Sex Lessons Of College Girl, Sneha

Bhabhi has guided me on how to do what I want to do and enjoy, breaking mummy’s rule without getting punished!

By the time I was in college, I was a sassy, brash, a bit naughty and a bit cunning young lady. I was in one of the best colleges, not by education, but by social. Bhabhi guided me to choose a happening college as she gave me sex lessons.

I am from the middle class, I had to travel by bus. Although it was not as much fun Bhabhi had in Mumbai, it was a good college life. The fun is maximum in 2nd year.

Talking with Bhabhi made me accept life as it was. Bhabhi talked about her daru and dance party. Usually, crowd reach by noon, after lunch, groups break up. Some would get their temporary partner to another place to be alone. At night, everyone would come.

A special separate room. Music and daru. Soon daru starts to flow. The room gets half dark. Girls are expected to start a dance. No mummy, no one to control, girls would wear special bra panty and the special dress, short or sheer (see-through) or low cut. It would make them attractive and inviting.

Boys offer daru and touch girls. Girls would giggle. Once a bit drunk, the darkroom makes everyone reckless. Boys try to touch and caress girls, some girls would escape to other boys. Boys make girls sit in their lap. Touching here and there. Some excited girls accept whoever is offered that night.

Soon in the dark area, one can make out that the boy is trying to kiss and play with her boobs. If the girl likes him or she is enough drunk not to care, she would let him do what he wants. Kiss him. Hug him. The special dress comes handy in such a situation as the girl’s special area areas easily accessible.

Kissing, fondling, falling on the floor! If the boy is still in some sense, he will pull out his pants and push his hard dick between the girl’s thighs. It may not hit the target, but both will enjoy it. Sometimes for girls, fun is more coz there are more boys around.

When I asked Bhabhi if she had enjoyed thoroughly in such parties, she simply smiled cunningly.

This day I remember well. One of the boys was giving some party on his birthday. We almost 12 people, 5 girls, and 7 boys went to nearby happening but inexpensive restaurants. We girls had an unspoken agreement. That day we had an extra class, to tell mummy! It worked.

Mummy invariable call one of the girls to confirm. So here we were in a crowded restaurant, packed. The birthday boy somehow managed a table, a smaller table, and a few extra chairs. We sat. I was sitting at the corner of the table. The leg of the table was between my legs.

Chairs around me, I was packed, cannot move much. Food came. We were eating talking, shouting. The birthday boy was sitting next to me at the head of the table! I could not bring my legs together, coz the leg of the table was between my legs! I realized that one of his legs touched mine.

Among the noise, I felt his hand on my thigh! I could not move away. Anyway, I wanted his hand off my thigh. So I get up, tried to get up. The round corner pressed at a very delicate place between my thigh. If I was wearing jeans, it would be ok, but that day I was wearing tights and kameez.

As I stretch further, that delicate thing rubbed against the table. I feel a shiver of pleasure. As I withdrew, it was repeated; heightening the pleasure. As I sat, the birthday boy did not lose a chance and put his palm on my thighs. I ignored him, he became bolder.

He moved his hand on the inner part of the thigh and then tried to go higher. He played and pressed the sensuous and delicate part of my body. Fortunately, one of the girls said she has to leave, and the party broke up. I reach the crowded bus stand. A full bus arrived, and we all rushed.

There was one boy, he helped me get on the bus, he was just behind me. I stood near the seat, holding grip on top of the seat. There are already 3 people on the seat. That boy was right behind me, his hand just beyond my grip. Like all bus, this bus too moved a lot.

Our bodies touched each other. Our hips banged now and then. On the next bus stand, more people got on the bus. That boy turned to face my side. He almost touched me. As the bus started, the movement was inevitable. The rubbing continued.

Soon I realized that boy was excited about getting touched by my body. His dick hard and erect, forcing bulge in his pants, which no one noticed. He shifted his legs to balance and managed to push his hard dick against my upper buttocks. Soon it was fully pressed.

I was wearing a kurta and leggings. I could feel his hardness. At crossroads, when the bus stopped, I thought his dick was throbbing. When the bus moved, he would rub in on me! 20 minutes, he relished my body’s warmth.

After that, I found that Lalit was a year senior. He was there at the bus stand. He would get in after me. More than a few times, he touched me.

We had a talent evening. I was late that day. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I had dupatta with me to cover my chest to avoid undue attention. When I reach the bus stand, Lalit was there. The bus came packed. I avoided the bus to avoid him, but he did not get on that bus.

As it was getting dark, I had to take the next bus. Of course, Lalit helped me get on the bus. As I had thought, Lalit stood near me. I asked the girl in the seat to make a place for me so that we 3 can sit on 2 seats. She refused. Lalit too requested, but she did not agree.

On the next stop, more people climbed. There was hardly any space now. That girl moved forward in the seat and offered me to sit. I sat, packed tightly. Lalit moved near to me. He rested his buttock on the seat I was occupying. I was holding a bar of the seat in front of me to keep the balance.

Initially, Lalit was resting his buttocks on the handlebar of my seat, his face away from me. As the next bus stand came, he moved to face towards the front. Soon bus jerked at the bump, I was touched by Lalit’s hand on the shoulder. Lalit shifted a bit, now his hand was towards me.

As the bus stopped, my body moved forward. His knuckles touched the side of my chest. Lalit moved his body closer to me and turned his hand so that his palm was facing me. I realized what is going to happen. I looked around, all were busy in themselves. I pulled my dupatta to cover my chest well.

Behind me was the seat. Above, I covered with a dupatta. On the left side, there was back of that girl, and on the right, Lalit himself was blocking the view! As expected, the bus halted at a signal. Lalit moved his palm back and cupped me. He could feel my softness.

There were a few busy bus stops left, where more passengers would climb. After that, the crowd will ease. Due to traffic on the road, it will take 20- 25 minutes. Lalit, too knew it! When the bus stopped at the bus stop, he again cupped me. This time he did not take his hand away.

No one noticed as my chest was covered by the dupatta. Soon I find him pressing my softness, gently. His fingers moved on my boobs. As the t-shirt material was thin and soft, he was tracing the outline of my bra with his fingers. There was no space for me to move my body away.

I was boxed in! As God has given me ample softness, I don’t wear a padded bra. As fingers and palm of Lalit had conquered my softness. Fingers were moving freely all over my right boob. Man’s hand on my softness had its effect. The nipple was getting harder, popping against the thin material of bra and t-shirt.

Lalit’s finger soon found the finger-sized hardness that was coming up. He teased it, and it became more obvious. I was lucky to have dupatta. Otherwise, anyone coming towards me would notice that hard nipple pushing against a thin t-shirt!

Lalit teased and pinched it lightly, increasing the excitement of the owner, Sneha! It was almost time now. Lalit made the last attempt, moved a hand up. He found the edge of the t-shirt, and push his hand inside the t-shirt, on my bra. As I had good size, bra fits snugly, and Lalit cannot push his fingers in the bra!

Lalit has to remain happy with reaching up to the bra. As the crowd thinned, Lalit had to move away. I breathed relaxed! I realized, although it was not my desire, such an encounter leaves me erotically excited. I was feeling, I should try out the pleasure.

Navratri was coming. Lalit was somehow in that group of college students, we wanted to go dancing. We go to different places for dancing. Rich guys buy tickets, at places, women had free entry. On the 3rd night, one of the boys did not come.

We had a few vehicles – 7 people in a car. We needed to accommodate 3 on the motorcycle. Lalit had a motorcycle. Besides me, there was another girl who wanted to join. Although we girls were wearing Ghaghara, we agreed to sit on a motorcycle. Otherwise, we will miss the fun.

I was behind Lalit, and the other girl was behind me! I had to lift Ghaghara to sit astride on the bike. I sat behind Lalit, as the other girl sat pillion on the seat. I had to move in front to accommodate her. I was wedged between Lalit and girl. I have to hold Lalit while riding.

My voluminous soft assets were pressed on the back of Lalit. Whenever there was braking, my softness was fully pressed! Almost at midnight, I was perspiring, I went out for a drink. Lalit, too came out. There was a queue at the stall. Lalit said he will take me to a good juice bar.

We started on his motorbike. I was astride on pillion. Whenever he spoke, I had to move my face close to him, and whenever I spoke, I need to talk in his ear! This brought physical closeness. Once Lalit had to brake, I bumped into him from behind.

After that, I kept myself hugged on his back and my arm around Lalit. We parked the motorbike in a dark lane near the juice bar along with other bikes. Lalit brought juice. While waiting, I noticed there were so many couples on bikes sitting together.

I was sitting astride on a pillion seat. Lalit sat on the driver seat but facing me. There was not enough place, so our legs touched. As we finished juice and dropped the empty glass, I drew the attention of Lalit to the nearby motorbike & couples on it. I saw both boy and girl were kissing so passionately.

I felt so shy, I put my head on Lalit’s shoulder and giggled very softly. Lalit brought his mouth near me and said slowly look behind. I moved my head, and I saw the boy was fondling the girl’s boobs, and the girl was enjoying it. Oh! I felt Lalit’s hand on my bareback!

I was wearing a backless choli that night. I drew his attention to another couple along the fence. The girl was sitting almost in his lap, and both were in an embrace. Lalit saw it and said lovely and kissed me on the cheek. I said I am feeling shy and hugged him.

Lalit pulled me closer in an embrace and then kissed me on lips. Seeing those lovebirds, I responded and kissed Lalit back. I remembered his hard cock on my body and his fondling my boobs on the bus. Soon we were kissing passionately, not caring other couples watching us.

Soon, I realized, we had to go back. While going back, I sat hugging Lalit! Soon, Lalit took my hand, which were encircling him, and put my palm on his dick. I tried to pull back, He pressed my palm back on his dick. As I kept there, Lalit’s dick started to go hard again.

I started to press it, and his dick responded to feminine attention, growing hard and tight! I realized it was much bigger than I felt on the bus. As we reach the venue, we went back to dance. That night, I could not sleep. I feel Ramesh and Lalit’s dick against my soft mound of venus.

Bhabhi has told me that the first time is very painful. When I told, I don’t want to feel pain, Bhabhi told me in that case, I have to prepare my pussy. She told me to put a finger inside and open up my pussy. I never gave thought to it. That night, I lifted my nightdress and try to put my finger in.

There was some wetness. Bhabhi has told me to use oil, cream. I had coconut oil, I dipped my finger in coconut oil and put it on pussy, pushing. There was an uneasy feeling. It felt tight. More oil and I was able to manage finger inside pussy with some unusually erotic feeling. I did the same while bathing.

After 3 nights, the dance festival was closing. On 8th night, I told Lalit that the juice was nice. He suggested going that night again, and I agreed smilingly. So, at 11 pm, I came out of dance, and Lalit followed me. We started on his bike. Soon I was hugging Lalit, putting my palm on his thigh.

He guided my palm on his dick. My touch made it bigger and harder. Lalit parked motorbike in the darkest part of the lane. There were other couples too. We had our juice sitting face to face on the motorbike. His legs astride and mine were over his.

As we finished the juice, Lalit drew me closer. My legs were astride Lalit. Soon Lalit went for my boobs. As I was wearing a very low cut blouse, his hand immediately found my soft boobs. As Lalit pushed his whole hand in my blouse, he felt my hard nipple.

I unhooked the upper three button, and both boobs were out of the blouse. I pulled his face down. Lalit understood, and he was kissing and sucking my soft boobs. Soon he was rewarded by hard erect nipples. As he sucked my hard nipples, I moaned loudly, couples around noticed us.

Lalit stopped, but I asked him to continue. It was hot. I felt some wetness between my thighs. I felt that Lalit, too, was terribly excited. His dick was throbbing. I excused myself and got down from the motorbike. Lalit looked confused.

I lifted my Ghaghara, reached my panty, and pulled down to the knee. Then I pulled it out completely. I gave it to Lalit to keep for the time being, as I didn’t have anything to keep. I sat again, astride Lalit, who was on the bike. I reach for his dick. Try to open his pajama.

Lalit himself loosened the pajama and brought his hard dick out. I took it in my hand, lifting my ghaghra, I slid closer to him. I brought his dick on my pussy. He tried to enter me. As I had fingered my pussy part of his dick parted my pussy lip and got some entry, I thought.

Lalit was ecstatic. He pushed his dick inside me. It rubbed my pussy and opened up my pussy more. My wetness was all over. I also pushed my hips over him. As I was astride Lalit, my pussy opened up. I realized, the dick was not sliding in all the way. Lalit was too excited to notice.

After another 15 minutes of moving our hips front and back, rubbing all wetness and opening somewhat my pussy, allowing Lalit’s dick head inside, we were like animals. All consumed in brash, sensuous fulfillment of animal desire and orgasm. I never felt so excited and out of control.

Lalit suddenly shuddered, and I felt my thighs very, very sticky. He groaned. The nearby couple realized that Lalit has offloaded the cargo. I wiped my thighs with Ghaghara I was wearing. I hooked up my blouse, hiding the soft assets from the public eye.

Lalit dropped me home, and he went home too, taking my panty with him as a souvenir! I had a deep sleep, after so many days of excitation, that night! Finally, I felt liberated! I realized that I need to open my pussy much more.

I met Bhabhi and asked her, “How to open pussy more?” She smiled mischievously, asked me how I felt. I said, “I liked, enjoyed, but I could not take the whole dick inside.” I told her everything that happened on the 8th night of Navratri.

Bhabhi pulled my cheeks, congratulated, and told me I was very naughty. Now I was ready for the world. Bhabhi told me to push inside carrot, cucumber, raw banana-like vegetables, and my pussy will be ready to take and enjoy any hard dick.

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