Sharing my girlfriend with my best friend

My name is Aryan. Saranya and I have been in a relationship for over 5 years. Sharing my girlfriend with my best friend was a dream fantasy come true. She is the perfect girl anyone would wish for, she is smart, attractive and her body is like a goddess.

She was 5’5 in height. She has 32dd size boobs with a color that looks perfect and makes any man’s mouth drool just by looking at them. Her ass is thick and round.

One night, after sex, we were lying on the bed. My hands wrapped around her juicy boobs, cuddling. I asked Saranya if she had any secret fetish that she wanted to try out in bed.

She then replied, “I’d like to be blindfolded and get fucked hard.” She asked about mine. I said, “I’d like to share you with someone and bring out the dirty little slut in you.” She was shocked to hear that and just nodded.

Saranya then said, “It sounds kind of hot. Maybe we can do it sometime, and as a return, I want to share you with a girl too.” As soon as she said that, she went down the blanket and started blowing my dick.

Saranya was an innocent and decent girl. She’s now sucking my dick very sloppily like a dirty little slut hungry for a dick. I grabbed her by the head and pushed her onto my dick, touching deep in her throat.

After choking on my dick, Saranya got a sudden thirst for my cum. She started sucking the tip and stroking my dick faster and faster. As she kept going on it, I came so much in her mouth. She swallowed it like a drink and gave me a dirty smile. She came up, and we cuddled.

The next day I ran into my best friend, Dev. We have known each other for more than 7 years. Saranya had a crush on him before we started dating. I knew on the spot when I saw him. He was the perfect one for the surprise for my dirty little slut Saranya.

We had a coffee and hung out watching a game. It was a bit awkward and nervous at the same time to ask him and convince him into this whole thing. I guess he also had a crush on her.

I asked him suddenly, “Do you want to fuck Saranya?” and he was silent for a second there.

Dev replied, “What? What do you mean?”

I said, “I know you had a crush on her. Also, I want to share my girlfriend with a guy. If you are interested, we could try it someday.” Dev thought that this was all a prank.

I told him, “Why don’t you come over to my house this weekend, and we’ll try it out.”

Dev replied, “Is Saranya okay with all this?”

I said, “She’s okay with it. But tell her anything till then, let’s give her a surprise.”

Later that day, I wanted to throw Saranya off that topic so that she’d be really surprised to see him and have fun. I told Saranya, “What I told you the other night about sharing you with another guy, I don’t feel like doing that. I’m sorry.”

By the look on her face, I knew she was disappointed. She said it was alright, and she respected my decision. My plan was working, and she believed it. To see a dirty smile on her face, I had bought something for her.

I bought a black blindfold. When I gave it to Saranya, she was happy and did give a dirty slut smile. I asked her to wait till Saturday for our little adventure in the bedroom.

Saturday evening Dev came by the house while Saranya was taking a shower. So I asked him to stay in the hall, keep himself quiet, and not let Saranya see him. As soon as Saranya got out of the shower, she put on black lingerie with stockings. I bought it later that week for Saturday fun.

She changed herself into that sexy outfit. She stood in front of the bedroom door like a sexy thick model. Her perfect outfit was exposing her big juicy boobs and curvy ass and in sexy stockings.

I took her to the bed and put on a blindfold. I made her in a sexy doggy position. She looked like those pornstars from videos. I quietly called Dev into the room. I went behind Saranya and spanked her thick ass so hard and quietly asked Dev to do it too.

Saranya had no idea but seemed to like the hard spanking from both of us. I took her and made her knee on the floor and asked her to put her tongue out. I took off my pants and gave my dick on her tongue. She slowly took all of me in and slowly started sucking my dick with a passion.

Saranya looked so perfect blindfolded sucking on my dick like that. Dev was already excited watching the show and got rid of his pants too. I suddenly pulled my cock from her mouth.

She said, “Put that cock back in my mouth, please.” I switched positions with Dev. Dev put his dick in Saranya’s mouth. She had no idea, and she was happy that she got a dick back in her mouth. She used her hand on his dick while blowing and made it very sloppy.

It looked like Dev’s dream finally came true. She was very passionate, licking his dick and making a slurping noise while sucking. Her other hand was on her pussy, slowly rubbing with each stroke and suck she took on him. She was giving out a great show.

I started recording us for some time. She kept blowing him, and then we switched the place again. This time put her on the bed facing towards us and took off her panty. Her pussy was soaking wet on the touch. She liked this blindfold thing after all

I penetrated her wet pussy with the tip of my dick. I teased Saranya and took it back, and Dev did the same. Dev slowly thrust himself into her pussy deep slowly. Saranya moaned loud asking to go slower with moaning every word.

He thrust his cock slowly and slightly started increasing the speed. Saranya seemed to like it and moaned even louder asking not to stop. Recording this was, after all, a great idea. Dev squeezed Saranya’s juicy boobs and started sucking on them while fucking her pussy so hard.

I took a turn over her pussy and asked Dev to give his dick in her mouth. It was time for a surprise when he tried putting his dick in her mouth. She removed her blindfold, shockingly scared. She was surprised to see two cocks and more surprised to see that it was Dev.

Saranya was speechless and smiled and said, “You’re the best, and this is the best gift ever.”

She got hold of his dick and started sucking while I was fucking her pussy. She had one hand on her clit, rubbing against the thrust and the other on Dev’s dick. She was sucking and enjoying his dick.

We both fucked her in the same position and took turns for a while like that. Then we turned her around into doggy style. I got to take her pussy again and spanked her thick bubbly ass. I got my hang mark on her ass, and we took turns.

Saranya hopped on Dev’s dick. I teased her ass while Dev was taking her pussy. Saranya was scared and nervous as we had never tried anal before. This time it’s two cocks at the same time.

She moaned out loud while I started penetrating her ass. Dev was fucking her pussy, and she enjoyed the double penetration like hell. Her expression and the smile on her face said it all.

Dev wanted to try her ass. He asked me to change the position as he wanted it badly. We switched places and fucked Saranya’s glorious holes for about an hour.

Saranya rode our cock like a horse riding, and it was time for the climax. She begged us to cum all over her face. Dev’s stroked his cock so fast. Saranya got down on her knees with her tongue out, waiting for every single drop of it.

She couldn’t resist but help stroke him and suck the tip faster and faster. He came a lot on her face, till her lips were covered in his cum. It was my turn. She helped me stroke faster with her tits. Then I gave her my cum, and she was covered all in cum.

She didn’t let a drop drip away. She started swallowing every drop from her face and licked both our tips to clean it off.

As it was late, we asked Dev to stay the night. We shared the same bed with Saranya in the middle naked. I told them, “You both can have fun whenever you want, with or without me. Just let me know how it goes.”

Saranya kissed me and stuffed me between her titties while Dev got her ass touching his dick.

We all slept like babies. The next morning Saranya gave us a good wake-up by blowing our dicks and making us dry again. We returned the favor licking her pussy.

Then Dev went back home. Saranya was happy that it was Dev. She enjoyed the surprise, and she’s looking forward to more. We both took a hot shower and then enjoyed the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoyed this friend’s threesome story.

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