Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend – Part 10

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a real story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

So, after my encounter with Mehar in the last part, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl – Part 9’, I was left with only one thing to do. I was wishing that for so long. To fuck Saba’s pussy. After that day I talked to Saba about losing our virginity to each other. She said we will see when we get enough time.

I was so hungry for real sex. I even didn’t let Mehar take my cock in her pussy. I wanted Saba to be my first fuck. I was trying everything I could to get us some time but in vain.

One day Saba told me that she will be traveling to Chennai with her family for attending a wedding. Her brother is going to book their tickets. I knew that they are going to book 1st class AC reservation as they are rich and travel only with comforts. I got a crazy plan and I texted Mushtaq.

Me-“Hey cocksucker, I heard that you are going to Chennai.”
Mushtaq-“Yes. So?”
Me-“Well I need you to book a ticket for me also.”
Mushtaq-“What? Why? I’ll not. Why should I book for you?”

Me-“I want to fuck your sister at any cost”
Mushtaq-“What you mean by any cost. Didn’t you guys do it till now?”
Me-“Unfortunately no, she was not accepting and we didn’t get any proper time or privacy.”

Mushtaq-“Hahaha lol, you are still virgin?”
Me-“Shut the fuck up and book a ticket.”
Mushtaq-“Why do you need to come with us to fuck her?”
Me-“Because I am planning to fuck her on the train.”

Mushtaq-“WTF are you talking. On the train? How?”
Me-“See book tickets for your family separately and your sister separately.”
Mushtaq-“How can I do that?”

Me-“When you want you can and you will. It’s 1st AC you’ll be booking na? Then go to the railway station and book so that you get a preferred cabin.”
Mushtaq-“How am I supposed to do that?”

Me-“Ask them that you need the two sleeper cabins. For two people in one compartment and the rest in another compartment. Apply differently then there will be no problem. And for me also book another ticket.”
Mushtaq-“I am not gonna do all these things.”

Me-“I guess you know that I have so many things of yours which you don’t want to be public.”
Mushtaq-“Ok ok I’ll do it.”

Me-“Don’t worry, cocksucker, you’ll get your reward for helping me.”
Mushtaq-” Whatever.”

The d-day was a week away and I was not able to control myself. I didn’t jerk off the whole week as I wanted to give my entire pure load to Saba’s pussy. I somehow convinced Saba also not to finger. She asked why and I said that I have something after she returns.

On the day of our travel, I reached the station at 7.30 pm and the train was at 8 pm. As I reached I saw that Saba, along with her two siblings, grandmother, and her parents were waiting for the train. I didn’t want Saba to know I was there.

I texted Mushtaq for their compartment number. He said his family is in A1 and him along with Saba are in A3. I was also in A3. I boarded the train and took my berth. All this while I was texting Saba normally. She was informing me about their travel and all.

Saba-“I and Mushtaq got a separate compartment and my family in another.”
Me-“Oh that’s cool. I guess you could have some fun with him again just like you had in the function hall. Lol.”

Saba-“Shut up. Nothing like that.”
Me-” Who knows what’s coming for us.”

I made sure Saba doesn’t see me as we were in the same compartment. The train started and dinner was served. At 9.30 or something, Saba said that she was going back to her berth from her family. I was ready to surprise her now.

I started some romantic chat with her and slowly took it to sex chat. She was with her brother alone and she couldn’t touch herself with him there.

Saba-“Oh god Anil I wanna finger now very badly but Mushtaq is here only. Idiot why you do this now.”
Me-“Hahaha ok then I’ll ask him to leave.”

Then I called Mushtaq and told him to come to my berth.
Saba-“What did you say? He is leaving. Oh god, what’s happening?”
Me-“Don’t worry baby. Just wait.”

After Mushtaq arrived I asked him to take my berth while I fuck his sister.

Mushtaq-“You are a piece of shit you know that?”

Me-“Chill, cocksucker. I want her pussy she wants my dick so I am doing this. Don’t be so protective ok. You got to fuck Mehar and this is my girlfriend. Everyone needs to have fun.”

Mushtaq-“Ok whatever just don’t hurt her.”

Then I went to Saba’s cabin. She was probably fingering when I entered. She was startled by the door sounds. When she turned around to see who it was she was shocked seeing me. Her mouth was opened and her eyes became big.

I locked the door and immediately went to her and took her mouth in mine. We smooched for some time standing like that. When we parted for air she asked how I am here and why.

Me-” Oh baby I missed you so much. I missed your pussy.”
Saba-” Hahaha you are always horny. But how did you come? If someone sees then we are dead.”

Me-“Don’t worry your brother will take care.”
Saba-“He knows you are here?”
Me-” Yeah he is the one helped me on this.”
Saba-“But why?”

Me-“Let’s lose our virginity, baby. I can’t wait for more to enter you. I was so tempted to enter Mehar that day. But I wanted to lose my virginity only with you. Let’s do this.”
Saba-“But this is not the time, Anil.”

I cut short her by kissing and pressing her boobs. She was going crazy as she was already wet. While kissing and fondling her boobs I slowly removed her burqa buttons and removed it. She was wearing a t-shirt and leggings. Her leggings were all wet near her pussy area.

I hurriedly removed her dress and made her completely naked. She was only having hijab on her head. I again made her wore the burqa leaving the buttons open. I kneeled in front of her pussy and started sucking it. She was moaning loudly.

Saba-“I am gonna cum.”
I stopped immediately as I didn’t want her to cum yet.
Me-“Don’t cum now.”

I started removing my t-shirt and she pushed me onto the berth and helped me remove it. Then she bent over me and seductively opened my pants and undies making me completely naked. She took my cock in her mouth and was slowly sucking all along its length while fondling my balls.

She was looking damn sexy in the hijab bobbing on my dick. I asked her to stop sucking and just put it in her pussy. She was hesitant but due to my persuasion, she accepted. I laid down on the berth. I wanted her to take charge as it’s the first time to take a dick in. She could stop if she wanted.

She climbed on me and spat on my dick to make it more slippery. I too added my spit. I could see the fear in her eyes.

Me-“Do it, baby. It’s the same as taking a carrot in.”

She caught my dick and positioned it at her pussy entrance. She then slowly started coming down on it. The feeling was amazing. I could see my dick head slowly disappearing in between her pussy lips. I could feel her inner pussy skin gliding along my dick.

It was a heavenly feeling nothing compared to a handjob or a blowjob. The warmth of her pussy is neutralized by her juices. She was very tight. She then raised again taking it out and then went down slowly. Now she took half of it. I was just admiring her in the hijab and burqa taking my cock in.

She was controlling her pain. I could see her pain in her face. She then again got up. She took half of my dick in and out for 2-3 times and then I felt her pussy lips contracting around my dick. She was going to come. To my surprise suddenly at once, she took it in completely with force.

And screamed releasing all the juices onto my dick. Her body was shaking wildly and her pussy lips caught my dick. All her juices flowed onto my body. She then fell on me. I kissed her like that.

Saba-“Oh Anil that was amazing. Your dick was awesome in my pussy. It felt like it was tearing me apart.”

She was completely exhausted by her orgasm. Then I slowly started making movements. I made her sit straight on my dick and caught her by the waist. I guided her to go up and down slowly. Her boobs were bouncing as she increased her speed.

Now I freed my hand from her waist as she took control. I took my hands to her boobs and started fondling them. They were so amazing. I waited for this thing to happen for so long. Saba in her burqa and hijab riding my dick was the amazing thing I have ever seen.

While fucking me she bent down to give a deep kiss. She whispered in my ears, “Fuck me Anil fuck me and fill me with your cum.”

That made me crazier. I immediately held her by the waist and lifted myself carrying her still on my dick and made her lay in the berth. Now we were in the missionary position. I spread her legs wide and started fucking her. She looked amazing in this angle.

She was shouting, “Yes fuck me Anil fuck my pussy. Make me yours. Give me your cum.”

I increased my speed and I wanted her to feel the real pleasure in pain. So I held her throat with one hand and pressing and pinching boobs and nipples with another. She still was shouting and she liked what I was doing.

Saba-“Yes, I like your roughness, choke me yes fuck harder. Oh yes, I am gonna cum.”

Her pussy was becoming tight around my dick and she brought her legs around my waist and locked me in between her thighs. These all made my orgasm build.

Me-“I am cumming, baby, take my cum in your pussy.”

I released a huge load of cum stored in my balls for more than a week into her hole. At the same time, she too flooded with her juices. I could feel her juices traveling along my dick to squirt out. We both had an amazing orgasm together. I fell on her crushing her boobs under my chest.

We were breathing heavily. We shared a long passionate kiss while my dick was becoming soft in her pussy. Then I got up from her. The mixture of my cum and her juices started flowing from her pussy. That was a wonderful view to see. I bent down to lick it all from her pussy. The mixture tasted good.

I took some of it in my mouth and transferred to Saba through a kiss.

Me-“That was amazing. Thank you so much for letting me in.”
Saba-“Don’t say that. I was longing for your cock. I finally got it in my pussy. You were so strong and thick. I thought my pussy gonna tear.”

Me-“Hahaha you were so tight and it felt amazing because of that. If you were not that tight then the feeling wouldn’t be this good.”
Saba-“Yes. Now let’s clean up”

She gave me a towel to wrap around my waist. I then went out for the washroom which was just beside our cabin. After 5 minutes when I returned I saw that Saba was facing the window. Her burqa was up above her ass and she was standing with her ass protruding out towards me as if an invitation to fuck.

Oh god her ass was amazing. The milky white complexion made me crazy. I immediately got an erection seeing that ass. I went to her and gave a tight slap on her right ass cheek. She just gave a hissing moan. I went on my knees and spread her legs exposing her pussy.

She cleaned her pussy but was still dripping. I immediately took my mouth to work and started sucking her. She tasted a bit different but I didn’t care and continued sucking her juices. Now she was fully greased. I stood up and positioned my diçk at her pussy and tried entering.

It still felt tight but I tried entering her. Slowly I feel her pussy lips opening up and taking me in. She was breathing heavily and covering her mouth with one of her hands while with the other hand supporting herself with the curtained mirror.

My dick entered her pussy a bit now. I caught her by the waist and at once banged into her pussy. She screamed but contained her sound with her hand. I went slowly as I felt that she was having pain. After I felt her relaxed I increased my speed and was fucking her furiously.

Apart from the train sounds my balls hitting her ass were also making sounds. Her pussy lips were becoming tight on my dick. I sensed her orgasm building and her body was shivering. She then released ger juices very hard onto my dick. She cummed very fast though having an orgasm 10 minutes ago.

As I didn’t cum yet I was still fucking her in that position. Just then I heard someone calling my name.

When I turned around I was shocked to see that it was Saba. I got scared and moved away from the girl I was fucking. When I saw my dick there was a little blood on it. I got tensed and turned to Saba.

Me-“What the heck is this? If you are here then who the hell is this?”

We both then looked at the girl and when she turned around to show her face we were shocked to see who was it.

Saba-” SADIA?”

That’s it, guys, I’ll stop it here. Stay tuned to know who Sadia was and what happened after that. I have been getting good responses for my earlier parts. Please continue your love. And give your feedback at [email protected] on Gmail or hangout.

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