Lust Is The New Love

Radhika loves partying and hanging out with friends. That’s the reason she bonded well with Sameer. Although he is not much of an extrovert, he never said no to friends or partying. The guy totally believes in enjoying the moment.

There is no such thing as a perfect couple. But these two can make anyone believe in that, with their chemistry. Its modern-day love. Not in the classic way of forever together, but more of happiness in each-others arms in this second. It’s been two years since the couple has been living-in together.

Imagine two people in a cozy place and so much love, what will be the result? Damn right, lots of sex in all corners of the house. Radhika thought she enjoys sex, but Sameer showed her that she has seen only the tip of the iceberg!

Well talking about tips, he taught her how to kiss one and please one just by the tip of the tongue. It started with romance on the bed and then the exploration moved to different positions. And slowly the toys made their way. The porn helped them for a few weeks.

Not so new for Sameer, but Radhika found it refreshing, especially the girl on girl. He enjoyed doing her while she watches those girls in action with her eyes and pussy wide open. When they crossed the stage of role-plays, monotony set in. Radhika has lost some of her interest in sex.

Sameer found the dirty chats more interesting. He realized that sex is no fun when the girl doesn’t moan loud and respond with every molecule in her body. He missed her loud moaning. He missed her bites on his neck as she explodes like a balloon. He missed her getting drunk and sucking her balls.

Well, both thought that their journey is coming to an end. Maybe they need to find new ways to bring excitement back to life. But one weekend changed all of it. An impromptu house-party brought back the required zing in their lives once again.

The noises during that party, the sweaty bodies, the ash left on the floor. None of it can justify the wildness that night has seen. It can be labeled as those nights which are usually part of the wild fantasies every horny human being has. It signifies the deep dark desires that are choked down in the interest of society.

But that night between those 4 walls, society is just that handful of people. With no one to judge that have unleashed heaven, just using their bodies. It started as a casual Friday evening party when they invited some of the common friends for a quick drink.

Like any regular house-parties, they had crazy fun drinking, singing, and bitching. There is something nice about a group of young people who haven’t seen the worst of life celebrating the evenings thinking that its the core purpose of life. Like they have been put on earth to drink, smoke and laugh.

Sure, why not? In the group, there is one couple and a few other bachelors trying to get lucky. Radhika friend Priya and her hubby Rahul are good fun to hang out with. They have lot of common points like Hollywood films, economy, weed and some occasional sex jokes.

After some crazy drinking the crowd started to thin out and finally it left the hosts with another couple on their couch. Radhika convinced Priya to stay back as its not safe to go at that time. Rahul is in no shape to drive after 5 vodka shots and some heavy dancing.

So they continued the party in those dim lights talking about their old college days. The chemistry between Radhika and Priya was palpable. They are comfortable with each other unlike many girls who are good at pretending they are having fun. These two bond well and clearly enjoy touching each other.

The way they danced together touching and rubbing each-others smooth curvy bodies clearly shows their past. Well, not that boys are complaining. In fact, they enjoyed thinking secretly about a wild chance of having a  threesome one day.

Little do they know that life can throw twists at you. Twists that you can’t even imagine on your wildest weed trip. Radhika gets horny once she is high. Sameer knows this and now the other couple started to know this too. On the other hand, Priya doesn’t need anything to get horny. She’s just a wink away from the action.

The couple started getting cozy as the weed hit them hard. The music changed to something more softer and their thoughts somewhere more darker. They started talking about the past. Priya hinted at how Radhika and she used to be the hot bombshells in college, where every guy tried to get some action.

Sameer looked at Priya and instantly in his mind agreed to everything what she said. She has a great body nothing too extreme just the right amount of curves with the brightest smile that a man love to see everyday in his home. She is not the slutty type but there is some raw sexual energy inside her.

He must have noticed her many times in her pink dress checking her tight ass and the slight hint of cleavage. With more shots the cleavage became more visible. He is sure that she noticed. But luckily he has only encountered a smile.

They say boys are the same for a reason. Rahul on the other hand is doing a similar thing of trying the estimate the sizes of Radhika. She is a total sex goddess for him as she moves gracefully with her long hair. Her tight boobs are a pleasure to watch every-time she moves closer.

He can totally imagine her riding a guy and moaning in pleasure. Unlike Sameer, Rahul has been a little gutsier and went on to touch Radhika during the dance. A light press of hand on waist and shoulders. But he is sure that she must have noticed his hard-on pressing on her sometimes.

But one thing assured him or calmed his nerves was that she had come back for that move again and again. As the guys are lost in their thoughts, the girls decided to up the ante and take the party all night. Priya has taken the role of the party manager and suggested a game that shifted gears.

She asked Radhika to choose either ‘Truth/Dare’ or ‘Strip Poker’. The lady of the house looked at the boys and suggested a combination of both.

An epic hot wild night has just started! Want to know more about it?

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