Erotic Fantasy Of A Married Lady Fulfilled

Hello readers. So this is a real story between a housewife I met online on an app and me. I fulfilled her erotic fantasy. Please don’t mind my writing skills, as this is my first story on this site. I have been a follower of this site for ages. To be frank, this site has given me inspiration and courage to pursue what we really want.

Anyways not to bore you all. Let me introduce you to myself. I am 31, Abhinav. North Indian married guy from Hyderabad. This story is about Nidhi, whom I met on an app. She is 36 and married too – a hot, dusky woman with an ass to die for.

It started with me pinging her on aff chat rooms. The first day we hit it off on right notes and exchanged hangouts id after which we were regular on chats. Not to bore you guys with the long chats. It so happened that after our first 2-3 days of chatting, she got comfortable.

We both were married and needed privacy and secrecy. Also, what was common was that both of us were bored with the 2-minute dark room sex with our respective spouses.

So we decided to meet at an upscale hotel for coffee and then decide how to take it forward. The moment I saw her, I was in awe. There stood a hot lady in a kurti and jeans, 36-28-36. We chatted for some time.

After we got comfortable, she opened up, saying that she loves her husband a lot. But also wishes to explore and wants it to be 100% secret. I was up for the same. So we decided to move to a room.

As soon as we entered the room, I pinned her to the wall and smooched her. It was a long and wet tongue fight. We literally ate away each other’s lips while she removed my shirt. Slowly I raised her hands above her head while keeping her pinned to the wall.

Then slowly rubbed my cheeks across her long neckline, which turned to sensual pecks, tongue flickers, and sweet, painful bites. My hands were running across the full length of her hair till her waistline, giving special attention to her armpits.  Slowly I turned her around and started kissing the back of her neck.

My hands finally found their way to her boobs. She pressed my hands against her boobs while resting her head backward on my shoulder to give me more clear access to her sweet neck. By now, her kurti was off her shoulders, and I loved biting her shoulder line. My hands were inside her bra.

I then slowly bent down her licked her full length of spine with the tip of my tongue. I reached her neck gave her a long smooch on the back of her neck. She suddenly turned towards me and pushed me away. We were staring into each other’s eyes as if we would eat up one another raw.

She proceeded towards the bed, giving me a slutty inviting look. My god, she walked half-naked towards the bed with her curves swaying. She removed her bra while walking towards the bed and gave me a sexy look. She lay down on the bed.

I ran towards the bed to grab her, but she pushed me away with her legs. That’s when I understood how she wanted to play. I slowly started kissing her. Starting from her foot, thighs, inner thighs till I reached the hem of her jeans. I grabbed her jeans from both my hands and removed them.

The naked beauty looked insanely hot in the dim-lit room with just her hot little black panty on. She wrapped her legs together to tease me and not let me enjoy her beauty. I again started with kissing her toes, only this time more slowly and teasing her.

I was giving soft kisses all across her smooth thighs. Slowly I reached her inner thighs. I could smell her wetness, giving soft pecks n tongue flicks on her inner thighs. I slowly puller her panty aside with my teeth and gave flickers on over the tip of her pussy.

The tip of my tongue feeling her labia and playing with her clit, while my hot breath was blowing all over her wet pussy. My one hand was busy mauling her huge boobs while other was busy exploring her tight ass hole. Then I moved to lick the sides of her vagina while staring right into her eyes.

Then slowly, I held her pussy lips between my lips and pulled them outwards. The look of sweet pain in her eyes was driving me nuts. The look of her begging me to dive in was worth a billion-dollar. I decided not to tease her further and dived right into her pussy.

Slurping, lapping up on her juices, I gave a hard French kiss on her vaginal lips. With my tongue moving in and out of her vagina, she was withering under me and wrapped her legs around my head. I was busy fucking her with my tongue. She was moaning and calling out names and abused me.

She moved one hand of her over my head and pushed me to suffocate me while with the other hand, she pressed my hands already playing with her boobs. She was peaking towards, and orgasm and moaning. That’s when she let out all her juices right into my mouth.

I loved them and licked every drop of it. She held my head with both hands and brought me to her lips and kissed me deeply. We broke the kiss, the satisfactory look in her eyes was rewarding. By now, we were all sweaty and by no means looking to stop.

It was now her turn to return the favor. She slowly started caressing my hardon over my jeans and then slowly reached inside my underwear. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and removed them with the underwear in one go. She started by kissing my nipples and moving down until she reached my dick.

She held it in her hand and squeezed it and slowly started licking it from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. I was out of the world, I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her head to take me completely in her mouth. She surely returned the favor.

But now I was going restless and wanted to explore her wet pussy. She understood that and got up. She slowly sat down on my penis, making it well inside her vagina. It surely was tight as not used to such big dick, but more than that, it was wet, which I loved.

She bent down and started kissing me while I started fucking her pussy hard from below. She tried to match the rhythm and was smooching me like no tomorrow, in between feeding me her huge boobs. It was more than 10 minutes, and she was tired.

So I rolled her on the bed and placed my penis on her pussy entrance. I started rubbing it on her pussy lips and teased her. She got irritated and took my dick and pushed it in. It is satisfactory to fuck, but the fun doubles up when your woman is more hungry.

I rammed her pussy for another 10 minutes before I was done. By then, she was on her 3rd orgasm and tired to the core. We rested beside each other while running our hands across each other bodies.

By now, 2 hours had gone since we got into the room, and she was running out of time. We decided to meet often and fulfill each other’s fantasies. She is like every man’s horny dream. Since then, we have met many times and explored a lot, roleplays, light bondage, sensual no sex days, etc.

We have kept it our own secret and respect each other’s private lives. But when we meet, it’s like we are away from all tensions, no judgments, no inhibitions, and can just be ourselves. She was supposed to get her friend for a 3some, but my bad luck the lockdown came in. Anyways we are scheduled to meet soon.

Please give in your reviews to keep me inspired to write other experiences too. You can also write to me on [email protected] Open to meeting other ladies too, but secrecy expected and guaranteed.

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