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Sheela was no longer the same as her slutty side was explored by my best friend. Bhushan dug his tongue deep inside the vagina of Sheela while Parsi mouth fucked her. She was enjoying the sexual pleasure given by them. Her suppressed moans filled the atmosphere.

This was just a trailer. Sheela’s slutty tale starts from below.

Hello readers, this is Sidharth. I’m one of the regular readers of stories written here. I’ve been thinking of submitting a story about how my wife got fucked by 2 of my friends for a long time.

Sheela had a perfect figure which every guy would want for. Her stats are 34 (D) with dark brown nipples with light pink areoles. 30 waist not so curvy but average one and 34 sizes butt with the fluffy bum. Her ass was one of the major attractions for the people who had known and seen her.

I was so busy with work that I hadn’t been able to give time to my wife. Bhushan and Parsi are two of my close friends. They had a crush on my wife, and that was known by us very well. I was out of town for the very 1st time due to some office works for around 15 days.

This was the time when Bhushan and Parsi decided to fuck my wife. They regularly visited my house and enquired about her well-being. They were finding an opportunity to grab her and fuck her to the fullest.

One fine day Sheela decided to host a small party because she was bored alone. So, Sheela invited Bhushan and Parsi. They were very much happy to receive an invitation from her side. They came prepared with drinks and condoms.

They believed that this was the day where they could find their way into Sheela’s wet cunt. Sheela was looking smacking hot in her red mini dress with light makeup that matched her beauty. All of them made themselves comfortable. Sheela sat beside Bhushan.

Parsi made the drinks, and all of them started drinking. Sheela doesn’t drink much, so she was flat by 4 pegs. Bhushan and Parsi started touching her bare naked thighs and her bare hands.

Meanwhile, Bhushan kissed her neck and then lip-locked her for a while. Sheela tried to oppose but soon gave up because they were stronger than her. Parsi found his way to her panty, which soon started to soak under her fluids.

Both Bhushan and Parsi took command over her and started undressing her. Bhushan lowered her dress from the top while Parsi removed it fully from below. Now, Sheela was just in a black bra and panty.

Bhushan wasted no time and unhooked her bra and started pressing her bare boobs. Parsi parted her panty and started finger fucking Sheela. Sheela moaned with pleasure that she was receiving from Bhushan and Parsi.

Bhushan started pinching and biting her nipples while Parsi found his way into her pussy. He removed her panty and parted her pussy lips so that his lips could be deep dug in her glory hole. Sheela started rubbing her clitoris. Soon she was on the verge of her 1st orgasm.

Her pussy lips started to contract and which made a good grip on Parsi’s finger. She moaned and released all her juices. Parsi and Bhushan both cleaned her pussy and gave her the taste of her juices.

They started kissing once again. Bhushan video called me to show the slutty side of my wife. Parsi was busy kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. She was lost in some other world. I was happy that she was receiving the pleasure that she was in desperate need of.

Now Bhushan took charge and made her sit in a doggy position. He applied some saliva on the tip of his dick. Sheela became a sex bomb at that particular time, and she pleaded with Bhushan to insert his dick in her pussy.

By hearing such a word in one go, Bhushan inserted his complete dick in her pussy. Her moans were suppressed as her mouth was filled by Parsi’s dick. After choking her mouth for some time, Parsi took out his dick.

Bhushan has been fucking her all while and smacking her ass. Her ass was fully red. The room was now filled with moans of Sheela. I was completely hard and started running my hand over my dick. This was so hot to watch.

Bhushan was on the verge of orgasm, so he took out his dick. Seeing this, Parsi inserted his dick in one go and started riding her pussy harder and deeper. Sexual hormones now took her hangover.

After ramming her pussy in a doggy position, Parsi asked her to ride in the reverse cowgirl position, and she happily agreed for the same. She kissed Bhushan and took his dick in her mouth, and started blowing his dick. Parsi’s dick was deep inside her pussy.

After some time, Sheela hopped on Bhushan’s dick, and Parsi teased her ass. Sheela was scared and nervous as she had never taken a dick in her anal. Moreover, it was two cocks at the same time.

Sheela moaned out loud when Parsi’s tip went inside her ass. Parsi gave one strong push, and his full dick was inside her ass. She screamed out loud and asked him to take out his dick from her ass.

But he stayed in that position for a while. Bhushan was fucking her pussy. Slowly she started enjoying. So both Bhushan and Parsi started moving their dick in and synchronized manner. When Bhushan’s dick was deep inside her pussy, Parsi’s dick was out of her ass.

Sheela enjoyed the double penetration like hell. Her expression and pleasure that could be seen on her face said it all. Bhushan wanted to try her ass, too, so he asked Parsi to change the position. They changed position and fucked her for almost twenty minutes.

Sheela rode their dick like a slut. Soon they all were on the verge of releasing their cums. Sheela asked both of them to release their cum on her boobs and face. They happily agreed and pinched her nipples one by one.

Sheela left out a moan and started stroking their dick faster with slutty smile on her face. Sheela got down, and while Bhushan and Parsi started stroking their dick faster.

Sheela took her tongue out to receive the taste of cum. Both of them released their cum at the same time. Sheela received her reward. She licked it all from her face and boobs without dropping a single drop. They kissed each other, and then Sheela went to the washroom to clean herself.

Once, she was out of the washroom. She thanked Bhushan and Parsi for the awesome fuck. Then both Bhushan and Parsi cleaned themselves and hopped on my bed while Sheela was in the mid of them.

As it was late, Sheela asked Bhushan and Parsi to stay over for the night. They shared the same bed with Sheela in the middle. They all slept naked. Once I was back, I told them, “You all can have fun whenever you want, with or without me. Just let me know how it goes.”

Sheela kissed me and hugged me for my words. She was happy, and so was I. I spanked her ass which excited her and sparked her eyes in excitement.

That’s all for now. I hope you guys liked the story of my slutty wife.

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