Hot Housewife Trapped And Fucked By Gateman

I am Vimal. My wife’s name is Kavya. She is 40 but never looked more than 30. We have a child studying in 4th.

About my wife – Kavya’s body measurements are 34-32-36. Her cup size is B. She is fair and very beautiful. Her height is 5’5″. You could say her as a perfect and hot housewife.

One day I returned early from the office. I saw our gateman was talking to her. I felt Kavya was hiding something from me.

After some days, before going to the office, I installed CCTV cameras with speakers in every corner of my room. I connected those with my laptop.

Then I reached my office and opened my laptop. The drama had already started.

Sunil (gateman): Memsaab, agar aap mere bat nehi manoge to main aapka yeh video viral kor dunga.
Kavya: Please don’t do this to me. I am married. I love my husband very much.

Sunil played a video on his mobile. I could see that the video was captured when my wife Kavya was bathing. She was fully nude and her face, tits, vagina – all were clearly visible.

Sunil” Madam, should I make this video viral?
Kavya: No! Ok, I am ready, tell me what to do?

Sunil kept the mobile in his pocket. Now he went and closed the door. He came back and sat on the sofa. He asked my wife to come and sit opposite to him.

“Madam, you know very well what I want from you.”

Kavi kept her head down.

Sunil: I want to fuck you once.
Kavi: No! Please take the money but leave me.

Sunil: Okay, I will not fuck you, but I have one condition – you have to satisfy me.
Kavi: Ok.

Sunil: Finger yourself in front of me and I will just watch and enjoy.
Kavi: No, it is not possible.

Sunil: Okay, then I will fuck you.
Kavi: Ok, I will finger myself but you will not touch me.
Sunil: Ok.

My hotwife adjusted herself on the sofa. She shifted her petticoat and entered her hand inside. Now, Kavya was completely covered except her face. And she slowly started massaging her clit with one hand.

My wife was slowly getting excited. Her body was moving slowly. Her eyes were shut. My wife was now fingering herself. Sunil slowly got up and put his mobile in video mode in the corner.

My wife became more restless. Her pallu shifted down and showed a glimpse of her assets. I was also aroused by watching this. Sunil was enjoying the live show.

Kavya was now out of control. Her blouse-covered boobs clearly visible now. Her sexy cleavage which was hot, soft and delicious was ready to give pleasure. Her nipple was poking out from the bra and blouse.

Sunil went near her and looked at her very closely. He then put his hand on her shoulder. My wife opened her eyes and saw that the gatekeeper was standing next to her.

Kavya wanted to cover herself but she couldn’t stop her hand. Sunil realized the situation and put her one hand on her boobs. He started pressing my wife’s boobs over her blouse for some time, playing with her nipples. But still, he did not get the touched Kavya’s boobs directly.

Kavya closed her eyes. She was now super hot and horny. She needed an orgasm so badly. She was moaning, “Sunil you..please go now”.

“Madam, I will go and also, I will not fuck you. I will delete your video also but before that, I want to kiss you and suck your breast.”

She wanted to say no but couldn’t. Her voice was very weak. As her hand was busy, Sunil brought his lips down and started kissing my beautiful wife. His one hand started pressing Kavya’s boobs. Sunil then entered his hand inside my wife’s blouse and bra. He was now mauling her breasts. He must have felt like pressing hot sponge balls.

After some time, Sunil unhooking Kavya’s blouse. He then opened her blouse and then her bra. Slowly, he started kissing Kavya’s neck. He brought his lips to her nipple. He started licking and kissing Kavya’s nipples.

He then took my wife’s left nipple in his mouth and started mauling the right nipple. This was too much for Kavya. She was nearing her orgasm and was jumping with pleasure.

After around 5 minutes, she reached her orgasm. Now she came back to reality and the next second, she tried to get up. But Sunil held her back.

“Madam, you are very selfish. You satisfied yourself but what about me?”

Kavi looked at him and said, “You promised me that you will not fuck me.”

Sunil: Yes, I will not fuck you, but, you can give me a nice blowjob.

Sunil removed all his clothes. His fly was now dancing in the air. Its size was almost the same as mine. My wife understood that he will not leave her unless she emptied his balls.

Kavya then grabbed Sunil’s penis and guided his shaft into her mouth. Now Sunil was standing in front of my wife and she was giving him a blowjob.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Kavya left him and ran into the bedroom. She also collected her blouse and bra on the way.

Sunil got dressed and opened the door. Two of his friends were standing outside. Raghu and Raju.

His friends had come for the money which he had borrowed from them. Sunil asked them to wait and went inside.

Kavya had already dressed by then. Sunil went to her and asked to finish the bj quickly. Before Kavya could react, Sunil shoved his lund inside my wife’s mouth. He held her head and started mouthfucking her vigorously. Within 2 minutes, he released his cum inside Kavya’s mouth.

Sunil then came out and started talking with his friends. Suddenly, I heard one of his friends saying, “I don’t want to hear anything, I want my 20,000 Rs back now”.

Suddenly Sunil said, “I know you people have fucked my madam every day in your dream. What if you get her in reality?”

Raju and Raghu said, “Then we don’t need our money back, moreover we will give you 20000 rs.”

Sunil smiled, “Ok then, come with me.”

They could not believe their luck. All three entered the house and closed the door. They came into the bedroom. My wife Kavya was sitting on the bed. They closed the door and removed their clothes.

Raghu and Raju went near Kavya and started kissing her cheeks and lips. Sunil sat in a chair and was watching the episode. Within a minute, they opened her saree.

Now my wife was standing in her blouse and petticoat. Two pair of hands were roaming freely on her body. They took out her blouse and bra.

They started pressing her boobs. Sunil then came and took out her sari, petticoat, and panty in one go. My beautiful innocent wife Kavya was now sitting totally naked in front of three strangers and enjoyed with their rough hands.

Then they took one boob of her each and started sucking. It was the first time they were sucking such beautiful breasts. Their hands were working on my wife’s love hole. One was fingering and the other was massaging Kavya’s clit. Meanwhile, Sunil was smooching Kavya.

Kavya was enjoyed from all angles. Then they put down her on the cot. Sunil brought his face down and started licking and sucking Kavya’s vagina. Three men – two were sucking Kavya’s boobs and one was sucking her pussy.

My wife was approaching another orgasm. Suddenly, Sunil positioned himself and entered his dick into my wife’s vagina. He then started fucking her with full force. He was kissing and biting her lips simultaneously while fucking her in full speed.

Raju and Raghu were waiting for their turns.

Sunil then shouted, “Madam, I had never got this much of pleasure in my entire life, I am cominggg.”

Before my wife said anything, he emptied his balls inside her vagina. Kavya also reached her climax by then. Immediately, Sunil was replaced by Raghu. Raghu started biting Kavya’s lips with full vigour and was pressing her boobs with full force. He was playing with her softballs.

Then he slowly inserted his dick into Kavya’s pussy. Raghu was fucking Kavya with full intensity now.

After 10 minutes of continuous fucking, he turned my hot wife and started fucking in doggy style. Meanwhile, Raju inserted his penis in Kavya’s mouth. Now they both were fucking my wife. Her boobs were also pressed very hard. They were twisting her nipples.

Soon Raghu shot his semen inside my wife’s pussy. Then Raju came and inserted his dick inside her vagina. After some time, Raju cummed inside my wife and lied next to her.

Sunil said loudly, “Madam, you take rest now. We will come again tomorrow and fuck you.”

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