Teen boy gets his ass rammed

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Hello readers, I would like to tell you that XIS Is the perfect site for me to explore my imagination and fantasies, and today I am here to write my fantasy.

Hi I’m a guy age 18 years, I wanted to explore the male to male intimation as i was unable to get a girl. I decided that I will become the girl and satisfy other men.
About me, I’m a 5’4″ guy, really big ass which even my friends used to spank me, little bit of curves and tons of dirty thoughts!
After I became 18 this month, I thought I need to have that fun, since I am at a legal age now. So i gave an ad on the classified site and I recieved tons of messages. One of them was really interesting. He was also from the same age, and from same city.
We started talking and getting into those kinds of chats, I told him all my fantasies and imagination and to my surprise, he also had the same fantasies.
I always had a fantasy that I am having sex in a shopping Mall’s toilet, while my partner is holding my mouth so that I don’t shout, also to get fucked in a Mall’s changing room.
After that we decided to meet, we fixed a Mall that was near for both of us. I messaged him, that I was in the 1st floor toilet sitting in the last booth. He told me that he is wearing red shoes and will occupy the booth next to me.

So i saw him coming , since there were gaps in the bottom of the toilet booths, he occupied the booth next to me and knocked on the wall and made it clear that it’s him
Now there was 7-8″ gap between adjoining toilets. And it was enough for me to crawl upto his booth. We bent down saw each other through the gap and he ordered me to come through the gap to his booth and go seperately so that no one will notice this.
I removed my clothes and dressed up in a ligerene I bought from my home, and did a little make up with dark red lipstick and a wig. ( He told me he loves blowjob with lipstick)
As i crawled through the small space, he smiled and pulled me through the gap. He was very happy seeing me like that and instantly became erect. He opened his pants and I went crazy seeing his shaved BBC, his cock wasnt that big, but I loved its shape and cleanliness. I told him to sit on the toilet and relax, he then removed hai phone and plugged earphones in his ears so that he can get the feel, as we cannot moan in public place.

I started doing my work, his cock was really nice and firm. I told him to look at me as I sucked his cock, and he was really aroused and horny. My lipstick was all over his cock and his precum in my mouth.
I slowly increased the pace and he started moaning little bit, so i signalled him not to moan and continued further.
As 5-10 minutes passed , he was about to cum, he stood up and forced me to been on my knees. He came all over my face all my face was covered in cum. I was going to wipe it but he said not to.
After that, he told me to take out condoms from his bags, we were very excited as it was all coming true. I took the condom from his bag and saw that he had brought oil with him for lubrication.
So he told me to bend down and opened my ass hole with his finger and poured the oil in my ass. I could feel the oil going into my ass. After that he put some oil on his dick which was covered with condom and started giving me strokes. After a few strokes it was completely inside me, Omg! It felt very sexy and painful at the same time.
He started giving hard strokes and it was all going in and out. He kept his hand on my mouth so that I don’t moan, and kept fucking me in all positions.
After that he took my one leg onnhis shoulder and I was standing on just one leg. He then fucked me in that position and my ass was jiggling like anything.
He then lied down and told me to ride me. I was taking his cock all into mine and then finally he came inside me, we lied down there while he was giving me some light strokes and I was looking at people’s feet coming and going out of the toilet.

We have planned to meet in the dressing room of the mall next time. And he wants me to wear a girls dress with fake boobs ( search for fake boobs on Google) Do let me know if you want him to fuck me in the Dressing room? Also the next place to fuck at

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