of times in exams in the past year.

She was a rich kid and as she grew up in Mumbai. She got habituated to part-time relationships as she put them.

On the first day, she was the only familiar face I had encountered in my hostel as there were a couple of seniors who were mostly busy with their studies or lovers.

She came to me and initiated the conversation:

Lathika: Hey, Siya.
Siya: Hi Lathika, You came pretty early to the hostel?

Lathika: Yep, my parents had a trip and I was unable to go. I will get bored there all alone so I came to college. Perhaps, that’s the mistake I made because there are no people here. But thank god, at least you came.

Siya: Yeah, Radha (my roommate) told me that she will come by Monday. So, I think it is room-alone for me until then.
Lathika: Maybe we both can stay together until our roommates arrive.
Siya: Yeah, I think that’s a good plan.

We decided that we will stick together in the hostel until our roommates come and she insisted that it has to be her room. So, I went to her room.

Lathika had other plans in her mind because her room was adjacent to the road and there was a sun-shade that just reached the wall and had the way to go in or out easily.

Lathika asked if I booze or smoke and I told her I didn’t those things try until now but it won’t hurt me if I try sometime.

She then called someone and said something.

It was the dinner time in the mess and we went to eat and came back to the room. I forgot about the call she made. Then she got a call and she went near the window and someone just gave her a cover with bottles.

Siya: What’s that, Lathika?
Lathika: Booze, you idiot.

Siya: In the hostel?
Lathika: No one’s here and the warden doesn’t care as there are fewer people which makes the perfect time to booze.
Siya: Alright then.

After she insisted, I drank beer and this was the first time and it was okayish. But, Lathika drank something different than mine which I didn’t bother to ask. She was saying all the shit but she was still in her senses.

All of a sudden, Lathika came very close to me and started saying how fair and good looking I was in my specs. I was kind of shocked and trying to cope up with the smell of alcohol.

She came very close to me and started kissing me all of a sudden! I don’t know what came into me, I didn’t resist but also I didn’t cooperate. I tried to just stay calm and seeing where this was going.

Lathika then put her hands on my ass and started pressing them while kissing. This made me go nuts and I started responding to the kiss and hugged her. Now she even started to be more aggressive and gave me a couple of love bites on my neck.

The neck is the weakest part of a girl and I thought only another girl knows how to make a girl her slave using that.

We then moved on to the beds which were joined as one. Perhaps, it was not the first time Lathika was doing with a girl. She started removing my shirt and track. I was left with just a panty on me and the breeze from the windows touching my boobs was feeling damn good.

All of a sudden, I started removing Lathika’s clothes and soon, she was left with no cloth on her body.

She slowly went below to my pussy and started eating it like a hungry tigress. She started playing with my boobs with her hands at the same time. It was the first time someone was touching my boobs sexually. I had never even masturbated until then nor have I touched my boobs in such a sense.

I started moaning and trying to control my excitement. Suddenly, I started shivering and then I cummed on her.

Lathika drank it to the last drop. Then she came up to me and kiss me like there is no tomorrow.

I and she were completely wet even though the fan was at full speed. (The sweat smell combined with the aroma of my juice is still in my brain till date).

Now I was on Lathika and I started to kiss her boobs which were bigger than mine. I started playing with them and pushing my face onto them.

I didn’t go near her pussy that day as she and I were very much exhausted by then.

We then slept like that.

That was my first ever experience and I never looked back from there as I discovered that I was a bisexual. Later I had a boyfriend and even then continued my plays with Lathika which I will tell you later.

Thank you guys for reading my story and please don’t send any abuse messages or don’t expect me to hook up. Please respect my privacy

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