Erotic Encounter Under A Bridge

Hello, everyone. I am Sakthi Suriya, 24, a software professional. This story is about how my colleague seduced me and how we made out in public.

As we are software professionals, we reside very near to our office. Even on weekends, we go to the office and work. So likewise on one weekend, I had one software issue. So I went to the office. After resolving the issue, I came to the cafeteria where I saw her.

She is a plump. A bit short with big boobs and busty ass. No one can resist himself without seeing her boobs. She was alone sitting and playing chess. So I went and asked could I join. She happily said yes. So we got our mutual introduction and played.

While playing she made most of the moves with the horse. I purposely made wrong moves. So I teased her that, “I guess you like riding very much.” She understood my meaning and gave me a pat and laughed. Then she made a checkmate with her queen and made my king fall.

She was mocking at me saying, “See your king is down.” I smiled naughtily and replied, “Queens sometimes want kings to be down.” For that also she beat me funnily and laughed saying I am dirty. I was teasing, “You are dirty so you were able to understand all these jokes.”

Then she told me time is up. She has to leave as she has a cab to catch. I got her number and she left. In the next two days, I saw her in the playing arena. I love to maintain my body fit. I am almost 6ft fair complexion with an athletic body. She was going for a jog. I was there to do my HIIT training.

I was staring at her jumping melons. She caught my sight and gave me a naughty look and started running fast towards me. She came and asked what you are watching. I replied nothing. Then seeing me in my tank top she told that I look hot. I replied not as you are.

Then I helped her in certain variations of running and exercises. I brushed my dick over her ass and glazed my hands over her hips and side boobs. She enjoyed it but didn’t show. After that, she left and she called me that night. She asked a favor as she missed her cab could I drop her.

I was so happy and told it’s my pleasure. Our shift got over at 10 and as our office is on the outskirts it will take 1 hour to travel. She got on my bike and was sitting a bit farther. But still, her boob tips were slightly brushing my back. I purposely went on the service road so no vehicle comes.

It was dark and it has big speed breakers. For the first two speed breakers, her huge melons crushed on my back. For the third, she herself came and hugged me saying, “This gonna happen then it’s better to be this way.” I was flying and my dick was already hard. She was asking something and I was speechless.

She asked why I am so silent. I told because of your soft cushions my tool is getting hard. She laughed and gave a sexy bite to my ears, whispering, “Let it be. I will take care of it.” Then she kissed my back neck and let her hand into my shirt and rubbed my chest.

This all was happening and still, the bike was moving. She tightly hugged me and was kissing more on the neck which is my weak point. I got turned on to the max. I stopped the bike and turned back. I gave her wild liplock and sucked her lips and pressed her boobs nicely. One hand is not enough for her boobs.

The kissing went for 10 minutes. I was able to see a vehicle coming at a distance by its headlight. So again we started. She let her hands into my pockets and was rubbing my rock hard 7 inch tool. She whispered my panty is wet to give a bath to your fatty cock.

It all of a sudden started to rain. So there is a tunnel kind of bridge which connects two service roads. I stopped the bike there and kissed her passionately rubbing my cock over her pussy. I lifted her top and let my hands in. Rubbed her stomach softly.

I glazed my hands upheld her right boob firmly. She gave a sexy sound and pressed and played with it. I wasn’t able to control. I lifted her tops and bra up and kissed and sucked her big melons. Her nipples were dark and hard. I teased her by not directly kissing or sucking her nipples.

I kissed all around it and slightly rubbed my lips on top of it. She wasn’t able to handle it so she pressed and twisted my cock hard. She pushed my head towards her boob and tickled her nipple tip with tongue tip. She moaned take it in your mouth completely and then pushed me again.

I took it and sucked it nicely. Meanwhile, she took my dick out and she was shocked seeing it long and fat like a choco bar with cherry topping. She started sucking it. I was flying. She kept my dick head in her mouth and rotated her tongue and shook with her hand.

I wasn’t able to control I pulled her pants down and started feeling her pussy. It was clean shaved and damn wet. I rubbed her clit and fingered. Then she wanted mine so she sat on my bike. She stretched her legs and pulled mine into her. I was so tight I gave a hump and kept my cock in.

She gave a loud cry. I kissed and started moving in and out slowly. I was seeing all around if any vehicle approaches when all this was happening. I kissed and fucked her for fifteen minutes. I went in slowly deep and took out slowly and then did fast. Then turned her and tried standing doggy style.

I fucked her nicely holding her big boobs from behind. She was moaning. Her skin was so soft and silky. I felt I was about to cum. She told to take out and she started to suck and shake in her mouth. I cummed all in her mouth. Then we dressed up and I dropped her at her PG.

After that, we did again in the same service road oral sex. Then I got transferred to Hyderabad so I couldn’t meet her.

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