Fucked My Gym Trainee At Her Residence

Hi readers, my name is MJ. I am from Malaysia and a huge fan of ISS. I have been reading all kinds of stories and decided to share my kinky experience as well.

I am working in an MNC company and I am also a certified Personal trainer. But I always stay professional while I coach and no “hanky-panky”.

However, there was a client by name of Veena and she was amazing with a body stats of 36–29–38. She is a business woman, who was married to her profession. She contacted me via Instagram and was interested in Physical Training as she wanted to have her training at her apartment gym which I agreed to.

It was our 1st meet and she came in her sports attire and it was mind-blowing as I had a boner looking at her body. Since it was just the 1st day I briefed her on her meal plan and gave her some basic routine to workout.

As our training went by, we began to get closer and chat most of the time. She would be sharing her meals and her home workouts. Her sports attire became sexier and more revealing.

As she worked-out, I would help her with the weights and her posture, and each time I touch her, she will give a seducing smile which gives me a hard-on. And to my surprise, she enjoyed it.

She would send me pictures of her tummy. She would wear her tights and reveal her gorgeous leg.

She would never wear her bra and her nipples would be piercing through her t-shirts. And not only that, she would make sure her camel toe is visible and clear. I would masturbate looking at her body and wonder when I was going to feel this body against mine!

As we got closer, I came to know that she indulged in social drinking just like me. We were so excited and decided to meet for a drinking session and guys you know where it leads. She invited me to her place and we started drinking.

She was sharing her past life and how she would party and then started to focus on her career. She smoked too to help her relax at night and to sleep well.

We started to get hungry and I offered to cook. She was shocked and said, “You just made cooking sound kinky” and winked. I just smiled and went towards her fridge. After preparing some light meal, we continued smoking and drinking while relaxing on the bean bag.

As we were slowly getting high, our sex hormones started to kick-in more. Inch by inch, we moved closer till our lips got locked together. We were exchanging slivers while sucking and playing with our tongues. We were sword fighting with our tongues.

While kissing, we were exploring each other’s body. Her boobs were so soft and tender and I could feel her hard nipples from her Tee t-shirt. She was busy rubbing my dick over my pants and one hand was playing with my hair.

I slowly move to the second base by removing her t-shirt. Wow, her beautiful boobies were visible. As she slowly leaned back, I moved towards her breast and started to lick her breast and areola.

A slight bite on her nipples and I heard a soft “Aaahhhhhh, Go on MJ, bite it, lick it suck it.” Hearing this, I increased my pace. While sucking her nipples, I was playing with pussy over her shorts which was soaking with her juice.

I quickly kissed her before I moved down to her love canal. She lifted her leg and in one motion, I removed her shorts and there it was – her love canal oozing with her juices. It was covered with a slightly trimmed pubic.

The moment I placed my tongue on her clit, she moaned, “Aahhhhhhaaaa.. yesssss.. do what you need to do, suck and lick all my juice, make me horny. I want to be kinky today, lick it.” I started to lick her clit and gently massaged her pussy lips just right before her glory hole.

As I was licking from her anal wall to her clit, up and down numerous times, she was singing, “Aaaaaahhhhh… yessss.. that’s it..deeper, suck it..ahhh.. you are making me go crazy, it’s been a while since I felt such joy.”

I stopped licking and said, “Well darling, this is just the beginning,” as I said that, I slowly inserted my finger into her glory hole and continued to suck her clit.

She was moving like a snake. She grabbed my head and was pushing it deeper and deeper. “That’s it MJ.. Aaaaaaahhhhhh.. yesssssss oh my, I am gonna come,” she shouted and she blasted her juice all over my face.

She pulled me and licked my face clean and we were kissing each other like mad dogs. She pushed me away and pulled my shorts and boxers down. I threw my t-shirt away and she jumped on me and kissed me.

She moved from ear to ear, to my neck and slowly to my chest as she gave me a big bite on my nipple, “Ouch.” She giggled and continued to lick until she reached my dick.

She licked my precum and started to suck my balls while slowly playing with my nipples. She slowly moved to my dick, and in one go she took the whole dick in.

She was giving me a slurpy blowjob, saliva dripping all over my dick to the balls, and to my anal. She was amazing and I was about to explode, “I am gonna cum babe.”

She was all ready to take the load in and I blew my whole load into her mouth. She took it in without wasting any. She then slowly moved towards my ass and was sucking on it, while she was playing with my dick.

Damn! I was in paradise! She continued to lick my ass till my dick was hard as a pole. She gave me a quick blow before placing her pussy on my dick.

She decided to ride the rodeo first. As she was riding my dick, I was playing with her clit. “Oooooo.. aaaaa.. yes that’s it, bang me harder, harder baby..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

As I was tossing her up and down, she had her orgasm and collapsed by my side. I turned her over, gave a quick lick, and tasted her juice. I took my dick and was rubbing over her clit.

(Guys, trust me when you keep rubbing the tip of your dick against the clit, the pleasure you and she will get is speechless.)

She was screaming with joy and begged me to fuck her, but I kept rubbing enticingly.

When she was about to come, I inserted my dick into her and rammed it. She let out a big moan, “Ahhhhhhh” and I gave her two to three big strokes and she cummed like crazy.

She screamed, “What the fuck was that? God damn it.” and rolled over as her whole body was vibrating due to the heavy cum flow. I slept on her back and was kissing and licking all over her back right to her ass, “Oooo.. aaaahhhh..mmmmm.”

I slowly lifted her ass and spread her ass cheeks. I was licking her pussy from behind and her anus at the same time. She was like,”Yesss babe, lick it, I love what you are doing, lick my ass play with it baby…suck it and lick it…aaaaaaa uuuuuuu yeahhhhh.”

Then I slowly place my dick into her pussy and fucked her doggie. The whole room was filled with her moaning. She said, “Harder baby..bang it.” I flipped her over and went to missionary. I was sucking her nipples and told her I am about to come.

She said, “Cum in me baby, fill your delicious cum in me.” I cummed in her pussy, and slept on her for a moment before I moved down. She slowly went down to my limp dick and was licking all the sides, my balls, and the tip, cleaning all the remaining cum.

She came to my ears and said, “That was amazing.” We kissed and I wanted to pee as she also wanted to pee. We both looked at each other. We both when to the toilet, I was pissing on the commode and she was just sat down and peed on the floor.

The piss oozing sound from both of us and it was making the whole bathroom sound kinky while we were silent. Not a single word, just exchanging smiles, as we both know in our head that we like what we see.

We moved to the shower and due to the erotic situation, we got horny again and fucked in the shower. After a good shower-fuck, we got ourselves dry. We had a smoke and ate as we have lost a tremendous amount of energy and then we slept off.

The next day we went to the next level. I will write soon upon this. I hope you all liked it, and I promise the next episode will make your mind explode.

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