Double The Fun!

It’s a real story that happened in my life. I am Harsha. I finished my degree and was in search of a job. The only option is to go to Bangalore and try my luck. I needed some lodging facilities until I get a job. When I was worried about it and trying my luck in Bangalore, my bhabhi came to my rescue.

She said that her uncle has constructed an apartment in a remote place, and it is vacant. For the time being, I can stay there. My big problem was solved. But the apartment was located far away from the city. Out of 6 houses, only two were occupied. One on the ground floor and another on the third floor.

I requested for the third floor, and with minimum luggage, I occupied it. With great difficulty, I got a job in a hotel as an assistant manager with a meager monthly salary of Rs.12000/- per month. It was a temporary arrangement, and I wanted to take competitive exams to pursue my career.

Opposite of my flat, one Muslim family was staying. Two ladies and a husband. The husband used to come only once in a week. I was minding my business and never bothered about them. Once while climbing steps, I happened to meet the Muslim guy.

He introduced himself as Aziz Khan, and he was doing cardamom business and will be on tour for six days, and only he comes home on Sunday. Forcibly he took me to house and introduced me to two burkha clad ladies, one his wife and another his sali.

He was introducing me to his wife and uttered in Urdu, saying, “Acha ladka hai, aur owner ka rishtedar hai.” (Very good boy and a relative of building owner). His wife just nodded with burkha. I can hardly see her expression. A big packet of dry fruit was handed to me.

While I was about to go out, he handed me Rs. 7000/- and requested me to bring vegetables and milk at least once in 2 days and hand over to his family. He also said Rs. 2000/- may be used for his conveyance and shopping expenses, etc. I was very happy with this arrangement.

Once in two days, I use to bring fresh vegetables and milk as per their request. Once in a month, I used to submit accounts to Aziz Khan. But he never bothered about accounts, and every month he used to give Rs. 7000/- to me. With these arrangements, I had not seen the ladies without burkha.

They use to open the door with burkha and use it to hand over the list. Transactions with me were just handing over the list and say thanks to me. Even after 2 months, I have not seen any one’s face. I never bothered also.

On one night at around 11.00, there was an urgent knock on my door.  When I opened the door, I could see a beautiful young lady without burkha, maybe the younger Muslim lady. She was very tensed and said her sister is not well and suffering from fever, despite the tablet, her fever has not come down.

Along with her, I went to their house. I could see another beautiful stocky lady sleeping in a bed and shivering with a high fever. Immediately I called the hotel doctor known to me and explained to him. He said it may be malaria, immediately she has to be administered with injection and drips.

He advised me to bring her to his shop.  I explained to the young lady, and I tried to book a cab or auto. Since it was a remote place, I could not get any of them. I explained to the young girl, not to worry. I will take her sister on my Activa. But the problem is she was semi-conscious.

That young girl and I supported the lady to climb down the steps. Since she was wearing chudidhar, we helped her to sit on the back seat with two legs on both sides of the scooter. For safety, both hands were tied to the seat with her veil. I slowly started riding the scooter.

Now she was almost conscious and holding tightly to seat handle.  During our ride, her big boobs were touching my back. I was enjoying a little bit. When we reached the doctor’s shop slowly, I parked my vehicle with a side stand. I helped her from getting down from the scooter.

I held her waist and hands and sometimes purposefully touching her luxurious boobs.  I introduced the lady to the doctor as my aunty. Since she was not wearing burkha, he did not get any suspicion. We both helped her inside their shop and placed her in the out-patient bed.

He handed one slip and asked me to bring a few medical things like drips and injections for malaria.  I purchased it from a nearby 24/7 medical shop. She was injected with drips and medicine. After both the dosages, the temperature started to come down, and she became fully conscious now.

But the doctor advised us to stay in the shop till morning. They put a wet cloth on her head without a break and advised medicine for 3 days. He handed the shop key to me. He advised me to hand over the key in the morning to the neighbor shop and left the scene.

I called her sister and told her not to worry, and her sister will be in the shop till morning. I will bring her back in the morning. The young lady was happy and agreed. Then I started putting a wet cloth on the forehead. The beautiful lady was fully awake, and she was looking like an angel in the light.

I advised her to go to sleep while putting a wet cloth on her forehead. I started staring at her huge boobs, not covered by a dupatta. All along, she was watching my action and never felt shy or tried to stop my action. At one point in time, she held my hand tightly. Maybe she wanted to thank me.

With wetness on her face, she was glowing like an angel in the light. The water drops occasionally drip down to her boobs also, and due to wetness, the boobs were exposed. She was also enjoying my touch and never bothered to cover herself. Now I was finding it difficult to calm my dick.

With a rush of blood, I started kissing her furiously.  She never expected my act but did not oppose it. My action was bolder, and I started squeezing her boobs softly. I could see her enjoyment on her face. Slowly I started massaging her stomach and her mound. Slowly she started hissing with soft moans.

I took the liberty and loosened her pant, and slid her dusky panty down. Her vital part was covered with a lot of hair, but oozing was visible. I put my hand key on her mouth and started licking her mound. It was totally unexpected for her, probably so far nobody has done it for her.

After eating her pussy for ten minutes, she experienced her first orgasm. Water was oozing out of her pussy after giving some gap. I lowered my boxer and took my six-inch dick and inserted it in her pussy. Slowly I started drilling her tight hole. I can see her reaction and pretty well know she was enjoying it.

I increased the speed and continued for 15 minutes. I had only seen the porn, and the first time I was enjoying a woman. In 15 minutes, she came twice and physically got exhausted. I did not announce and ejaculated the entire load into her pussy. She was not expecting my act but did not show any feelings.

Now her temperature was totally subsided, and she enjoyed my act completely. Next, I helped her to the bathroom. The bathroom was excellent with modern fittings. I switched on the geyser, and the hot water was ready within 5 minutes. Both of us were totally nude and started enjoying a hot shower together.

Once again, we were excited and completed one more round rituals with great excitement. She was totally nude and was looking like a sex goddess. My God, what a body. She was created by God with exceptional fineness. All these days, I was only masturbating.

For the first time in my life, I enjoyed a beautiful woman.  My entire body was sailing in heaven. Later she thanked me and expressed that the first time in her life got satisfaction. She said that her husband’s dick was not thick and hardly can stand beyond five minutes.

The first time in her life, she enjoyed sex to her satisfaction. My association with these ladies increased after coming from the hotel. I use to stay with them to talk and watch tv along with them. Two to three times a week, she used to come to my apartment at midnight.

Our enjoyment continued without her sister’s knowledge. I introduced her to a porn film. She used to watch eagerly and tried to use it practically. She used to enjoy on top and jump on my dick 10 to 15 minutes.  Probably she used to insert the dick from different angles and use to stimulate all places of her cunt walls.

Once she said, you are a real man, and she doesn’t want to lose my relationship and advised me to marry her sister. Confidently she said that she will convince her husband. Her parents are from a very poor background. They would never bother except for money.

She also said her husband earns a lot of money and kept everything in their home. She pretty well knows her husband’s shady deals. Her husband every week brings a lot of money and gold and never keeps track of money. She also started giving me a lot of money.

Sometimes she used to give dollars and dirhams. The poor lady never knew the real value of the foreign currency. My mind had already started thinking about the beautiful young cute girl and enjoying her. I will explain my relationship with the young lady in the next episode.

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