Found Love In Chennai – Part 2 (Hot Gay 3some)

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Hi everyone, I hope you all liked the first part. So, after mind-blowing and exhausting fun, let’s continue the scene with the gay 3some.

Anuj was in a deep sleep. I woke up after about 30 minutes, and it was almost 11 pm. I was feeling the stickiness of cum in and over my ass. There was cum inside my ass, and I fingered myself to take the cum out and licked it. It was making me horny again.

I started fingering deeply and leaving a soft moan. His dick made my hole so wide that I could easily insert it in all my fingers. Looking aside, I saw he was unaware of what I was doing, and my eye caught his sleeping dick. I slowly moved and took his dick in both hands and planted a kiss on it.

I was slightly stroking it as not to wake him up. Then I took his tip in my mouth and sucked it quietly. His dick was getting hard, and the sensation of me sucking woke him up and he smiled at me. Now, he was awake.

I started blowing him nicely and was feeling the dick getting hard in my mouth. He was leaving soft moans as I was blowing him and moved his hands on my head. I told him, “Now let me take charge, and you just lay there.” He agreed, and I kept on sucking him deep and gagging myself.

His dick was filthy now covered in my saliva and spits. I moved up to him, rubbing my body on his and kissing him with my cock sucked mouth. He loved to kiss me after sucking his cock every time. While kissing, he fingered my ass, and the cum on his fingers massaged my boobs.

I broke the kiss and squatted over his dick to take it in. As I directed the tip on my hole, he suddenly pushed the dick inside and it went whole in me. I moaned out loud and bent to kiss him again. Now it was my turn to ride the monster cock again for the second time.

I slowly started bouncing on the dick, and it was hitting my spot directly. The cowgirl position is my favorite. I love riding like this as the dick goes so deep inside. I was jumping on him like riding a horse and we both were moaning loudly while looking at each other.

After about 20 minutes of the extreme ride, he again shot loads of cum inside me. The cum was dripping down from my ass to his dick, flowing down from balls to the bed. I tightened my ass hole to remove his dick and let the cum be inside me.

Then I moved forward squatting on this stomach and released all the cum from my ass on his body. I busted out on his body quickly, and few drops dripped at the end. My ass crack was now sticky covered with cum. He grabbed my waist and directed me to come forward, I was not sure what he was planning to do.

Pulling me in front, he told me to squat over his face. I did so and he started licking my sticky ass crack and hole. He was cleaning all the cum from my ass and eating it. Cleaning every inch of it, he moved down, got up sat on the bed.

He grabbed me closer and made me sit on his lap facing him, and passionately started smooching me. That evening we had sex multiple times in every corner of the room and even on the balcony. We were having erotic sex on the balcony with was totally open for the garden view.

But luckily, only a few people were out there as it was nighttime. I was being like a dirty cum slut. We did not clean or took bath from the very first session we had. We went to bed and laid down, cuddling each other and kissing frequently. Both were exhausted, and we went on to sleep without even noticing each other.

In the morning, around 8 am, I woke up. Anuj was still sleeping and we both were naked all the time. I called the restaurant to order breakfast for both of us. I could still feel my ass sticky as the cum was not fried fully.

I was sitting on the corner of the bed to call the restaurant. I kept the phone, and suddenly Anuj grabbed me from behind. He pulled me to the bed and got on top of me, kissing me again. He was horny, and his dick was rock hard, too, because of morning erection.

I started kissing him too for a while. He broke the kiss and moved down, licking my neck to my boobs. Pressing them hard one by one and sucking my nipples he came down licking my belly button to my semi-erect dick. He started licking my dick and sucked it nicely till it was fully erect.

By the time he was sucking me, the doorbell had rung for the food to deliver. Both were naked, so I hurriedly put on a robe and went to open the door. I was hungry and he was too, so we decided to take shower and have breakfast. I kept the breakfast on the counter and moved towards him.

He slowly removed my robe while moving to the bathroom. He dropped the robe and grabbed me tightly, turning on the shower. Our wet body was rubbing each other. He kissed me again while rubbing his hands on my body to clean it. He was moving it in my ass to my dick.

He moved down to my back, parting my ass cheeks, and cleaned it from top to bottom. He found my anal cleaning hose attached to the showerhead, inserting it in my ass. He started cleaning it deep and wanted to squirt on him.

It was the first time when someone was cleaning my ass, otherwise, it was only me who does it every time. After cleaning it thoroughly we both soaped each other, playing with our slippery soapy bodies. My hand moved to his dick and stroked it hard.

He got aroused, turned me and jammed his hard cock in my ass, and fucked me in the shower. We again got fresh, dried ourselves, and went to have our breakfast. We decided to stay naked all the time we were together.

After having breakfast, he told me that he had to leave for some time and will be back in the afternoon or evening. But I don’t want him to go and stay with me till I was here. He hugged me, gave me a quite strong kiss biting my lips. He said, “Baby, I will be back quickly as I can and will get a surprise for you as well.”

He had some work to take care of, so I let him go. I stayed in the room the whole time. I did some of my office work, binged some shows and videos. At around 3 pm, I decided to clean my anal again to have more fun tonight. Approx. 1hour in the bathroom, I cleaned myself thoroughly and got dressed up.

I went to hang out in the hotel surrounding. For about I was wandering and shopped some stuff from the market and came back to my room. After 15 minutes, my room bell rang, and Anuj was there back to be with me.

I remembered he was going to give me a surprise. I asked him about it and he said it will be here some time. He came in, closed the door, pushed me to the wall, and started kissing me. He took me to the couch sat and made me sit on his lap facing him and kissing vigorously.

Breaking the kiss, I moved and grabbed the handbag which he brought with him. He took a wrapped pouch from it, gave it to me, and told me to open it. I unwrapped it slowly. It was a black G-string panty with beads near the ass crack area.

I told him that I never wore a panty, so he told me to try it. I got up from his lap and headed towards the bathroom to change. He held my hand and told, “Why are you shy? Change it here. We have been naked the whole time.” I took off my jeans and wore the panty.

It was feeling very weird to me as I was not into crossdressing. But the panty fitted me very well, covering my tiny cock. The beads were nice, stuck in the ass crack, and were rubbing on my hole as I walked or moved. Anuj was examining me from all the sides, and suddenly the doorbell rang.

I hurriedly put on the pants and cleaned my t-shirt. Anuj went to open the door. He came in with another guy, which I was unfamiliar with. So, Anuj introduced him to me as they were friends.

His name was Palash. Same height as Anuj but with fair complexion cleaned shaved and well-maintained aesthetic body. I was still confused as to why he was here. I looked at Anuj. He caught my expression and said, “Baby, this is the surprise I was telling you about.”

“Means?” I asked him.

He said, “Remember yesterday you told me about your fantasy of group fun?”

I got a struck in mind and remembered what I told him yesterday.

“So don’t worry, Palash is my very good friend, and we will enjoy ourselves together.”

I was embarrassed and was totally out of a sense of how to react to this situation. They both sat on the couch and insisted I sit in the middle of both. Anuj held my hand and pulled me towards him, and made me sit in the middle. Anuj planted a kiss on my lips and started kissing me in front of Palash.

Palash was rubbing his hand on my back and slowly getting his hand inside of my t-shirt. Moving his hands to the front he was pressing my boobs with both his hands and after a while removed my t-shirt. Anuj broke the kiss to take off the t-shirt.

Palash turned me towards him and started smooching me wildly. He bit my lips and tongue, I loved it and smooched him like a wild cat. I was smooching Palash while my hand automatically went on to Anuj’s dick and was rubbing it over his pants.

Palash took my other hand and kept it on his dick which I felt bigger than Anuj’s cock. It was not fully erect and was getting hard as I was rubbing over it. Our saliva was drooling down from my boobs. Anuj, too joined us in kissing. We were sloppy kissing each other with our saliva flowing down.

The whole room was echoing with kisses sound. Palash moved down to my boobs and was pressing them with both hands and sucking them alternately. Anuj and I were still smooching.

We all stood up while kissing each other. My hands were feeling their dick over their pants. I slowly sat on the couch while unbuttoning their pants. I was excited to see Palash’s dick as I felt it very huge by touching from his pants. I took both their pants down at the same time.

Anuj was not wearing underpants. For Palash, it was one more step to reveal his dick. I kept jerking Anuj’s dick with one hand, and with the other hand, I was taking Palash’s underpants down. As soon as I took it down, his dick popped out as if it was released from jail.

I was shocked to see his huge clean, shaved, sexy dick. It was not less than 9 inches and was fully erect, pointing at my face. I moved my total attention to Palash’s cock and started stroking it with both my fist. Licked his tip and slowly started taking it in my mouth.

About 5-6 inches of his cock was inside, and I could not take it further because of his broad area. He was gagging my mouth to insert it deeply, but it was not possible. My mouth started aching. He pulled out his dick and I was covered in saliva. His cock tasted really good and the pre-cum was making me hornier.

Anuj bent down and kissed, he was able to taste my saliva and Palash’s dick. Now I sucked both of them alternately and my cheeks were hurting a lot. While sucking Palash, he gave a very hard thrust. His dick was almost completely inside me.

I was able to feel it till my throat and wasn’t able to breathe with my mouth. He kept it in there for a while and removed it, I was coughing but it was feeling really great. Palash pushed me back on the couch, raised my both legs went down, and licked my ass hole.

He liked my ass hole as he commented, “Wow! You have a great ass and a hole. The aroma from your ass hole is making me go crazy.” Saying this he inserted his tongue tip in my hole. It was going in deep while up here I was blowing Anuj, standing next to the couch.

Palash made my hole wet and prepped it to insert his massive dick in me. While holding his dick in his hand he said, “So baby, you want it with or without a condom?” Without thinking I replied, “Without a condom.” He gave me a weird smile and touched his tip on my ass hole.

I felt like a high volt current flowed through my body. He made it in easily for the first few inches. But it was paining like hell when it tried to go in deeper. He was kind enough to apply a good amount of lube bit. Still, I was crying in pain.

Anuj closed my mouth by inserting his dick so I could not scream. Tears were flowing, and I was in a hell of a lot of pain. Palash did not force me to get in there, he was slowly giving thrust and waiting for me to get relaxed. When I was relaxed, he again gave a thrust.

This kept on going until he was completely inside me. He now started moving in and out slowly by the time I was completely relaxed. Fucking me slowly for a while he removed his cock out and came above to let me suck it. Now Anuj went on to fuck me.

Palash’s dick made the way wide so it was easy for Anuj to get in easily. Anuj kept fucking me hard while Palash moved above my head and gave his cock in my mouth. He was deep throating me while his balls were over my eyes.

I was in heaven as both my hole were stuffed with huge cocks and ramping me to the fullest of my desire. Both of them removed the cock and ordered me to suck it simultaneously. I moved my full attention to Anuj’s cock as it just came out from my sexy ass hole and I wanted to taste it.

Palash made his way by sitting on the couch. He grabbed my waist and made me sit on his lap. His hard dick was in my both thighs and I pressed it with my soft thighs. He licked my neck and was kissing it his hands were caressing my boobs.

After a while, he lifted my ass and directed me to sit on his dick. I told him to hold his dick straight onto my hole. I wanted to take it in completely with one jerk. I held Anuj’s hand for support to get in the position. As Palash held his dick straight on my hole, I suddenly sat on it, and it directly hit my spot.

I left a loud moan, and Anuj closed my mouth by inserting his cock. I was moving up and down on his cock and enjoying the play. Anuj was fucking my mouth for a long time now and he shot a huge load inside me. My mouth was aching, and I could not swallow all of the cum.

So it flowed down from my mouth to my neck, then on to my boobs, stomach, collecting some in my belly button and down from my pelvis to my ass. Flowing to my ass it was giving a nice lube for Palash’s cock to fuck me with Anuj’s cum.

Anuj’s cock was shrinking. He came closer to me, kissed me while cleaning his cum, licked my neck. He went on to suck my boobs. He cleaned those and swallowed all the cum from my belly button. He moved down and took my cute little cock in his mouth, and started blowing it.

He sucked me till I cum in his mouth. He drank some, spat some in my ass crack, and made its way to my hole with his tongue. He came up again, and we were wildly smooching. His dick was getting hard again. I grabbed his dick and stroked to take it hard again.

Kissing and stroking made his cock go ready again. He broke the kiss stood in front and asked, “Do you want to experience some more wild fun?” I wasn’t in my sense and replied, “Yes, I am all yours now. You both can do whatever you want to me.”

Listening to this, he held his cock, moved a little forward, and directed it to my asshole. I shouted, “No,” while Palash placed his hand on my mouth. Anuj placed his tip on my ass hole and pushed in. It was hard to get in as Palash’s huge cock was inside. They wanted to double-penetrate me.

Yes, I had a fetish for getting a double penetration but in reality, it was a nightmare. Palash slowly slid his dick out to help Anuj get in. With mutual understanding, he was completely inside me. But Palash’s dick did not remove his dick out completely.

When Anuj was in me, Palash started giving jerks to get in, but it was difficult. I gathered my courage and pushed myself down to get both of them in. With a lot of trying, pain, and crying the both were completely inside me and I was crying out of pain.

They both were making me calm and did not move till I was relaxed completely. Soon the pain was getting relief and my horniness was back so I myself started moving up and down. The got the hit that I am now relaxed, then Anuj kissed me, and they both started fucking my ass.

The pleasure I was receiving was the next level. They fucked me in the same position for about 20 minutes and shot a huge load of cum. The warm cum was hitting my inner and my ass was filled with both of their thick cum.

Anuj told me to contract my ass and advised Palash to stay inside me while he was taking out his dick. He pulled out his dick slowly and took the bowl from the table. He placed it below my ass and told Palash to take his cock out slowly. Palash did so, and the cum flowed down from my ass just like and waterfall.

Anuj collected all of the cum in that bowl. I took my fingers to the hole and removed the excess cum while I was laying on Palash. He lifted me and made me lay beside him, making my ass out of the couch. Anuj spread my legs and inserted his fingers to take the cum out and collect it in the bowl.

My asshole was now so wide that Anuj was easily able to insert his hand without any pressure. While he was collecting the cum, Palash kissed me, and we went on smooching. As Anuj finished his work, I laid on Palash and we smooch vigorously.

Anuj had some nasty plans. So he called us both to the side on the bare floor and told me to get on my knees. I had no idea of what was going to happen next. I got on my knees. Anuj took the bowl of cum and poured it on my head. My hair was fully covered in cum.

Now they both came closer and started spreading it all over my body. It was getting filthy and Palash told me that we should not get fresh. It sounded gross but was something different. We all three lay on the floor as we were completely exhausted.

Taking a nap of around 4 hours, we all got up. My whole body was sticky, and I wanted to get fresh. So, I went to the bathroom to have a shower. They both joined me to have a shower and get cleaned.

Anuj went down on his knees to clean my ass as it was sticky and full of cum. He took the colon cleanser head, inserted it into my ass, and turned it on. The water flowed in my ass, and without telling anything, I squirted on Anuj’s face.

I and Palash laughed a lot, and Anuj spanked my ass hard. He cleaned my ass very nicely, and we dried together. Nobody wore clothes in the room. We ordered some food and ate it as all were very much hungry. We had fun about 4 times till midnight, and I was feeling like a slut.

They both ramped me very nicely and, in every position, and in each corner of the room. Palash and I exchanged our contact numbers. They both left at 6 am as I wanted to get ready to catch my flight.

So, this is all friends. I hope you all liked the story of a gay threesome with 2 hunks. Do let me know your suggestion or comments regarding this story by commenting or emailing me on [email protected]

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