The Army Officer’s Wife

Hello friends! I’m Shaan. A warm welcome from my beast to all the lusty pussies of XIS.

Myself: Shaan

Age: 22 years

Colour: fair

Body type: gym guy, athlete.

Beast size: 6″7′

Height: 6 feet

State: J&K

Interested: In 19+ females

Profession: Engineering student

So let’s begin the story. I live in my own house in a colony where I have many neighbors and most of them are army families. The men are on their duties for a long time and hardly come for 2 months in a year. This thing happened just 1 year ago.

Next to my house, there is a house of an army family comprising a man, wife and 1 child who is 4 years old. The lady used to live alone while her husband is on his duty. Sorry I didn’t define the lady’s body type. She has fleshy juicy content where ever necessary.

She is so hot and sexy that any man will be attracted by her curves and flesh. She is fair and has tight skin. She has a good set of assets, huge boobs of bra size 36 b. Her navel is very hot and sexy and is slim trim. Her ass is slightly upwards which seems demanding to be fucked down. Her age would be near about 24 years. Just two years older than me.

Coming back to the story. One day while her husband has gone to duty back, she was sweeping the roadside in front of her house. She was half bent and her huge boobs were hanging down out of her blouse as her pallu was down. I was passing by and my sight went on her hanging boobs.

She was wearing a blood-red saree and blouse. My eyes went cold and I paused myself for a while and my mouth was half-opened after seeing her huge round boobs. After that very naughty sex thoughts begin to come in my mind. Before seeing her boobs like this I was not much familiar to this lady as she comes out very less.

But after that, I began to make interactions with that lady. One evening, she was out taking vegetables. I was there too for buying vegetables and saw her. It was a first-time chance to closely talk to her. I went to her and wished her good evening aunty.

She turned around, saw me and said “Good evening! I think you are my next-door neighbor, right?” Then I replied, “Yes aunty you are right.” I told her to give me the vegetable bags, I will carry them to her house. Initially, she was denying but on much forcing by me she agreed.

I carried her vegetable bags and walked along with her to our houses. In meanwhile, I talked to her about herself, her husband, child. Also, I asked her name and told mine. Her name was Sanjana. She was happy with my body language and attitude of talking and asked me too about myself.

Then we reached the locality and her house came. She asked me to come in but I told her some next time. She insisted on me to come in for a while and have a cup of tea with her as she lives alone with her child. Then hesitatingly I went in and sat on the sofa.

She told me to be comfortable and she went into her room to change clothes. When she came out in her nighty, my god she was looking damn hot and sexy. It was a chocolate brown colored nighty in which her nipples were almost visible. She came to me and offered me juice.

Then she went to the kitchen to make tea. I drank up the juice and went to her kitchen to drop the juice glass there. She smiled, told me, “No problem, dear. You should leave it outside.” I replied, “It’s ok.” Then I was in her kitchen and she was making tea.

She asked, “What’s your age?” I told 21 years. Then she asked me about my hobbies, interests, favorite dishes. First, I was thinking about her to be normal and replied to her about my hobbies, interests, and favorite dishes. I drank a cup of tea along with her while looking at her hard nipples visible in her nighty.

She saw me while sneaking her nipples but didn’t react. It was around 8 pm and then I told her that I should leave now. Then she said ok and asked me, “Can you give me your phone number as I can call you if I need something from outside?”

I told her obviously, “Why not? You can call me anytime. Whenever you are in need of something and I will be there.” On leaving her house she hugged me and then bid me goodbye. While she was hugging her boobs got pressed along my chest. It feels so good that I also pulled her hard to me.

At night,  around 1:00 AM I got a text message. “Hi, Shaan.” I replied, “Who’s this?” She replied, “It’s me, Sanjana!” Then I got up and texted her back, “Oh my goodness, Sanjana aunty. I was just thinking about you.” She replied, “Firstly call me Sanjana. Do I look like aunty? And what were you thinking?”

I replied, “Ok Sanjana. Just thinking about our first meet.” She sent laughing emoji and asked, “Why didn’t you sleep yet?”  I replied, “It’s my habit. I sleep late.” Then our conversation goes on like this till 5 in the morning. Also, the conversation turned naughty.

She talked about my girlfriends, sex fantasies and much more. I told her everything and now she was also very much opened and frank to me. She asked me if I had had sex. I first thought about what to reply to. Then I replied “No.” She laughed and said, “It means you are yet a sealed package.”

I too went naughty and sexy and told her that she looks very hot and sexy. I am attracted to her. She sent blushed emoji and said, “Really?” I replied, “Yes.” Then she asked what more I think about her? Then I replied to her that I wanted to fuck her a lot in every mood and in every style.

She sent me a shocking surprising emoji and said, “Bye. I am going to sleep. Come to my house tonight.” I told her, “Why at night?” She said, “You should come if you need pleasures.” I reached her point of thinking and said, “Ok. Meet you tonight then.”

I was thinking that I would fuck her tonight and my dream of fucking her would be completed. I know that she was unsatisfied. She wants to have sex as she was not fucked up for a long time. She had a lot of lust for having sex inside her. Then I masturbated assuming her and slept.

I reached her house at sharp 10 pm in the night and knocked on her door. She opened the door and was looking damn hot and sexy. She was looking like a sex goddess. She was wearing a red short nighty in which her thighs were visible. I was just admiring her beauty.

She held my shirt and pulled me in and shut the door. Also, the windows were closed and curtains on. It was a summer season. She took me to her room without saying anything and locked her room and turned on the ac. I asked her what is she doing? She told me just shut up and enjoy the moment with her.

I pulled her down to me and kissed her on her lips for about 10 minutes. Then I grabbed her huge boobs from outside and started squeezing them. She was moaning. Then I removed her nighty and made her fully nude in front of me. She was not wearing any bra or panty. I was more ignited by this.

I got a huge bulge in my shorts and she saw that. She started rubbing her hands over my bulge and teased me. Then I said, “Didn’t your husband fuck you?” She said that he fucks her but she has to wait for 8 months every year. She suffers a lot in this gap.

I pulled her and again kissed her and then I went down to her huge big boobs. I swallowed her one tit in mouth and was sucking it hard. She was moaning in lust. I grabbed her second boob and was squeezing it hard. I then sucked her second tit and squeezed her first tit.

Her nipples got erect and became much harder. I licked her nipples and bit her a lot. Then I moved to her neck and kissed her whole neck. I gave a lovebite there. It was clearly visible. I moved down to her navel and kissed her navel and moved more down to her pussy.

I kissed her pussy and licked her pussy. I inserted 2 fingers inside fingering her that made her reach to orgasm level. She flooded on my face while moaning and became wet and calm. The whole room was full of her sexy moans. She gave a naughty smile and kissed my lips. Now it was my turn.

She came over to me and removed my t-shirt and shorts. I still had a hard-on in my boxers. She smiled happily and removed my boxers too. She freed up my 6″7′ rock hard beast cock. Seeing that she was surprised and smiled a lot and said, “Your cock is much bigger than my husband’s cock.”

I replied, “It’s my beast. Now it will fuck you up and will dig your pussy and asshole deep.” She took a deep breath and took my cock inside her mouth. She sucked it so sweetly and professionally that I was on the seventh heaven. She gave me such a good blowjob that I cummed inside her mouth.

She swallowed all my cum and tasted it. Then I deep throated her and she started gasping. Then the real fucking started. I pulled her to me and touched her pussy with my cock’s tip. I gave a strong stroke that in the first hard push whole of my cock went inside her.

She released a loud moan. “Shaan, do it slowly, please.” It turned on me more and I started fucking her hard doing no mercy. I dug her pussy so well deep that she too was enjoying a lot and was cooperating me by moving her pussy round and round.

She was so lost in her lust fuck that meanwhile she cum thrice. I was still hard. I too enjoyed fucking her pussy. Now I started fucking her pussy much harder as I was now about to cum. I was abusing and hard fucking her. I released my cum inside her pussy.

She smooched me for 5 minutes and we lay down in that very position for 20 minutes. She was over me. Her huge boobs in my mouth and my hard dick was inside her pussy. She then got up and again started sucking my cock and again made it hard and stiff. Then I fucked her ass.

This sinful relationship is still being continued whenever her husband is on duty.

Those females, girls, women who are in lust or unsatisfied or want to have sex can contact me on my email id ([email protected]). It’s a promise that everything will be kept a secret.

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