Sex With My Cousin In Front Of Her Husband

Hey Guys, this is Chiru. I am 25 years old, 5.10, decent looking guy. I am here to present a real-life incident of sex with my cousin, which took place 3 years back.

I used to stay with my cousins in Bangalore, who were just married. The names were Priya and Charan. Priya was 30 years old, dusky, had amazing boobs and ass. Charan was 32 years old, 5.10, fair, and handsome.

During 2017, I had just completed my BE and searched for a job in Bangalore. Priya and Charan were Software Engineers and were staying in a 2BHK flat. They helped me with accommodation in their flat. Since one of their room had some issues, I was supposed to sleep in the hall.

My sleeping place was very near to their bedroom, and they never had this habit of closing the door while sleeping. I could clearly hear them making out, and I used to avoid it initially. But after a few days, I started hearing it and enjoy. I even started to stroke listening to them fuck and moan.

I started imagining her, and lust in me began to rise. Of these days, not even for once, they locked their bedroom door. A weird idea popped in my dirty mind, to sneak into their room while they are fucking. So I will have a view of her naked body. It was easy as they never locked their door.

I made a plan, and that night, when they were fucking I had my earphones ON. I entered their room as if I am going to ask something. I switched on the light, and the view was out of the world. She had her legs spread, and he was licking her pussy.

I could see her pussy very clearly. It was shaved, brown, and all wet with his saliva and her pussy liquid. His cock was very hard. I stood there in shock at the view. They froze too for a sec. I started asking them sorry by taking the earphones off with silly expressions to mean an accident.

She was the first to speak. She said it’s okay and asked me to knock on the door first by covering her naked body with a blanket. The idea was to get back before things got weird. But I didn’t want to leave the room, to be frank. I really loved the scene.

My cock was hard by then, and my cousin noticed it. He burst into laughter, and I was like, WTF! He pointed at me and told her he has got a boner. She smiled, looking at my boner. I was really confused about the happenings, and I started asking sorry again.

But I am not ready to get back. I fumbled, saying I saw it for the first time and all nonsense. They really burst into laughter and said it’s okay. She asked if I am a virgin. I nodded my head, saying yes. They laughed again.

Now I didn’t see this coming. She took her blanket off and walked towards me. I still remember that walk. I got rock hard for that view. She came to me, and I can smell her body now. She stood exactly before me and started smiling, fuck I was confused. She held my cock suddenly.

I moved back in reflex, and I am against the wall now. She started squeezing my balls. It was a pain with pleasure for me. I was trembling, to be frank. I started breathing heavily, and I had more saliva in my mouth. Fuck, she started looking into my eyes and squeezing my cock.

I felt I would cum in a few seconds. That’s when I accumulated my courage and started sucking her boobs right there. Fuck I was really doing it. I was a really lusty dog now. I was sucking my cousin’s boobs like I haven’t eaten in months. My saliva was dripping too.

That’s when she undid my bottoms, and my rock hard cock was visible. They both looked at and laughed again. She took me to bed, and she slept against the wall, spreading her legs. I had never seen a pussy so close up before. She asked me to touch it.

With curiosity, I started touching it and observing it. Looked at it clearly, and I could feel the wetness and warmth of her pussy. I was out of the world. They both laughed, and I inserted my finger into her pussy. She moaned as I did it, she exactly said this, “Ahhhh! Fuck.”

I started licking her pussy like mad, and she was moaning loud. Charan sat beside her and started smooching her. I opened the pussy and was trying to insert my tongue as deep as possible. I licked her pussy liquid like a dog and was liking the taste of it. I came up now and wanted to smooch her.

She asked why I came up, and I told her I want to kiss you. They laughed again. She pulled me towards her and initiated the kiss. I started kissing hard. I was not tuned for the proper kiss, but I kissed her like its last time kissing her. By now, my cock was hard enough and was having enough precum.

He sat at the end of the bed and started stroking his cock. She pushed me against the wall now and kept looking at my cock for a few seconds. As she touched my cock, I felt the electricity in my, I could really feel the sperm production in my balls.

I really didn’t wanna cum until I fuck her. She started sucking it. I was controlling the pleasure and feeling of heaven at once. That should be the best feeling in the world. I was making a face with joy and held her hair, and she sucked. I uttered, “Fuck you, bitch.”

Now she slept on the bed, spread her legs, and tapped on her pussy. She told me to put my cock in it. I was like, “Slut, what a slut you are.” I entered her wet pussy. Is the world any better? Never felt that way in my life. Like it is the end of the world.

That warmth of the pussy, feel of those pussy muscles, that wetness, that slide in and out of her pussy. I had my eyeballs up with half-closed eyelids and kept fucking her. The feel is out of the world. I was living something different. She was moaning heavily, and I started fucking hard.

Her husband was stroking his cock hard too. I could not control but was about to cum. I said, “I am cumming.” She insisted on cumming inside her as it’s her safe period. I came inside her by moaning loudly, and he came too at the same time.

I slept on her, breathing heavily, and she patted on my head. I slept on their bed. She was in the middle between us, and all of us were nude. After some time, I had my hand across her boobs and started pressing it. They both slept after a while, and I was really enjoying the moment.

I was pressing her boobs and touching her pussy and felt like stroking again. I masturbated my cock in one hand and touching her pussy in the other. I came in 10 minutes, I guess. I slept this time after that. The next time when I woke up, they had left for the job.

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