Life With My Married Cousin Sister

Hey Everyone. This is Hems Varshan from Kodaikanal. I’m young blood (24) with lots of sexual fantasies and a huge fan of XIS. I’m here to share my real-life experience with my married cousin, Mayitreyi (name changed).

This happened eight months back when there was a family get-together for my grandad’s rituals. I’m a tall guy (6’2) with thick flesh, and my cousin is also taller than most women. She is dusky, slim, and curvy with 34c-30-36.

I have always liked her since my teenage, but we didn’t get time to spend with each other in the past. She got married five years back and has a notorious kid now. But her husband was always quite rude to the child.

I got to see her during the rituals with her kid. Her husband didn’t come due to his work commitments. She gained a little fat, making her look too hot to resist in a saree. We were so happy to meet again, and the kid got attached to me very much.

We were having a good time, but some sexual tension was building up on me. Her occasional navel traces, side view of her boobs were making me go restless. Because of the kid being with me for the most time, we got to spend more time together. We started discussing our work, life, and also other personal things.

She discontinued work from her company after the kid. But felt alone the whole time as her husband is busy and doesn’t go well with the child. When we were in their ancestral house, her kid went crazy during the rituals, and everyone was in anguish. So I took him to my house.

After the rituals, she came to my house and started crying because of the kid. I consoled her as he is an innocent child. Out of emotions, she started saying that everyone hates her child, including her husband, sobbing.

We both were sitting together on the couch with minimal touch. I wiped her tears and gave her some water. But I didn’t have anything kinky in my mind. She was letting her emotions out.

She just said, “Why are you younger than me? I would’ve married you.” I was shell-shocked hearing this. I kept quiet and was frozen. She made coffee for us both. And we started speaking about our personal life.

I was flirting and trying to look at her navel. She caught me thrice but didn’t react. She made the kid sleep, and we started speaking again. She sat facing me and leaned again on one end of the sofa. Half the navel was visible, and I was looking only at the navel, forgetting her.

Suddenly she moved and came back to the previous position. I was embarrassed and started sweating. She took my left hand, placed it on her hip fold, and started crying.

Mayi: You are the only one who understood my kid and me. I know what was running on your mind.

My heart and racing. I was struggling for words.

Me: No, I don’t have any bad intentions for you. You look amazing, and I’m just attracted to you.

Mayi: I don’t care. I feel loved and comfortable being with you. And I want to be with someone who loves my kid too.

I was looking down, and still, my hand was there in her hip fold.

Mayi: I love you, Hems. Give me your love inside me.

She sat on my lap and hugged me. I, too, hugged her and started kissing her. I got turned on, and we were passionately kissing for more than twenty minutes. She removed my shirt and was kissing my chest area.

I removed her saree pallu, and she is in her blouse and petticoat. I kneeled, held her hip. I started kissing her navel, encircling it with my tongue, digging it inside. She moaned and pressed my face further into her navel.

I removed her blouse and petticoat. She was glowing in her black bra and blue panty. I was kissing her shaven legs and her calf. I moved further up and was kissing her inner thighs. She moaned and pressed my head into her pussy.

The panty was already wet, and I sucked her pussy from outside the panty. She pushed me onto the sofa and undressed and me. She took my tool, and I shivered. She stroked it and was blowing me.

I couldn’t control it anymore. I pulled her up and pushed her onto the sofa. I went on top of her and was sucking her boobs. Omg! I’m feeling it still. She moaned louder when I bit her nipples. Her boobs were very much awesome.

It wasn’t saggy at all. I went mad at her boobs, and it was all red. I licked her armpits, and the smell drove me further on. She pulled me and kissed me with her hand on my dick. I went down to her pussy. It was a bit hairy but glittering.

Fluids were oozing out. I sucked her pussy lips fully into my mouth for a minute. She held her breath and was massaging my hair. I tongue fucked her pussy. She couldn’t control it anymore.

Mayi: Please fuck me, Hems. Fuck me! I want to carry our child. Please.…

Placing my dick in her pussy entrance, I pushed it inside. She screamed and pulled my hair from my chest. Her pussy was a bit tighter, but her liquids acted as a lubricant. I increased my pace slowly and started hitting the walls.

To contain her moaning, we were kissing. I rammed her for more than ten minutes, and her pussy contracted. We both orgasmed with huge loads. Her pussy was overflowing. She was very happy, and tears flowed out.

I turned her over and explored her flawless back. I spread her legs and ate her pussy from the back. Her asshole was looking like a small shrunk fig fruit. I licked it, and my dick became hard again. The temperature was less than 15degre Celsius, but we both were drenched in each other’s sweat.

To be continued.

I will continue with how I fucked her ass and the show shower time in the next part. I will wait for your guys’ feedback on this amazing sex experience with my cousin sister. Mail me to [email protected].

Any girls or aunties stressed out due to lockdown or in and around Kodaikanal can feel free to mail or ping me in hangouts to have some really good fun time. Thanks!

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