Sexting Experience – Part 2

Hello friends, this is my yet another sexting experience on XIS. I am a fan of sexting and hence I am writing down the various real-life incidents which have taken place with me over the course of time. You can read my previous sexting story here:

Sexting Experience – Part 1

A brief about me, I am a good-looking 6 feet tall guy located in the western part of the country. The heroine of the story was my colleague at college who was also trying her hand at modeling at that time. She was a Maharashtrian Mulgi, a nice and tall girl with good assets at the right place but a dominating girl by nature.

It was a hard catch and had to try a lot with her. It was the time of Diwali during those days. I happened to fracture my ankle during the Diwali leave. I was down with plaster in my foot for 3 weeks and had to skip college during that time. The college started. After I missed college for almost a week, the heroine messaged me around midnight on a Saturday night to ask my whereabouts.

I will narrate the sexting experience which is a real-life chat narration. Portions in bracket resemble actions being taken by the partners in the storyline.

Me: Myself and Mulgi: Heroine of the story

Mulgi: Hey hero, where are you? Missing college for a week or not meeting me up?
Me: Hey, not a case of not meeting up with you. Been missing from college due to a fractured ankle for the last 1 week.

Mulgi: Ohhh. I didn’t know this. What happened?
Me: Long story but cut short twisted my ankle while playing sports and resulted in a hairline fracture.

Mulgi: That’s bad. So out of action for 3 weeks that means?
Me: Yup, right, been sitting at home since the last week. Getting bored as fuck with nothing to do at home except for computer games.

Mulgi: Ohhhh. Missing out on college fun. I will keep you updated on what’s going on in college.
Me: Of course. That’s good. At least I will be updated on the college front. My friends don’t attend college so had been trailing behind.

Mulgi: Alright. So, what do you do the entire day?
Me: Lazy times. Get up late by afternoon in the day. Have lunch, study for a while and spend the evening with computer games. Post dinner I stay in bed and while my time till I fall asleep around 3 to 4 am.

Mulgi: Lolz. What do you do being up till so late in the night?
Me: What do you think would a single guy do by being up till so late?

Mulgi: Gotcha, naughty boy.
Me: Ahan. Smart girl haan. Understood in the first go.

Mulgi: Yups. What are you missing the most from college?
Me: Hmmmm, ogling around on the engineering birds.

Mulgi: Ohhhhh, Engineering birds. Are they so good? None of the commerce birds in our part of college?
Me: Engineering birds are definitely hotter than ours. But there are a few in our college too who are hot as hell and can give them a tough fight.

Mulgi: Aha, who are they?
Me: Alisha, Sayali, and Saloni from senior year. Vineeta and Dhannu from junior year.

Mulgi: Ahan. These are big-time hotties of the college. Nice assets they all got. None from our year?
Me: There are a few. But I ogle for only one. She can beat them all.

Mulgi: Aha. It would be Payal for sure.
Me: Nah, She’s not my type. She’s cute but I like girls with a good height. Minimum 5 feet 6 inch to fall in line and a nice maintained shape.

Mulgi: Ohhhh, Then Leesha? She meets all your criteria.
Me: She does fit in all the criteria but still she’s a bitch. All attitude for no reason.

Mulgi: Then who is it?
Me: You. Why do you think you can’t beat any of these hotties at the hotness game?

There was silence for almost 5 minutes. She didn’t reply at that time.

Mulgi: Unexpected reply from you. I didn’t know I can also meet your stringent criteria.
Me: Wrong statement. You are at the top of the charts meeting all the criteria.

Mulgi: Ohhh, What are those criteria?
Me: Tall girl approx. 5 feet 6 inches. Checked for you as I think you are 5 feet 7 inches. A sweet smile and a loving attitude. Checked for you or else you would not be chatting with me.

Me: Slim girl but with the right amount of assets. Checked for you. You know your assets are perfect. Anymore description would you like to hear, or this would suffice?

Mulgi: Flattered with your observation. Looks like you have been following me a lot at college to ogle?
Me: Ahan, bet you caught me. We boys can ogle even from a long distance.

She sent a photo of her in a green Maharashtrian style saree clicked from a twisted angle from behind. Showing off a lot more of her ass and side boobs. Saree tucked at the edge of the ass crack. A model shoot of hers.

Mulgi: What do you think of this photo? Is it worth sharing for my modeling assignments?
Me: Nopes. You should not be sharing this photo with anyone except my privilege now.

Mulgi: Why so? Isn’t it a good shot?
Me: Are you crazy. You gotta be kidding me for undermining yourself. The pic is anything but perfect to fetch you any assignments. But can make any guy go crazy as well for you.

Mulgi: Ohhhh, Why don’t you describe it to me why would the guy go crazy over it?
Me: I am an ass lover. Look at your ass in the photo. It’s nothing less than perfect. Being nice, wide-angle, juicy and curvy. And the saree is tucked at the crack which is very much thought-provoking.

Silence for a while post reading the message.
Send in another photo in a yellow sleeveless blouse being shot from the front angle. Showing off her boobs at the best possible angle.

Mulgi: Only the ass?
Me: Nah, This says that your boobs are juicy and in good shape. It would be a good time playing with them. What size are you?

Mulgi: 34B-30-36
Me: Fucking sexy. The perfect figure you have maintained. Been fapping for you since the first day I saw you. Been remembered a lot at nights by me.

Mulgi: Ahan. That’s the reason I get so many hichkis at night. You are remembering me at that time.
Me: Yes of course. Some more pics can come in through. I would like to see some hot pics and remember you now as well.

Sends in a pic of her in the green saree again but this time she’s facing the wall and leaning against it. Wide ass at its best display.

Mulgi: What do you say? What if I am standing like this in front of you right now.
Me: Fuck. That would make me go crazy for your ass. You would awaken the hidden lust for you and would like to make you go crazy.

Mulgi: What would you do?
Me: I would come from behind to you. Lower your saree down in one go. Kneel behind your ass and stick my tongue into your golden ass hole. Spread your ass cheeks to the widest possible range and lick your ass hole. Nice and deep sliding my tongue inside you.

Mulgi: Aahhh, That’s fucking crazy. Like my ass so much? The thought itself is making me wet out here.
Me: Ahan really. Of course, you have the right-sized ass. The way I like it. Nice tight buns worth worship. (Move back from your ass and would spank both the cheeks hard twice. Making your golden skin ass a bit red)

Mulgi: Fuck, that would make me moan loud. Your awakening the wild cat man. There are going to be equal and opposite consequences for these actions.
Me: I would not mind it at any point in time.

(Pull you by the hand and remove the saree while you turn around. Make you bend over the bed. Come and sit near to from the side and start spanking your ass cheeks hard one by one)

Mulgi: Aahh, that’s making me crazy to moan. I am already naked out here fingering my pussy. What about you?
Me: I’m naked since the first pic you sent me. Already rubbing around my shaft since the start of the chat.

(Push you onto the bed. Wear in a condom and push my cock into your pussy from behind. Dig it deep inside your pussy and let it rest there.)

Mulgi: Fuck, You’re a wild animal. Never thought you would push indirectly.
Me: Couldn’t believe my luck of sexting with you so had the effect of increased wildness in me. Hence the direct attack. I would please you, later on, sexy babes. (Start grinding your pussy. First nice and slow and slowly picking up my speed)

Mulgi: I am moaning like crazy while rubbing my pussy out here with the vibrator. Great pleasure sexting with you while feeling the vibrator. Ah, ouch. Fucking crazy you’re a dog man.

Me: Sexy to hear you moan. I hope the door is closed so no one walks into you while you are at pleasure. Mine is all locked up. Rubbing my shaft hard with my left hand and trying hard to please you with the right hand.

Mulgi: (Push you around on the bed. Make you lie down on the bed and Come over you. Push you into the pussy and start riding your cock. Nice and hard. Taking it deeper to the max.) Fuck, the pleasure it is.

Me: (Stride my hand to the max and start crushing your 34 size boobs. Nice and hard. Pull my self towards the wall and lean against the wall.) I start eating your boobs nice and hard while you’re riding me deeply.

Mulgi: Aaahhhh. Crazy as it is. I’m rubbing my pussy nice and hard out here. (Pushing your cock deep into the pussy. That’s a fucking crazy sight)
Me: Rubbing my shaft harder here. (Eating your boobs nice and crazy with you humping my cock deep inside your pussy)

Mulgi: I’m about to cum dear. Can’t hold it longer.
Me: Excellent timing for me too. About to cum. A few more strokes and I would be done.

Mulgi: (Body tightening around you. And start cumming nice on your cock while still stroking your cock for you to cum.)
Me: Aahh. (start shooting my cum into you. Nice and deep.) Fuck.

Mulgi: Fuck, that was amazing. My entire bedsheet has been drenched with my cum. You’re a crazy animal.
Me: Ahan. I liked it. I wanted to bang you hard since the day of first sight. So, you get the wildness that would entail for you.

Mulgi: I get it. Know your intentions now. It would be fun to tease you furthermore in college now. A cleavage show at times. Or swaying off ass while passing you.

Me: You gotta be kidding me. That would have wild consequences. In chat, till the time we don’t find a place would be drenching the bedsheet multiple times a night then.

Mulgi: Fuck. I am tired now. Let me have some sleep. I need to be fresh tomorrow morning as I need to send in a fresh pic to my secret admirer.
Me: Of course. A pic a day would help the secret admirer recover early and run to college you see.

Mulgi: Chalo then. Goodnight, sweet dreams, dog.
Me: Goodnight, bitch.

That’s how the chat ended with both of us being satisfied to the core. I would like to keep the identity of the girl anonymous, so kindly don’t message me asking for her details. Feedback is always welcome. I would like to hear some feedback on [email protected] then Ciao!

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