My Hot Sexy Neighbor

Hello, friends, this is badboy45 from Mumbai. I’m reading sex stories for years now and enjoyed it a lot. Now I thought to share my own story which was happened with me two years ago. I’m a 27-year-old guy from Mumbai, 6 ft tall.

This story is about my neighborhood aunt. She was 36 at that time with a hot figure of 32B-28-34. She is from north India so her skin was white like milk and smooth. She has two kids, one boy 13-year-old and a daughter 8-year-old. Her daughter is also so cute like her.

Her husband works on a ship and comes home every 6 months for 2-3 months. She was so desperate for a cock that I got to know later. As her husband was out many boys from our society were eyeing her, even some uncles. I thought she is innocent as she was very friendly with everyone.

One day while talking she took my number in case she requires anything. And from that day our chatting started. First, it was normal friendly chats from here and there and daily work. Then we started asking about personal things. Like she asked me about my girlfriend.

I asked her about her husband if she missed him or not. Also gathering some courage I asked her if she was missing sex, to see her reaction. She didn’t reply for some time. I thought I missed the golden chance. Later she replied that she controls the feelings. I took a breath of relief.

From that day we became more friendly. She used to share many experiences of guys approaching her. Even she told me about my 2 friends from the same building about how they approached her and she denied. She was saying how such young boys can ask something like that.

Listening to all this stuff I decided to play differently otherwise I will also get nothing. So continued chatting innocently with her trying for an opportunity. So one day I asked her about her honeymoon. I asked her to imagine if we are going on a honeymoon where we will go?

She was a little angry with me. She was just playing I got to know later. That I asked her to just imagine so she said ok. Then asked to imagine that we are in shower nude and I’m behind you. She got angry at that time and stop replying. Later she replied that she got scared and shy as she felt very strongly in that situation.

I was laughing but I knew that I got her. Then we slowly started sexting and I make her more excited and horny. I used to send her pics of sex positions or porn to make her hornier. At last, she said ok for sex and I was on cloud nine.

We were searching for the right time as we stay in the same building and my mom was her friend. She then fixed a day. She told me that she will make the kids sleep in the bedroom and then we can have fun. I was so excited as this was my first time with a mature woman and my fantasy was going to come true.

So at 1 am, she asked me to come. By giving some reason to parents I went to her room. She was in a camisole top and shorts. She was looking so hot. By looking at her I got hard on. I just went in and started hugging her. She asked me to cool down as for the whole night she was mine.

I started smooching her hard, sucking her lips. I was whispering in her ears as her kids were inside and don’t want to wake them. But she told me that it’s a surprise for me as there was no one in the house beside us. I was so happy. I just took her and kept on the bedroom bed and started kissing her madly.

She was also kissing her back. She was a good kisser. I was feeling her back. And went slowly down and groped her sexy ass. It was perfect I was enjoying them. She removed my T-shirt and was playing with my chest. I kissed on her whole face. Then started licking her neck while fondling her ripe melons.

Her boobs were a handful but her nipples were superb. They were inch long and so erected. I could spot them over her top and started pinching them. It was her weak point. She started moaning loudly. Knowing this I bit them from her top and later removed her top.

She was looking smoking hot in a violet bra. I still remember that color. I just started to press her boobs hard and took her one nipple in mouth and started sucking them. She was on cloud nine. She was topless now and I was enjoying both her boobs one by one.

Later I slowly came down licking her soft belly. It was so smooth. I licked every inch of it and put my tongue in her belly button. She was so excited. Then I moved further down and removed her shorts. Kiss her pussy from the panty. It was due to her juices and then I went to her milky thighs.

I started licking her both thighs one by one. Rubbing her pussy in middle sometimes. I licked her calves and thighs. I started going up slowly and finally reached near to her pussy. Her panty was so wet as her juices were flowing so badly.

Then I removed her panty with my teeth to make her naked. She was looking amazing. I looked into her eyes and put my lips on her vertical lips. She closed her eyes in ecstasy. I started licking her pussy from top to bottom. She started licking her clit while inserted one finger in her love hole.

She made her body stiff as she was having her orgasm. After so much time she was getting touched properly. She cummed a lot and I drank her juices. Then she climbed on me licking my chest. It was an awesome feeling. She also licked my nipples and I was in heaven.

While doing this she was rubbing my cock from shorts. She went down licking and then removed my shorts and undies in one go. My dick popped out in front of her. She was happy seeing my long dick. She took in her hand. It was such an amazing feeling.

She stroked it up and down. And then put her lips on my dick head. That was another level feeling. I thought my dick will burst out any time but I controlled. Then she took my whole length in her mouth. I was choking her. I fucked her mouth for 5 minutes holding her hair.

Then she got up and sit on my dick. She held him and guided towards her wet pussy. It was tight and difficult to penetrate as she was having dick after a long time. Finally, it got inside and she was jumping on my cock. I held her boobs and started pressing them. I fucked her so hard.

Then she lay down and asked to fuck her in missionary. I came between her legs and spread them wide. I was rubbing my dick on her clit and teasing him. She was asking me not to tease and fuck her hard. I obeyed her as an innocent child and put it inside. And started fucking her hard.

I fucked her very hard reaching her G spot. She came once while fucking. I asked her to come in doggie as it’s my favorite position. She readily got agreed and come on her four. I grabbed her ass and put it in her pussy and started fucking. I was spanking her ass cheeks hard to make them red.

I fucked her like that for 10 minutes. I was going to cum. She is also told m that she is cumming again. I asked her if I can cum in her pussy as she wanted to feel that thing. She said yes as she was operated after her two kids. I was too happy to hear this.

I started fucking her harder and within a minute we both cum together. We both were tired due to this hot session. I felt on her keeping my dick in her pussy. It was an awesome experience for me as well as her. We slept nude like that.

But she wanted more as she hasn’t got dick for a long time. She made my cock hard again and we had another round. Then we slept naked. In the morning too before leaving her house, we had one more round.

I hope you guys like my story. I would love it if you share your comments on this story on my mail [email protected]. Also, any lady in Mumbai wanted to have some fun can ping me. Bye.

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