My Cheating Wife Fucked By Her Boss And MD – Part 2

Hi readers, my name is Kumar from Chennai. This is my third part about my cheating wife. Please read the first part first if you haven’t read it.

My Cheating Wife Fucked By Her Boss And MD – Part 1

After a hot sex session with her MD, my wife and the managing director took a shower. My wife changed into shorts and a sleeveless and came back to the hall for drinking with the MD. Venkat (her boss) was standing half-naked in his boxer there.

All three started drinking again in the hall for an hour. In between, Venkat exchanged the position with MD and sat near my wife Manju on the large sofa. He was harassing her boobs, thigh, and back continuously while drinking and exchanging lip kisses.

All three drank whiskey and completed one full bottle in an hour’s time.

The time was around 12.30 midnight. MD and Venkat were under control but my cheating wife Manju had completely lost her senses due to the alcohol. She was lying half-naked on the sofa without a t-shirt. Both Venkat and MD were talking something serious but I was not able to hear their conversation.

Suddenly my wife’s boss Venkat lifted my wife and carried her towards the master bedroom. The MD followed them. Venkat made my wife sit on the bed and undressed her completely. She was not able to understand what was happening around her.

Both Venkat and the MD undressed themselves and were standing naked with their half-raised dicks. The MD then gave a tablet to Venkat. Both of them consumed it with the whiskey. I understood it was some kind of viagra tablet to sustain long time.

My wife’s boss Venkat then started stroking his dick. He went near Manju and asked her to give a blowjob. My wife started to blow her boss’s dick like a porn actress for a good 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the MD was stroking his dick and sipping his whiskey and enjoying the blowjob scene.

Venkat was a little aggressive and he deep throating my wife. Manju was not able to take his dick fully but Venkat was not in the mood to leave her.

Then the MD gave his dick my wife for a blowjob. Now Manju was stroking Venkat’s dick and sucking the MD’s dick at the same time.

This scene was actually like from a porn movie. Manju was sucking the dicks for the next 10 minutes one after the other. Then they made my wife drink a glass of whiskey again and made her in doggy position.

The MD was standing on the floor. Venkat went behind my wife on the bed. Manju was blowing MD’s dick and Venkat was fucking my wife’s pussy in doggy style by holding her hair tightly. Both of them were fucking my wife vigorously and Manju was not able to cope up with their speed.

After 15 minutes, both exchanged the position and kept fucking my wife. Gradually, she came back to her senses. I could see the tiredness on her face.

It was 1.15 am. She went to the washroom to wash her face and came back to the bedroom. Both Venkat and MD were smoking and drinking and Manju joined them to drink. As both had Viagra tablets, they did not cum even after 30 minutes’ session of fucking and blowjob.

Venkat then came with some cream. I realized why they took a break. Both of them were going to fuck my wife in her ass. My wife was not agreeing for anal sex but the guys were not ready to let her go.

Suddenly, Venkat applied the cream on my wife’s asshole and inserted his finger there. Then they both applied the cream on their dicks.

MD went first to fuck my wife in the ass and started to penetrate his 8-inch dick into Manju’s ass. He was able to penetrate only half of his dick even though my wife’s ass was really big enough.

Slowly, he started to stroke his dick into my wife’s ass. Manju was not able to bear the pain and tears started rolling from her eyes.

Venkat was holding her boobs and playing beneath her at the same time. After a few minutes, the MD started to fuck Manju’s ass in fast motion. He was also slapping her ass.

His full 8-inch went inside my wife’s big ass and he was gaining ultimate pleasure which was clearly visible on his face. He fucked my wife for almost 20 minutes and her ass had become red with marks of his hand.

Now MD was lying on the bed. They made my wife get on top of him in cowgirl position. My wife was now riding MD with her pussy. All of a sudden, Venkat came from behind and entered his dick into her ass! My wife was screaming loudly as both started to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time!!

They both treating Manju like a slutty porn star and sex slave. Venkat was fucking her ass vigorously and at the same time, MD was squeezing her big boobs tightly and fucking her pussy.

They fucked my wife for almost 45 minutes and exchanged their positions now and then. Manju was literally exhausted and tired and she had no energy at all to satisfy both the monsters at the same time.

Venkat came in my wife’s ass and his cum started to flow from her ass. He then went to the washroom. Now, MD came on top and started to fuck my wife in missionary style for 10 minutes. He then splashed a huge load of cum on her body and face. He also went to the washroom to clean. The time was 2.30 am.

Manju was not in a condition to clean herself with the cum all over her body and slept for 30 minutes. Both Venkat and MD went to the living room and resumed drinking and smoking.

Around 3 am, my wife woke up and she went to the washroom to clean herself. Her boobs and ass were reddish in color. She came out wearing sexy nightwear and went to the hall.

At that time, they were watching something on the TV. She realized they recorded the sex session by placing a camera in the room. She was angry and started to fight with them. But they made her calm by saying something.

Imagine the scene, she was fucked for 2-3 hours and it was recorded and played in the large TV. Both MD and her boss were sitting naked and enjoying the video.

I hope everyone enjoyed this episode of my wife’s threesome. Share your feedback via email or hangout at [email protected]

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