Poonam – After Office At Her Apartment

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After our sexting last night and a video call, the next morning I woke up with an erection. I clicked a pic of my erection over my shorts and WhatsApp it to Poonam. After a while, before leaving for office, she replied, “Wow, driller, bring it to office.”

Just for everyone, Poonam has a super curvy figure. She is 27. Her ass must be around 42″. Boobs 38d. Her assets are unmissable. Married but mostly staying alone. She has a body of a porn star and a cute face. She was as usual early to the office, sitting next to me. We shared a naughty smile.

No one in the office knew, we just did sexting last night. She was wearing her usual tight jeans. Jeans stretched tight over her ass. The jeans bring out her heavy ass shape perfectly. We sat and worked normally. And after a while, I pinged her for coffee. We grabbed our mugs and went for the cafeteria.

As we were walking, she smiled at me. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a look at her bulging out ass. She noticed. “Hello, good morning,” making me focus on her face. I replied, “Good morning, your ass is such a distraction,” whispering to her.

“Really!” she replied and moved ahead giving me a chance to take a good look. She walked swaying her ass and looked back at me. Such a tease. She liked the attention she was generating on men with her ass. She wore a black top tucked in. So her complete ass shape was visibly covered in tight jeans. Her ass seems more jiggly this morning.

We took out coffee and sat down in a seat away from the crowd.
Poonam: “So, enjoyed the view?” She was asking about the ass view she gave me.
Me: “I already have an erection in my pants.” My feet were already touching her under the table.

Poonam: “You are such a shameless guy!”
Me: “Me? How come your ass is more jiggly this morning?”
Poonam: “You noticed, ah, what do you think?”
Me: “I think you are very close to being taken to a conference room, bent over the table and fucked.”

Poonam: “Aaah, in your dreams! (she sipped her coffee) I am just not wearing anything under today.”
Me: “Wow, nothing under those jeans? No wonder it’s shaking so much”
Poonam: “I do that once a week in office.”

Me: “Damn, you are so naughty and hot and your husband has no idea what a hot wife he got!”
Poonam: “Haha, true. (she looked around) And he isn’t coming home for the next 2 days.”

Me: “I can be your husband for the next 2 days.”
Poonam: “I already have a husband. ”
Me: “I can be your lover.”
Poonam: “I am not a teen girl. I don’t want another relationship.”

Me: “Then I will be whatever you want me to be.”
Poonam: “Okay, so be clear. No commitments, no emotional drama.”

She took her coffee mug and got up to leave. I followed her and grabbed her eagerly and whispered to her “So just to be clear, you want us to be fuck buddies.” Poonam stopped. We were standing near the gate away from everyone.

“Aw, that’s cute. I thought you gonna say I will be your slut,” and she walked away towards the lift. I waited a while just to ensure my erection is not too apparent over my jeans. I went down to my seat and got a ping from her, “Let’s leave after lunch. We can have 6-7 hours.”

I replied, “Place?”
Poonam: “Mine, of course.”

Lunch seemed too far. I dropped a mail and left for parking. She was waiting down. We got into our car and we left for her apartment.
Me: “Should we get condoms?”
Poonam: “My husband keeps some stock at home.”

Me: “Haha, that’s naughty.”
Poonam: “You are gonna fuck his wife, on his bed, you can use his condoms too.”

She was smiling naughtily. I could feel then sensual tension in the car. I keep staring at her thighs and she kept pointing me to look ahead and drive. We reached her apartment in some 30 minutes. Got into the lift and then to her apartment door. I could hardly keep my hands off her.

She closed the main door behind us and next moment her arms were around my neck and we were smooching passionately. She was undoing my shirts button and my hands were caressing her massive ass. I started unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down.

My hands went straight away between her legs to rub her pussy. It was dripping wet. She moaned as soon as she felt my fingers touching her pussy. She sucked on my nipples and opened her legs a bit more allowing me to dig in my fingers.

I grabbed her by her throat and put her up against the wall. Her ass against the wall. My one hand choking her throat and another hand inside her jeans fingering her pussy. She loved it, “Aahh, fuck, I knew you would be rough.”

I kissed her lips and kept fingering her vigorously. “You have no idea. I just love a woman who has no shame in being a slut.” Poonam then unzipped my jeans taking my cock out in her hands, “Then make me a slut today.”

She went down on her knees and started jerking my cock taking it firmly in her palm right near her face. She kissed it and licked it. And then while looking at me, she gulped my cock in her mouth. She was sucking almost half of my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her head and forced it deep within my crotch.

She immediately sucked all of my cock in her mouth. I could feel my cock tip hitting her throat. I kept her like that for like 30 seconds. When I released her mouth, her lips were covered with my precum and saliva webs. “Did you like that baby?” I asked her. She could only nod her head and smile at me while cleaning her lips.

Me: “Now show me your bedroom.”

She got up and removed her jeans. She stood in her top ending above her waist and naked under the waistline. She removed my jeans and shirt and then grabbed my erected cock with her hand and walked me to her bedroom. We got inside her bedroom.

She opened her almirah and I could see her husband clothes hanging in there. She reached inside and took a packet of condoms. Ripped dotted for extra pleasure. She took a condom from the packet and wore it over my cock. Planting a kiss and little tongue play over my cock.

Then she went to the edge of the bed and pose in a doggy pose. Her big ass upwards and rest of her body flat on the bed. Her pussy was already opened up beautifully and dripping wet. She took her hands on her ass cheeks and spread it open further. She looked like a paid slut and she was behaving just like that.

I went closer to her, slapping on her ass cheeks and in next moment pushed my cock inside her pussy. I could feel her moist pussy wall against my cock. I was grabbing her hips and fucking her pussy. She was moaning loudly and that made me fuck her harder.

I kept one foot on the bed to get better control and fuck her deeper. Her ass looked like it was meant to be fucked every night. She kept moaning loudly and after some time I ejaculated all inside her. I could feel condom filling up with my cum and even some dropping out her pussy.

I didn’t care. It was just a wonderful feeling to watch that hot ass and fuck that beauty. We crashed on the bed. It was just the first session. I was at her place till 11 pm that night. And we fucked 4 times. And a lot of trash talk. She wasn’t just a hot ass babe, she was an absolute pornstar on the bed.

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