My First Sex Slave Experience

Hi myself Raj (name changed) and I live in Bangalore. So since my college days, I had a lot of fantasies mainly being and dirty slave. I could never get laid because I am fat and have a small dick. But one night I just couldn’t control my desires.

So I went to a website named Locarno and posted my slave ad over there. Honestly, I didn’t expect any replies considering my body and size. Then I just masturbated that night and slept. Next night I logged in the website and to my surprise, a woman sent me a message along with her phone number.

I called that number and heard a sweet but strict voice. I said, “Hello, I am from Locarno.” She said okay yes and asked me about my ad more in details, my likes, etc. I explained to her every single fantasy I had.

She said, “Don’t worry, my little chubby slave, I got everything to fulfill your needs. Come on Saturday morning and if you stay for two days and perform good I’ll even pay you.” That was enough for me to go crazy and said ok ASAP. She sent me her address.

I went to her home on Saturday morning. It was quite a wealthy locality. I went to her home and I knocked. She told me the door pin and the door opened. When I entered she lead me directly to her bedroom. When I entered the bedroom she told me to turn around and enter so I can’t see her.

I turn around and opened the door and came in. Then I could hear her walking towards me. She started touching my whole body especially my butt. She then stripped me naked and started screaming. I asked, “What happened?” She said, “Why are you so hairy? And call me ‘Mistress’, you dog.”

She said, “You’ll get punished later but first let’s get the hair removed.” She held my ears hard and took me to her bathroom. While that was happening I looked at her up and down. And OMFG she was a sex angel! She was very thin and had smooth long hairs, perfect eyes, huge lips and boobs, and sexy ass.

She was wearing red lipstick and kajal and a blue very thin silk gown which showed all her body. I was erect after seeing her. There she herself took a trimmer and trimmed my whole body leaving facial hair as she liked beards. Then she told me to take a shower and come out. I did that and came out.

She was sitting in South Indian style and told me to lay on her legs face down and butt up. I knew the punishment was gonna be hard. I laid down on her legs and she started spanking my butt very hard. I started to make noises and she started hitting harder.

Now she took a medium-size cucumber and started applying almond oil on it and on my butt and inside the asshole. She fucked me with it for 10 – 12 minutes. While I was getting fucked she asked me to spit in the glass. I spat in the glass and it was almost half-filled.

Then she spat on the same glass and said to use it later with a wink. Now is made me stand and pushed me to her bed and came on top of me. She kissed me very hard and good. I wasn’t kissing good because it was my first time. She then taught me how to kiss etc. We kissed for a while.

Now she came and sat on top of me and told me to lick her pussy. I started licking her pussy. She, every now and then, pressed her pussy hard to my face making breathing tough. Now as I was sucking she took a sex toy which was a fake vagina and started stroking it on my penis.

It had a suction system which is to increase the Leno’s size. It was painful at first but fun later. I said, “I am gonna cum,” and she took out the toy and started blowing me. OMG was that a heavenly feeling! Her lips, teeth, and tongue were controlled. So good I came in 20 seconds.

She drank all my cum and liked the taste. I said, “Thanks, Mistress.” She tied my arms and legs to the bedposts. Then started pinching my nipples, ears, lips, dick head. She then came towards my face and told me to suck her boobs good. I sucked it for over 30 minutes.

She went out of the room and brought some pasta, ice cream, and coke. She said it’s lunchtime now with a naughty smile and stare. She came towards me and poured her bowl of pasta on my chest dick and lips. She ate the whole pasta, not leaving even a drop of it on me. Same with the ice cream.

She fed me the pasta while I was still tied up and sometimes she would lick the spoon and then feed me. For ice cream, she spilled it on her boobs and pussy and I sucked it nice and clean. Then she poured coke in her mouth and then spit it in my mouth. Then poured in my mouth and sucked it.

She was a really dirty girl. Now after lunch and sucking my dick, she started riding on me. We kissed good till I cum again. Now she wanted to play a game. She then kinda laid down belly down and put her legs kinda up in front of my flaccid dick.

Her body was so thin. But I could see her faint boobs coming out from each side and her ass lifted up so high. She was already so sexy and now she started staring me with a seductive look. She said if my penis erects she’ll fuck me with a giant dildo and her hand this time. I tried to control but she was too sexy.

I got a very hard erection and she was happy. She untied me and turned me around butt up and tied me. Now she brought a full 500ml oil bottle. First, she again clean-trimmed my hole. Then started sucking and rimming it. Now she expanded my hole a bit.

Then she poured a little of the saliva glass from the morning and started spitting as well. My butt was so wet. She then applied the oil to her whole hand. She started with two fingers and gradually increased. The pain was insane. In a while, all her five fingers and hand was in my hole, moving fast.

That felt so good. Then she took her hand out and now tied a huge black dildo. She didn’t let me see the dildo first. She took a while to apply oil on that and again she started oiling me. I said there is enough already mistress. She spanked me and said you might need extra lubrication for this one.

I got kinda scared and she entered her dildo. It was normal at first but oh shit after a second, I burst out in pain. She just rammed all of it in me. It stayed in me for a while and then she started fucking me till I cum. She then took out the dildo and came near to my face. It was a black very big dildo.

I was shocked how could I even take so much. She then pressed a button which released fake cum on my face as well as in her pussy. It was a dual dildo or something. We then showered together and had a kissing session there. We both were sleepy. She looked at me and said you will make a good mattress.

She told me to lay down the belly facing up. She laid on me and told me not to move. After 2 hours I was partially awake and she was fully awake. I could hear her rubbing her pussy and making noise. She masturbated on my leg and dick. She then started rubbing my dick with her ass by moving up and down.

I made an ‘Ahh,’ sound. She suddenly turned around and kissed me and again we fucked. The next day was the same. But she made me lick her pussy more and we had fun with more toys. We had more sessions later but unfortunately, after a year her parents moved to another place.

So we decided to have the last session and delete our numbers. She was one of the best and open girls I have ever seen. If anyone in Bangalore is interested, text me on hangouts at [email protected]

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