My Hot Stepmom Sushma

Hello everyone, this is an incident that happened during the Lockdown and because of the lockdown. I am Ritz, 24 years old. I work in a civil construction MNC in Mumbai and I basically belong to Indore.

In my family, there are 3 people, my father, my step mother, and me. My father is a reputed man in our locality. My real mother died when I was young. After that my father practically raised me.

My step-mother was a war widow. Her husband was a real good friend of my father. A few years after his death, my father asked her hand for from her parents and they immediately accepted.

My step mom was really pretty and had ample assets. Her figure was 34D-32-35. She had those cute bums that every guy of my age wants to grab and fondle. Before this, I never had any sexual attraction towards my step mother.

The lockdown was announced and I decided to leave Mumbai to head back home one day prior to that. When I reached home, from a distance I saw my stepmother, Sushma, leaving home. She was wearing a scarf but I identified her because of her assets.

I found it fishy because I had never seen her wear a scarf and she was on foot and there was nothing nearby our colony to reach by walking. I decided to follow her.

I left all my stuff at a known shop. Later I saw her getting on a bike with some man and they took off. I followed her in an auto rikshaw but from a distance so that I do not get caught.

The man and mother reached a hotel and without even the need to sign in, they went for their room. I was shocked to see this, it seemed like they were a regular there. As I could not follow them anymore, I came back home.

Reaching home, I took a bath and freshened up. All this time, my 7″ cock was erect thinking about my stepmom getting fucked by another man! I jerked off, patted myself dry, and went to bed.

When I woke up, it was almost 6.00 pm and my father was not home yet. I heard my stepmom’s voice calling me. She asked me when did I arrive and how was my flight. I answered her normally but the thought of her getting fucked was not going out of my head. I decided to confront her.

I went into the kitchen, she was making chapatis.

We were making small talks when all of a sudden I said,

Me: I saw you leaving the house today.

She was dumbstruck and was frozen.

Step mom: When?
Me: When you went somewhere on the bike with some man.

Step mom: What are you talking about?
Me: Mom, I saw you leaving this house wearing a scarf, and hopping on that man’s bike.

Step mom: That would have been someone else.
Me: I thought so too, but then I saw your face in the hotel reception.

My stepmother turned towards me and I could see some tears in her eyes.

Step mom: Have you told this to your father?
Me: Not yet. Should I?

Mom (feeling insecure): Please, don’t. He will be very mad at me. I will do anything you ask me to do, but please do not tell this to your father.

I was shocked by the way she said “anything”. By the way, she was not much older than me, she was in her last 30s. Just the thought of fucking my young step mom entered into my mind. But I wanted her to feel more guilt before I ask her for sex.

Me: Why did you do it? Isn’t my father good enough for you?

Step mom: It’s not that, he is a good man. But he still misses your real mom. And the man you saw today is just a good friend of mine. Believe me, I do not have any plans of leaving your father. After all, he helped me in the most needed time.

Me: Then, why?

Step mom (abruptly): Your father and I do not become physical very often. Unless he is drunk, and think of me as your real mom, he won’t. Even in the bedroom while having sex, he will call her name.

The word “sex” struck sharp on my ears.

Me: Does my father has any idea about it?

My stepmom kept quiet. I took it as a “No.”

Me: You’ll do anything I ask for?

Step mom: Anything.

I looked at my step mom’s beautiful body, imagined those hot boobs and ass beneath those clothes, and asked her boldly.

Me: I want to sleep with you too.

My step mother’s face was deprived of blood in an instant and she looked pale white in fear. She turned against me and didn’t say a word.

I went behind her. My cock was hard and made a slight bulge over my lower. When I came close to her, my cock touched her ass. She didn’t move. I took it as a “yes” and moved further, placing my entire cock in my step mom’s butt crack. She was breathing heavily and I was moving my hand from her waist towards her hot boobs.

Suddenly, she turned. My face was inches away from hers. She was almost in my arms, her boobs were touching my chest and my cock was poking her pussy area. She kept one hand on my chest and another on my cock and pushed me away. I was shocked. The way she pushed me away was as if she was measuring my cock.

My step mom’s next words made no sense.

Step mom: Maybe you should tell your father.

She turned off the gas and left the kitchen. I was furious and I decided to tell my father everything.

My father came home at about 8:30 pm, freshened up and called me to the hall. He had brought some wishy for both of us. I touched his feet, hugged him, and started small conversations. I was happy that he brought some booze as I needed it and this might make the conversation a bit easier to digest.

After 1 hour and 5 pegs down, my father was almost drunk. I decided to make the real conversation.

Me: Father, I have something to tell you.

Dad: Tell me?

Me: It is about mom.

Dad became immediately alert.

Dad: What is it?

Me: I saw her leaving the house with a man today.

Dad immediately called mom: Sushma?

She came to the dining hall. Then dad asked her.

Dad: I asked you to keep it quiet, what happened today?

Step mom: I had no idea he was coming home today, and since the lockdown was starting, I think I became a bit careless today. I am sorry.

Me (shockingly): Dad, you knew about this?! How can you be okay with it??

My father made me understand that there was a long age-gap between him and her and he cannot be enough for her. He further added that he understands the need of a woman of that age.

He further told me that the man my stepmom was seeing was a friend of hers and was a widower too. He told me that he had permitted them to be together in utmost privacy and nobody other than 3 of them knew about it.

Me: So, I am the fourth one now.

Father: Yes.

He was drunk, and he was also giving me additional information that I did not want to know. He also told me that my step mom is too good in bed.

After 1 more peg, I mustered the courage to ask him.

Me: Dad.. Can I sleep with her?

Dad looked at me, then back down at her, “I do not see a problem as long as you can convince her” and that blew my mind. I was in seventh heaven. I made no further conversation. We ate food, and I helped him get to bed.

I came back to the dining hall, then went to the kitchen. There my stepmom was washing dishes. She noticed me entering the kitchen. After a few moments, she said, “So, you got your permission.”

Me: Not completely, I still have to convince you.

Step mom: Yeah, that is there. I never thought about you that way.

Me: What about morning?

Saying this, I went near her in the same way as in the morning. But, this time I held her waist first, just to confirm. She didn’t utter a word. Then I moved forward and place my hard cock on her ass. It felt awesome. There was perfect warmth and it was ready to be groped and spanked.

My step mom was still doing the dishes. She stopped and asked me to help with the dishes first. I knew it was a green signal. In that same position, I leaned on her and kissed her neck.

We finished the dishes and went to my room. She checked on my father and then came back to my room and closed the door behind her. I went near her, with lust in my eyes. I could see the excitement in her eyes too.

I kissed her and within seconds, we were passionately kissing. It was not wild, it was just too much passion.

Then I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She asked me to remove my t-shirt and I followed. She looked so hot in that bed ready to be fucked that I forgot all my ex-girlfriends.

I reached to her waist and removed her leggings. Her soft and thick thighs were in front of me. I placed a kiss on each of them and went back to kissing. My step mother’s soft warm ass was in my hands. Her soft boobs were pressed against mine.

She asked me to remove her kameez too. I obeyed.

I was surprised to see that she was not wearing and bra. Those voluptuous boobs were naked in front of me. I knew what to do. I removed my lower and then I was just in my underwear.

I asked her to turn back and placed my cock in between her butt crack. I started pressing her boobs and also kissing her neck. She was all seduced within seconds. I could hear her soft moans. In the same position, I sent my hand inside her underwear. She was all wet. I started rubbing it, she was getting intoxicated over it.

It was such a high to be on the bed with such a beautiful and hot woman and also older than me.

Her hand reached inside my underwear and she started fondling my cock. Intoxicated she said, “I wanted to suck it since the morning.”

My step mom turned and faced towards me and we started kissing. She pulled me onto the bed. I was between her legs. My cock was out of my underwear and was rubbing on her pussy.

I stopped in an instant and looked at her eye and she saw mine. I sent both my hands down and tore her underwear. She gave me a wicked smile. Now my cock was feeling the warmth of her pussy.

Step mom: Lund to bada acha hai tera. Chus lun. (You have a beautiful cock, should I blow you.)

Me: Sushma, teri chut me acbhi tk isliye nai gya kyuni teri muh me pehle jana hai isko. Par ghutno me aake chusna, merko jyada pasand hai. (Sushma, I haven’t fucked your pussy till now because I wanted a blowjob first. Blow me by getting on your knees, I like it better.)

My step mother followed as instructed. Believe me guys, it was the best blowjob I ever had! She was the best. She sucked it in a way that I came in her mouth in just a few minutes. She spat it in a tissue and threw it in the dust bin. I was exhausted but remained still.

Me: Ab meri baari. (now my turn.)

I made my young step mom lay on the bed and tied her hands and blindfolded her. Then I started licking her toes, then slowly her calves. I could see she was dripping wet.

Then I kissed her beautiful thighs. She was moaning in pleasure. Then I went near her pussy and blew a small puff of air. Her legs started shivering. Then I started eating her pussy. It was rather different than my other girlfriend’s, but I still did it. And within 2 minutes, she came. My step mom came in buckets and was exhausted.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face, and came next to her. I removed all the bondages and then started kissing her. She looked at me and said, “Kahan se sikha tune ye, maja aa gya.” (Where did you learn all this, it was so much fun.)

Stepmom (in a funny way): You are cruel, you took advantage of your father’s drunken state!

It hit me. Yes, it was wrong on my part. What if this destroys our relationship? I was taken aback. I decided to ask him again in the morning if it was okay with him.

That night we made out again but did not have sex. Sushma understood my dilemma, but she was having fun too.

In the morning before my dad woke up, Sushma left my room.

For breakfast, Sushma made my father’s favorite French toast. I met him on the table, he was enjoying his breakfast. It didn’t seem he remembered anything about yesterday.

Dad: Slept well? (with a smile)

Me: Not that much.

Dad: So, it means you had fun with Sushma last night..

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