Love Of My Life – Part 2

Please read ‘Love Of My Life – Part 1’ to know how I came into this situation.

One day we went to Lal Bagh and roamed here and there inside the park. We spoke a lot. By then we used to hug tightly whenever we meet. And that day wasn’t an exception. To be frank that feeling to get into arms of the person you love you can’t express in words.

While coming back it started raining heavily (at around  8.30 pm). As we were walking to spend more time with each other we had to take shelter. So we went to a nearby park which was close to her house. I saw her trembling. I put my hand around her waist and hugged her from the side.

I saw her beautiful face. I saw her beautiful lips and automatically my face moved closer to her. I kissed her on her lips. She wasn’t expecting that so she was somewhat scared and furious. So she moved away and said she will leave. I said sorry and told her I couldn’t control my feeling towards her as I love her.

She said ok. But I was a bit depressed about doing something like that and was very silent. So she said it’s fine and we started walking to her home. But it was such nice weather and again the rain started. So we took shelter under a tree and again I kissed her. This time she did not tell anything.

Neither she responded or opposed. I hugged her and kissed again. I came to my senses that we are in the middle of a road and in front of someone’s house. I said sorry and moved away. We both were very silent. I left her to her place and I started back to my place.

I didn’t know whether to be happy for kissing her or sad to break her trust. While I was on the bus back to my place she texted and said it’s fine and it happens. That night we chatted about the kiss and why I did that. I can say this was the turning point in our relationship. The romance started between us over time.

After a few more days, she said she loves me too but she’s not very sure. I was very happy listening to that. I invited her to my place one day when my aunt and uncle (I was staying at my relative’s place) were out of the station. I hugged her so tight and kissed her very much.

We both were very new and we did not know how to smooch. As we were beginners instead of our tongue our teeth met! Somehow we kissed and tried to kiss if I can say. We kissed for a long time. I made her lie on the bed and came on top of her kissing her like there is no tomorrow.

I started moving on her as if I am making love to her. We were wearing all our clothes. I was so high that I pulled her t-shirt such that I can see her bra. I lifted her bra cup within a fraction of second and started sucking her boobs. I don’t know whether it’s big or small. But I was ok with that because I loved her.

She resisted a bit but finally gave up. I could say the resistance was very less. She had to go early so we departed early. But before departing we hugged each other again tightly. We spoke so much that night as well. I said sorry for sucking her boobs without her permission. But she took it sportingly.

Nims: It’s normal for lovers but you should control it. It’s not good to get physical.
Me: I can’t control ok, I tried but when you are with me I lose control. You are very desirable. Very cute and lovely.

N: No sweetie, try to control, I will control you from next time, don’t worry.
Me: Did you like our first time? How was it?
N: I did. It was awesome. Felt nice.
Me: How were our smooch and hugs? How did you feel?

N: I felt very high. It was so good.
Me: What did you feel when I sucked your breasts?
N: Don’t ask all this, na.
Me: Please tell na.

N: It was weird. I got scared at first. But then I knew you would never harm me in any way. I felt so nice. Chi, how can you suck like that?
Me: I like it ok. I didn’t know I would do that in our first private meeting.
N: How did you feel when you sucked my boobs?

Me: I felt wow! It was so good.
N: yuck, it was full of sweat.
Me: Oh, I liked your salty boobs.
N: Yuck, chi.

Me: I wanna do it again next time.
N: Ayyo, why re.
Me: I like it.
N: Hmmm.

Me: So is it ok?
N: Don’t ask anything, let’s see it later.

After that day, we met many more times where we advanced in romance step by step. We did get naked but not in one shot. Though we were comfortable to have sex calls and texts. We would fuck each other so intensely. In reality, I was minding her reservations. I didn’t want to lose her for my physical needs.

That day when we got naked she gave me a blowjob which was just amazing. I don’t know if it was good or bad but I just liked it. I wanted to return the favor by licking her vagina. But she denied saying she isn’t clean. She did not even let me see her vagina properly she was so shy.

As our romance grew I wanted to check with her on her decision if she wants to make our relationship official. At least decide if we are boyfriend-girlfriend and are ready to marry. She said she isn’t sure of anything and asked for more time when I took that topic again.

As I wasn’t getting the right response I was kinda frustrated. So I asked her to meet me and discuss what’s in her mind. I wanted to see where our future leads. I asked her to come prepared with her answer. I do not want to think and worry about the same thing.

I wanted her to tell if she’s thinking of spending the rest of her life with me or not. As she was studying, I wanted to be very sure whether she’s up to marriage someday. I did say I would wait for her till she’s ready for marriage. She said OK.

On D-day, we met in my place and instead of discussing we started romancing. Once she entered my house, she hugged and I melted. We started kissing, rather than saying kiss. We started smooching so much and forgot why we were meeting that day.

We started sucking tongues and it was like a tongue fight. I took her to bed and removed all her dress and she was there, naked on my bed. I got undressed with her help and we were cuddling, mauling each other. I started kissing her face, nose, forehead, everything.

Her weak point was her ears and neck and I loved sucking those. She started moaning loudly whenever I sucked her there. Her moans were making me mad and I used to suck more. I had choco syrup which I poured on her everywhere and started licking it. This was an actual surprise for her and she loved it.

My tongue moved from her face and came down to neck, throat, upper chest, boobs, nipples, waist, naval everywhere. I licked every inch of her upper body and her thighs and legs. I was very close to her vagina and inner thighs. But she was very shy to allow me there.

Her moaning sounds drove me crazy. She turned red because of my licking. I did give her love bites on her chest and neck which she had a hard time hiding from her mom later. She gave me love bites on my chest and asked me to give her on her breasts. She was teasing me so much.

If you have watched the ‘Murder’ movie where Emraan Hashmi seduces Mallika you can imagine the same response from my girl when I was licking her. She was like a lioness who pounced on me pinched my nipples and started sucking it. It was a strange feeling when she did.

She moved down and kissed my thing. She started playing with my thing. She held it and said how can this monster baby fits inside me. She kissed the tip and the next moment she was sucking my thing. For 5-10 minutes she sucked it and then she complained to me of its size.

She said it gave her mouth ache. So I asked her to come up as I was fine with her attempt. We started sucking each other’s lips and mouth again. We were hugging each other so tightly. This time I moved down as I wanted to return the favor. She never let me lick her or even let me see her vagina.

So I started trying to lick her inner thighs. She knew what I was up to so she was resisting but finally pushed her panty aside and put my mouth on her vagina. It was my first time too. I somewhat tried to suck. But she was so uncomfortable. She hasn’t removed her hair so I wasn’t happy about it.

I sucked her only for a couple of minutes. She was so uncomfortable and yelling that she’s not clean. So I had to stop. She took my thing and started rubbing on her vagina and said she wants it in. She was consumed by lust. Did I enter her? No. She wasn’t ready and I could feel it.

Though she wanted to lose her virginity to me something was stopping her. In her heart she wanted it but her mind had a different thing. So I just rubbed my thing on her vaginal lips and turned her around and put my thing inside her ass. It did go inside a bit and I did move for some time.

She asked me to stop as I was getting uncontrollable in a lovely way and pulled me on her. We used to cuddle each other so much. After romancing a couple of hours more we left my place. And every time she visited my place I used to drop her on the bus every time all the way till her home.

Though I had to travel back and the whole journey of going there and coming back. It would take more than 3 hours and close to 4 hours sometimes. (Bangalore traffic oops). I did enjoy my journey with her one way but the return journey was always hardest.

The romance between us grew whenever we got a chance over the year. I was kinda innovative in romancing most of the time. Frankly, I wanted to get inside her but I wanted it to be her decision so I never forced her. One day I got a chance to be alone at home and I asked her to come over.

As soon she was at my place we started our romance and it was just wow. After kisses, smooches I turned my attention to her breasts. Believe me guys I still can feel the taste of her breasts in my mouth. I can hear her screams, moans. Meanwhile, she got a message on her phone.

So she got up to check her phone which was in her bag. I was so aroused seeing her only in her panties. I too woke up from the bed and pinned her to the wall. I loved sucking her breasts and no idea when I went down till her thighs. In heat of the moment, I started kissing more and I lost control.

I pulled her panties down and kissed her thighs and again went up and started kissing her lips. We were lost in romance. As both were completely nude my thing was touching her vagina. I was so out of control and wild that I did not realize I was moving my thing.

It so happened when I moved it kinda entered her vagina a bit. She was in shock and sat down. She was sitting down my thing did go further inside. She sat down and started crying.

Nims: Why did you put your thing? (crying)
Me: (was worried) Hey!
N: Do you know it almost went inside?
Me: Cutie, I didn’t realize it re. I didn’t mean to.

Nims: What happens to you sometime?
Me: Don’t know. I am sorry.
She didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

N: Cookie, even I was carried away. It wasn’t your fault. I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I do wanna do it but I don’t know when I will be ready. I wanna do it, Chiru. I know how much you love me. You should be the one who should take my virginity. I just feel we should live together somewhere out.

Me: Cutie, don’t worry about it. Maybe someday we will do it. I love you and if it happens, let it happen when you want it. I am happy for whatever I am getting now. Don’t worry much. Our relationship isn’t strong for sexual reasons, sweetie.

N: I know. I love you so much.

I was cold and was feeling guilty of breaking her trust. I did not say anything for some time. I don’t know what she felt. She felt sad and hugged me. She pulled me to bed and started kissing me wildly. She said it was OK and she didn’t mind it. She held my thing and started rubbing on her vagina.

She said don’t push inside much and break virginity but put little inside. My love for her was genuine and whatever she did felt nice. I put my thing little inside and just moved. A little hard push would have made me go inside her. But her trust did not let me do it though I was desperate.

I did want to do it but I didn’t. I was horny. I asked her to turn around and put my thing inside her bum(Not inside the bum hole). I did load my cum all over her bum and bum hole. Our romance used to start where it ended a few minutes back. I was in love with her. Her everything. I loved holding her thin waist.

So after a couple more hours finally, we left home. Before leaving we hugged tightly for 10-15 minutes as usual. We were together for 4 years then she decided to separate from me when I demanded her to marry me. I respected her decision and still I am suffering.

I loved her lot and even after so long after the breakup. I couldn’t forget her. She wanted me as her friend which was impossible from my end after all this romance, love, lust. I tried a lot to get her back but everything went in vain.
It’s been very long and I did wait for her to come back.

I still respect her. I have moved on now as I have realized girls are not trustworthy. When it comes to stubbornness they are superior to guys. I don’t think we did sexual acts. It was lovemaking as we never had actual sex even after being in a relationship for 4 years.

Guys, it’s really painful not to know the exact reason for the rejection. I am a ‘Love Guru’ to my friends, colleagues, juniors, and seniors. I helped them in their love failures, proposals and difficulties in life. But when it came down to mine, I struggled a lot.

If you ask me every love story is unique but can be related. I did make a few good friends(mostly girls) and did romance a bit with a girl. But never had sex with anyone. Few of them married and still, we continue as good friends. One thing I am proud of myself is, I am honest, genuine in my way.

I am able to understand people and I do not judge them based on their love or sexual life. I am romantic, damn romantic but not every romantic guy gets what he wants. I am proud of myself to share my story with my better half. Thank you for reading my story.

I might not have satisfied you but I shared my real story. If any new development happens I would detail it in a better way with full masala next time. Mail me at [email protected] for your feedback. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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