My Wife’s Navel Tattooing Turns Erotic!

My name is Raj, I am 29 years old and my wife’s name is Vaishnavi. She is 25 years old. We are married for the past three years and we are settled in Chennai.

I wanted to share an incident which happened recently. My wife wanted to put a tattoo on her upper part of her navel. We searched for many places and finally, we thought of going to a small tattoo shop so that we get privacy.

My wife was wearing a saree and light makeup. She was wearing saree on that day because she would have felt it would be comfortable to be in saree to put the tattoo on her navel. Since it was her personal choice, I did not enquire much about it.

Vaishnavi was also wearing a semi-transparent blouse through which her bra was visible if we look a little too close. My wife was wearing a black bra on that day.

Once we entered the tattoo shop, we were welcomed by a guy in his early forties. His name was Harish. He told us to sit. He was a well-built and a little dark guy. He had a lot of tattoos on his body.

My wife Vaishnavi was observing his tattoo on his body and Harish caught her staring at his body. Vaishnavi felt a little shy once he caught her watching him.

Harish was asking where to draw the tattoo. Vaishnavi replied saying that she wants it on her navel. Harish then gave us a big book of many designs and asked us to choose one.

We were going through the book and were a little confused about which design to choose. My wife asked for help from the tattooist Harish and he said he will help us to choose. My wife and I were sitting on the 3-seater sofa. I was sitting on the right and Vaishnavi in the middle. Harish sat on the left side.

Now Vaishnavi got sandwiched between both of us. Initially, Harish sat a little far and was showing the design. But the book was big and he was not able to reach the other end of the book.

My wife was keeping the book on her thighs over her tightly wrapped saree. So Harish moved a little close to my wife and he could feel her soft thighs over her saree.

When Harish was showing the design, he was able to feel my wife’s soft thighs. Occasionally, he had to lean forward to see the design and since the book was large, he slowly moved his hand under the book for support. I think he touched Vaishnavi’s thighs for support at that time.

I saw a little change in her face for a few seconds and later, she became normal like nothing happened. Finally, my wife selected a design and told Harish and he also said okay.

Finally, Harish asked my wife whether he can start.

Harish: Madam, can we start the process?
Vaishnavi: Okay, sir. (since he was elder to him).

Harish: Please lie down on the bed. If there is wrinkle is there on the stomach, the tattoo will not come in proper shape.
Vaishnavi: Okay, sir. Raj, can you wait for some time till this gets over?
Raj: Ok, Vaishu. I will wait.

Harish: Lie down comfortably as it will take some time.
Vaishnavi: Please, if it needs more time, I need the tattoo to be beautiful.

Harish: Madam, please move your saree a little from the navel and lower it.
Vaishnavi: I do not know how much to lower for the tattoo. Can you do it yourself?
Harish: Yes, sure madam.

Harish kept his hand on my wife’s navel and felt it. He was able to feel the smoothness which I could make out from his eyes.

Harish then took a small pen and began to draw the outline of the tattoo on Vaishnavi’s navel. His whole palm was resting on this exposed portion of her navel. His lower part of the hand was resting on my wife’s upper thighs over her saree. I saw her closing her eyes and enjoying the touch of Harish!

He was resting his other hand near my wife’s soft breast area. Slowly, he was moving his hand towards her breast in the motion of drawing the tattoo.

Harish slowly touched my wife’s boob over her blouse with his thumb. He was slowly pressing his thumb harder and harder and feeling her soft breast. He was rubbing his finger in up and down motion. I think he must have felt her bra lining while he was doing that.

My wife was enjoying this. Meanwhile, Harish had almost done with drawing the tattoo. But still, he was not stopping from feeling my wife’s boobs.

Then Harish became bold and was almost grabbing Vaishnavi’s breast with his full hand. When he suddenly pressed her breast, she jerked a little bit and closed her eyes more tightly. Harish was having a wonderful time enjoying a young girl like my wife.

My wife’s hand was at the edge of the bed and her saree was covering her hand. Harish was trying to move closer to her to place his hard-on on her soft hand.

He started to slowly rub her hand with his hard penis. I could hear my wife’s mild moaning sound as she was moving her hand inside her saree with her eyes closed. I think she must have felt his hard penis with her soft fingers.

Harish now took the tattoo machine and began to draw the tattoo over her navel. He pulled his chair closer to my wife’s bed. He was very close to her navel. Vaishnavi would have felt his hot breath over her navel. This was going on for more than half an hour and finally, when Harish was done, he gave a hard pinch on her soft breast.

Vaishnavi gave a sharp sound and I asked what happened? She said nothing and just smiled looking at Harish.

Finally, Harish gave his number to my wife and asked her to call him if there is any pain or allergy.

We thanked him, paid the money and left the place. At night I fucked my wife hard by imagining Harish fucking her hard. Suddenly, in the heat of the sex, my wife called Harish’s name unknowingly. I also did not ask anything at that time and kept on fucking her harder and harder. Finally, holding and hugging me tightly, she climaxed.

Then we both slept hugging each other.