Kissing Her Body Was A Pleasure

Hi all, this is based on a 100% real story about kissing her body.

We all wish to be crazy, especially when it comes to sex. Even I have a few on my wish list to be completed. One such wish we all have is sex in an open space

This story is all about kissing and making love. There’s kissing, kissing and lots of kissing.

About the heroine of the story, let’s scrap the physical outlook. She’s smart, cute, and always cheerful. She’s a slut. She needed the right person to explore her.

She loves to get fucked and treated like a roadside whore, a merciless hardcore fucking. Needless to say, a bitch is always horny. My sweet princess cum slut was also horny. She contacted me after reading my story.

I’m sure it made her wet. We didn’t waste time. She texted, and I responded. We both were horny and desired to fuck and get fucked. She worked in the same city I was living in. But our burning desires were put on hold due to unavoidable circumstances.

She was in her hometown. Thanks to technology, we have had many nights and days with her pussy wet and my dick hard. We had several sex chats. One day, she said that she would be coming to the city to replace her office laptop. She would return the next day as it was an excuse for her to visit here.

She texted me, “We will have almost 18 hours all alone in my apartment as my husband won’t be coming with me. I have a list of plans.”Lol, I had other plans.

The day finally arrived. She landed, and I picked her from the airport. We went to her room. She was winking and saying, “Can’t wait for you, my Master.”

I helped her remove her jacket, sat on the sofa, rested for a while. “You must be exhausted. Come, let me give you a shower.” I helped her take a shower. I was playing with her body.

She was a little shy. She asked to pass a towel, as she never came out of the shower nude. I said, “Fine. I’ll stay out.” I asked her to turn once. I kissed her sexy ass – our first real kiss.

I pulled the black piece of cloth. I have blindfolded others previously. But to see a girl nude with water droplets on her body with a blindfold was a visual treat. She was enjoying herself. I guided her to bed.

Me: I’m going to kiss you, and today where ever you feel, my saliva is my territory.

She: Sure, baby. I love to see your crazy acts, but this blindfold also is the next level of fun.

I started kissing her right from the toes, sucking the fingers. I kissed her anklets, knee, thighs, abdomen, belly button, below her cleavage, between her tits, top of cleavage, neck, arms, armpit.

I was sucking her armpit. It was clean and fresh after the shower with some water droplets. She was giggling when I was kissing her armpits. I sucked her fingers.

I came to her face was kissing her neck. I gave a small bite on her ears, kissed her forehead, eyes, chin, cheeks, nose. She was looking like an angel. Furthermore, I loved her lips. Many times she couldn’t control herself. She was biting her lips during the process.

We kissed. Initially, it was a normal kiss. She started sucking my lips. We were busy eating each other’s lips. While kissing, I took my fingers to move right from her neck to her belly.

My finger touched her pussy for the first time. She let out a moan. I kissed her again. We were again kissing each other wildly, and I was rubbing her clit slowly.

A person is always sexy by their thoughts, and she was so sexy. She couldn’t hold it any longer. She removed the blindfold and threw the piece of cloth.

Me: Oops!! You are naked, haha. (I started laughing)

She: I will be naked the whole day with you in this house. You have shown me the beautiful world. Which I never thought in dream.

Me: Wait, babe, you are just seeing the beginning. A lot more surprises are waiting.

Saying this, I started rubbing her clit fast. Her body showed signs of having an orgasm. I didn’t want to tease her more. I inserted my other hand finger fucking her pussy. She had her first orgasm with me but closed her eyes.

Me: You removed the blindfold and now closing your eyes, lol.

She couldn’t control her blushing and smile. We both saw each other’s faces and started laughing. I kissed her lips again. We were kissing passionately. She broke the kiss, winked at me, and showed me her tongue.

I didn’t even waste a second. I started sucking her tongue. It was new to me. I don’t even know why I did that. I have just seen it in porn, but it was one of the best first experiences of my life.

I asked her to turn around, sleep on her chest. She did. I started kissing her bareback. In her wet hair, she was a killer. I was kissing every inch of it. Seeing her ass, I was going crazy.

I cupped her ass very tight and gave the hardest squeeze. She let out a cry moan. I kissed her ass and thigh. I made her turn around, went to kiss her. I suddenly backed with a grin on my face. She pinned me down, came upon me, and told.

She: Fine, don’t kiss me. I’ll kiss my baby.

Saying so, she kissed my dick and balls. She was sucking my cock like she was born to serve my dick. Now I know how much pleasure she would have had while me giving her pleasure. After 5 minutes of sucking, I came all over the mouth

She: I have made love with my hubby on the same bed several times. But this is something new, and I loved it a lot. It was a whole new feel. Thanks, honey.

She kissed my cheeks. We cleaned ourselves, took a shower again. I asked her to get dressed. I said we were going to a private farm and would have fun in an open space

The resort was 30 km away. She was driving the car. I was kissing her neck and hands. We reached the farm. It was a weekday, so even the workers were fewer. We were roaming around the farm, eating fresh fruits, kissing her.

There was a big banyan tree, and we sat below there. I was lying on her lap. She bent her neck down. We were kissing again. She was so cute. With kajal in her eyes, she was beautiful.

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