Shared Bedding With Virgin Distant Cousin

My name is Venu, and I am 20 years old. I live in a suburban in Karnataka.

This is the story of how I had sex with my 26-year-old unmarried distant cousin whose name is Priya. She used to play throw-ball in her teenage days which means the moment she stopped playing, she started becoming chubby.

I was a teen when she had her first period (In case some of you didn’t know, people celebrate the event). She was a dark, tall girl with not so attractive a face. It was after that function, that I met her after 5 years.

I was 18 and my distant cousin sister was 24. All the sports she played had helped her to have ample yet perky boobs and chubby thighs with a jiggly butt. She walked in to welcome us.

Priya was wearing a velvet nightie that she has altered to fit her figure perfectly. She covered her breasts with a duppata/chunni as her nipples were poking out of that nightie.

She was not wearing a bra or a petticoat inside so every time she walked in front of me, the only thing I could see were her nipples poking through from her ample boobs and the lining of the panty she was wearing beneath that nightie.

That was the first time I fantasized about having sex with her or any woman and I masturbated in her bathroom.

Fast forward to another five years, and a lot had changed. I never used to talk to her and we had our own set of stupid fights, but things changed when a lot of things happened in her life.

Her mother passed away, her sister got cancer, she failed in her exams and her father was fired from his job (professional reasons). They had a lot of money problems and were taking loans every week from someone.

It was the 3rd year of my engineering and my dad thought it would be better if I go and live with them during my Internship. In that way, I could be their paying guest and my dad could offer some money to them.

I accepted, not because I had feelings of love or lust for my cousin but to genuinely help them. So, I moved into their place during June and July of 2018. My internship was for 8 weeks and this is how my first week went.

Her sister a cancer survivor had to go to work to look after the family, her dad was doing some small jobs that I didn’t know much about. And Priya was sitting at home all day because she can’t get a job due to her arrears in nursing.

So she technically was a housemaker. During this time, I would return at 7.00 pm, eat whatever she has cooked and the others returned around at 9.30 pm. It was during these times that I started to notice my elder cousin.

She had become a little fairer and gained fat in the right places. Her once ample boobs were now so big that it began to jiggle even with the slightest movement. Her thighs had become large like the trunk of an oak tree. All this while gaining a few love-folds in her waist.

She went from being petite to a babe and now to a freaking MILF. She always wore that faded kurtis and leggings and she would sometimes forget that there was a young man in the home.

Sometimes she would go without her inner-wears and her nipples, the shape of her amazing melons, and her ass crack that went till her coochie would be visible.

Theirs was a 1 BHK home which meant that we had to sleep in the hall. Her sister would sleep in the bedroom. I used to sleep on the couch and Priya would sleep on the floor.

I was a late sleeper so at times I would see her getting up and unhooking her bra inside the kurti in her half-sleep.

Once she was wearing a kurti that had a zip on the back. She woke up all sweaty in her sleep, unzipped her kurti, and spread it open. She then unhooked her bra and went back to sleep.

Her dad was sleeping out and it was just me and her in the hall.

From the couch, my elder cousin sister’s sweaty, muscular and dark back with varying shades of light and dark melanin was shining from the streetlight that came from the window.

I went down and kept my hand on her neck that had some cheap jewelry and was moist with her sweat. I moved my hand caressing her back, feeling her sweat on my palms, and moving with her curve and muscular broad back till her ass.

I closed the spread open kurti which was hardly covering her back and went back to my place watching her back till I slept. It was one such night that made us go crazy for each other with lust.

In the third week of my internship, I started to have conversations with her, that were not awkward and boring. We began to talk about our families, our problems, our relationships, and the best part was it turned out that she was a virgin.

Since then we began to talk a lot like really a lot. We had this unusual tension between us, a kind of feeling like to not touch her while talking, don’t look in her eyes, don’t make eye contact, etc. So this happened for the entire week.

In the fourth week of the internship, we became better “friends”. Every now and then while bathing, I took her cheap bras that she had put on the rope to dry in the bathroom, wrap it around my dick, and cum in the cups of her used bras.

I wanted my virgin cousin sister more than anything now. So, the next night, as usual, her sister and her dad came home at 9.30 pm. Her dad was drunk as hell and her sister was sleeping after taking her painkiller medicines.

Usually, everyone settles down to sleep at around 11.00 pm.

She: Hey, can you sleep on the couch tonight?
Me: Why what’s wrong?

She: My neck is paining, that’s why.
Me: We both can sleep down together as I don’t like sleeping there”.

She: Yeah okay.

With that, she arranged the bedding for us both on the floor and I lay next to her. She looked at me smiled and said, “Good night” and turned to the opposite side.

We were sleeping next to each other and I could feel the heat of her body on mine. I could see the curves of her body by the dim light and feel the smooth skin beneath the nightie she was wearing, as I touched her.

An hour passed and that’s when I noticed something. Her right hand was pressed between her legs and there was a subtle movement of her hips moving back and forth. Her breathing was heavy and her toes were curling.

I knew what she was doing. The question is was she doing it all along? Or was it because I was sleeping next to her? I didn’t care less. I moved inch by inch closer to her half-sleeping masturbating body and placed my hand on her waist with a little bit of nervousness.

I could feel her slow oscillating hips on my arm. I could feel the heat from her back on my chest. I grabbed her waist by my left hand to trace it to her navel.

My elder cousin sister began to gasp as she woke up. She turned around, looked at my hands, and closes her eyes with a moan. Seeing that, I pulled myself closer to her.

Now my chest was pressing against her back. She contracted her body bringing her knees to the height of her hips.

I pushed my right hand beneath her body and grabbed her right boob as she crouched even more. Her left hand raced to hold my hair and pull it. I moved my left hand upwards to her boobs while putting my left leg on her hip and pressing my crotch that is loaded now on her ass.

She started to move her hips, rubbing her ass on my dick, as she was still holding my head in her left hand. Then she takes her right hand, holds my left hand, and guides it down there to dig in her pussy.

Instinctively, I started to pull her nightie up from her knees to her navel and with my hands, I started rubbing her brown and thick thighs. She was arching her back, pushing her neck to my face and I could smell the scent of Cinthol soap and her sweat.

I could feel the heat from her muscular thighs on my palms. I slowly inserted my left hand inside her cheap panty, while my right hand took care of playing with her boobs and feeling her thick thighs.

I could feel her bush and as I moved down, I could feel the moist, warm wetness. I placed my middle finger on her pussy lips and she clutched it, starting to grind on it.

That’s when she began to moan carelessly. I turned her around and kissed her lips for the first time. Her eyes got all teary (our first kiss ever). We sucked each other’s lips while my hands pull her near to me grabbing her ass and rubbing her back.

Priya threw her leg over me and moved up positioning her boobs over my face. I pulled her nightie up to her shoulder and as she unhooked her bra, it dangled down and she buried my face in it.

It had a strong scent of sweat and smelt like milk at places. She had perky nipples that I generously licked and bit while both my hands were milking them. She began to remove my t-shirt caressing my entire body with her hot hands.

I shall not lie, I had a bit of man boob that she massaged over and over, licking and biting my nipples. My cousin didi came up began kissing me. Her right hand went down inside my shorts and grabbed my painfully erect dick drenched in the pre-cum.

Priya brought her right leg up, clenched the elastic of my shorts with her toes, and pulled it down in a whiff. My dick sprang up in her hands as she began to stroke it. For the first time, she looked at me in the eyes, brought her right hand up to her face spat on it, and spread the spit like butter with her tongue.

She grabbed my dick with her hand and started to stroke it and for the first time, I moaned for the act of stoking my dick. I immediately pulled down her cheap panty to her right ankle freeing her left leg.

I began to rub her pussy making her bush all moist and wet. Now, I had enough of this as I wanted to be in her while she was stroking my dick. I stood up on my knees and made her lie on her back and spread her legs.

From the streetlight through the window, I could see her bush covering her pussy totally as her big boobs were plonking on her chest falling on the sides. Her nightie was pulled till her shoulders and her cheap black bra which was unhooked was falling over the nightie.

I looked at her eyes and she was shy and embarrassed. I leaned forward and kissed her and held my dick which was now so erect and hard that I could feel the veins on my palms. I place it at her perineum and rubbed all the way it up her clit.

Our juices were mixing together as I tried to enter inside her, that’s when she held my hands and nodded, “No”.

She glanced at her sister’s locked door and the main door behind which her father was asleep.

I didn’t force her but my dick was way too hard to go back to sleep normally. I stood up pulled down my underwear that was on my knees and got completely naked. I locked both the doors from inside and knelt down before her, spread her legs wide open, and lay over her.

My dick sat perfectly over pussy lips and I began kissing her while my hands pulled her nightie and bra and her cheap panty making her completely naked.

Her hands began rubbing my back and her legs locked me as she raised her hips, I could feel her wet pussy on my scrotum, rubbing my balls over her pussy making it painfully pleasurable.

I saw pre-cum from my dick, over and over leaking down. I sat on my knees, spread her legs, and began stroking my dick, pulled her hands which was simply lying at her back, and guided it to her pussy. I placed her fingertips on her pussy and she started rubbing it.

Her other hand instinctively moved to her boobs and starts massaging it. I held her other boob, spat on my fingers, and massage her nipples as she arched her back and locked her legs over my ass.

I began to stroke her harder and rubbed it faster and faster. She began to moan. I spat on her pussy as she moaned even more. I kept my hand over her mouth and she began to suck my thumb still moaning softly.

I kept her ankles over my shoulder and began to rub her thighs starting from her waist and sucked on her toes.

“Aaahhh… Mummy… Mmmyy… Mummy… Aaahhh” She quivered as her entire body was trembling, her eyes were closed tightly and biting her lips, she came.

Her cum landed right on my balls and drenched my dick with it. Needless to say within the next few moments I came all over her body. We didn’t care to clean ourselves as we were tired, sweaty, and sleepless and the time was 3.40 AM.

I lay over her body and went to sleep. I woke up at 6.00 am, panicking as the sunlight was coming through the windows and people were moving about and we both were completely naked with our sticky bodies without even a blanket to cover ourselves.

The room smelt of sweat and our love juices. And her clothes and our inner-wears were lying everywhere. Priya was lying over me now, her dark cute nippled boobs over my chest and bushy pussy lying over my dick as she laid her thick thighs over me.

I kissed her and woke her up pressing her boobs. She panicked the moment she opened her eyes, got up and searched for her inners, wore it. She asked me to hook her bra and then she wore her nightie. She collected my clothes, and asked me to wear it right then.

I did as she said. My elder cousin sister opened the doors extremely slowly so that they wouldn’t know that it was locked. She checked up on them but they were still sleeping.

She took her bedding filled with our juices, outside to clean it. Within minutes, the crime scene was cleaned.

Eventually, we would did it again for the first time that afternoon. And…a threesome. Maybe that’s a story for some other day.

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