Slave Nikkita Cheats Husband To Have Fun With Master

Have you ever realized what’s the one thing you that you miss in life? I’m sure we all have sex, and great sex life, but what do we miss in life? It’s not just sex, BDSM is something beyond sex. It is where you can make her cum even without touching her. You can make her feel every bit of it and take her to the heights of passion.

When was the last time you have been so crazy? Do you know that surrendering to someone needs lots of courage? This is about one such story.

After moving in next to Nikkita’s place, the initial two months were full of fun. It was all about sex, punishments, blowjobs, and watching porn (we both love lesbian porn) together.

Nikkita was raised in a Brahmin family. Her dad was a lawyer and her mom was a teacher. Her mom looked so hot that I would feel jealous of her husband. She was a real MILF and I realized it was the reason why Nikkita was so sexy. It was in her genes even though I was not sure how Nikkita became a slut by her thoughts.

To be frank, I never tried hitting on Nikkita’s mom, because I was happy with Nikki and she will be my bitch forever. Even though Nikki had many wishes such as public sex, foursome, cage-fuck, stripping, visit a strip club, she wanted to be mistress. She loved to be loved and treated like a princess slave.

Let’s get back to the story.

Nikkita: I will call slave “S”.
Me: I will call MASTER “M”.

It was at the end of December, that I moved next to Nikki’s flat. She was taken aback a little by my surprise because she had read my mind. The thought of how she was going to be treated by this master made her pussy wet.

Even though she was from a conservative family, she loved to be independent. (Thanks to her parents, as they were educated and provided her good education too.)

Because of the education, she learned about sex, then read about BDSM. She was married at 26. Her husband was a great fucker. (Nikki told me this). He used to give her multiple orgasms by fucking. He was a little shy kind of guy. He felt that oral sex was not hygienic. Nikki gave him BJ a few times but he didn’t like it.

The worse thing was that she was a virgin by ass. (Thinking of that ass makes me go crazy. I would spit on her asshole, and fuck it all day. I think it all depends on individual interests.)

Having such a horny wife, he should know how to satisfy her. Though on Nikki’s request, he accepted to mouth fuck her. But deep down, her pussy always wanted to be licked very badly and her BDSM was left as a dream.

It all happened as a miracle between me and Nikki. How we found ourselves enjoying a Master and Slave relationship.

It was the beginning of January. We both were very sure that we didn’t want others to know about our relationship. I continued to go in my bike to my office and she went by the office cab.

We wanted to make love in the cab, lift, office-meeting room but we kept our desires within ourselves. We didn’t want to be dumbass and ruin the long-term fun.

Every night, the one hour of her journey in the cab was the best time we both would have. We did texted a lot, sexted and, talked about our desires. It was a little painful because she will be so horny after the sex chat,(obviously she clears all messages before reaching home) and then she will get banged by her husband.

And I on the other hand use my hand. (Lol, it is easy to talk about it now but it was hard at that time.)

On one such night, my horny slave was getting banged early morning and she was in half-sleep. That particular day, her husband started to make love slowly, with sweet kisses. He gave her love bites, played with her tits, and was rubbing all over her body.

She thought it was her dream and shouted, “Master, your teasing won’t work today.”

(Lol, that guy maybe a good fucker but now he was only a good teaser).

Sorry, back to the story.

Then they started to fuck again. She came twice early in the morning. During breakfast, he told her what she had said while he was fucking her. She was shocked. How could she tell him that she thought it was her Master, haha.

She said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I was in deep sleep. You started the action and maybe I blabbered something.” She said this with a fake smile and shyness on her face.

(This bitch was really good at acting, guys).

Her husband said, “I knew you were sleeping. To wake you up only I did it slowly.”

Nikki’s husband used to booze in my room. We three used to play ludo and carom. Always her husband used to win as we both would be busy with our little games with each other.

She used to wear low-neck dresses and crop-tops to tease me. Many times, I used to play with her navel, in her home, when her husband was in the other room.

Nikki’s husband used to invite me for dinner or lunch weekly once. I was waiting for this day every time because real food will be served on the table and fun food under the table!

We made sure that every time Nikki’s hubby sat next to her or next to me. I used to start playing with her legs and thighs with my legs.

On this day, Nikki sat with her husband. I was sitting opposite them. Nikki was a good cook, but that day my concentration was on Nikki not on food. I was touching her legs with my legs. Trust me guys, better than the sex these little sly touching gave me a hard-on. Suddenly, Nikki got up and ran to the kitchen.

She came back saying that she wasn’t sure whether she had turned off the gas or not. With a stupid smile, her hubby said, “Why do you need to run like this?”

After dinner and while washing my hand, I inserted my thumb in her butt. She jumped a little and said, “Master, don’t kill me with teasing, fulfill my desires.”

Those who had read clearly would know that I and Nikki worked in the same office. It was a Friday and we had a team dinner, that day at MG road. It was about 5 km from my office. Yes, I was from Bangalore.

As discussed the previous night, Nikki had said that she had too much work and she won’t be coming for the team dinner.

All of us started requesting her to join, and we succeeded. She said that she won’t be able to finish work.

My director said, “Don’t worry Nikki.” He told me to drop her back home as we both stay in the same place.

We had lots of fun till 8 and then back to the office by 9. While returning, my director told me to reach safely and text him when we reached. Then they left.

99% of our office staff has already left. Our company’s working hours were from 8 to 5 pm. The entire floor was empty. We both were happy as we could have a proper meal of our burning desires.

I came immediately and booked a meeting room for my director as it soundproof and had no cameras. She came after me. She was looking hot in her blue t-shirt and black pants.

We both hugged each other and were smooching badly as we had met after a long time. While smooching, I inserted my hand inside her t-shirt from behind. I was trying to unhook her bra. She smiled and said, “Master, this bra should be opened from the front.”

I sat on a chair, lifted her t-shirt a little, and kissed her navel. I made her turn and gave a bite on her ass. She gave a loud moan and said to me, “Master, I have a wish. I want to suck your chest.”

I said, “As you wish, my slave.”

My slave’s face lit up. She hugged me tightly. As I was sitting, my face got crushed on her boobs. Our conversation goes on,

MASTER: You should remove my inners with your mouth and suck my cock.

Slave: I am waiting, Master.

MASTER: If you make me cum in 15 minutes, you will have a surprise.

Slave: Master, if you order, it will be done. You have already planned to surprise me, right?

MASTER: Yes, bitch.

She successfully removed my inners with her mouth, but what surprised me more was that she sucked my dick over my inners. It was a new feeling and I loved it.

MASTER: Bitch, lower your pants.

Slave: Yes, Master.

She was lying on the table. I pulled the chair closer. I finger-fucked her for a few seconds and then I kneeled on the floor and licked her clit. I was fingering and pussy and at the same time, I inserted my finger in her butt. She couldn’t control her excitement. And I kept doing it.

She came loudly and squirted all over me. I knew that she was going to squirt. I drank most of it and it was all over my face.

I gave her a few seconds to relax.

Then I shouted loudly, “Clean me, bitch. You have made a mess.”

She hurried to get a napkin. I pulled her hair from behind and said, “Clean the mess by licking.”

Slave: Master, you are crazy.

She licked it all. We both were smooching. I asked her to raise her hand. I shagged fast and came in her armpits.

Slave: Master, I love it when you humiliate me.

MASTER: You know what to do.

Slave: Yes Master, tonight I will sleep like this only.

MASTER: I guess my dick is getting hard.

Slave: Shall I serve you by my mouth or pussy, Master?

MASTER: Today your pussy needs rest. Kneel down and open your mouth.

She did as I said. I was holding her head for grip. I fucked her hard for 5 minutes. I knew that I will cum soon.

MASTER: Turn around and lie down.

Slave: Master, let’s not do it today. I have a strong desire to get fucked, but when you inserted your finger, it was paining.

MASTER: Do as I say, do you have any other options?

Slave: Ok, Master. I will obey.

I rubbed my dick on her pussy once. It was wet with her cum and her saliva. I gave a hard push in her asshole. She screamed and started to enjoy it slowly and then I came on her ass.

She asked: Why Master?

Later we moved to the washroom to get fresh again. I love this a lot as it makes me feel special.

She hugged me and we packed our things and we reached home. I opened my door and pulled her in. And then I smooched her. I don’t want to do it outside, it’s risky. We bid good night to each other.

I saw the satisfaction on her face. In bed, I recollected those beautiful, wild things that had happened today. I still feel the way she was hugging me tightly while returning home.

The next two days, we both took leaves from the office.


Get ready folks for a wild, wild, holiday fun in the next part. If you were wondering how I and Nikkita met, then send me your feedback and comments and ask me about it.

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