Nisha Cheated On Her Boyfriend

Hi, I am Alpha, a 22-year-old guy living in Bangalore. I am a very sexually active and open-minded person. Also not to brag but I am 6.6 ft tall, light brown toned and well built. This a story that happened in the month of January 2019.

Just as a background, I partly own a kitchen hardware retail store. I have about 4-6 employees in most months. And this incident started in that very store. In mid-January this year, a couple walked in both in their mid 20’s. The guy was a shabby looking person with a bad haircut and even worse beard.

The girl, on the other hand, was cute and had a red t-shirt and jeans. And quite literally the first thing I noticed was her ass, it was quite enormous. I mean she was a curvy gal and was just 5ft tall. So that big ass was kinda odd for someone like her.

One of my staff members ended up attending them and they went to tour the entire facility. After 10 minutes my staff called me to consult on a product they were interested in. I helped them with the details. Then I got a call so I turned around and took the call.

By the time I ended the call and turned around I noticed something different in the girl. She had tied her t-shirt up with a knot such that her entire navel area was visible. She had one of the cutest belly buttons I have seen. The boyfriend and my staff had moved forward and she stood there waiting for me.

I gave her a flirty smile and she blushed for a second. I asked if I could help her find all the necessary hardware for her kitchen. This is kinda common sometimes. So I did not think of it more than a friendly flirtation. And they left after buying a few products.

A week or so passed and I got a call from an unknown number. The person on the other end said she was Nisha. She had bought a few products from my store a week back and was having trouble setting it up. I said to her I wouldn’t mind sending someone down to her place to have a look and help out.

So far I did not know exactly who she was. I had not asked her name the first time. So I sent one of my staff to her place and an hour passed. Then I got another call from the same staff member saying that he was having trouble himself and needed a bit of help.

So I told him to wait for a while. I would be there in 10 minutes time to see what was the issue. So I went onto the customer’s place. Nisha opened the door for me and invited me over. This is when I remembered who she was. This time around she was wearing a bright sky blue t-shirt and tighter jeans.

The staff member I sent was the most senior person of all my employees. As I had left the store without anyone supervising I sent him back. I checked on what was the issue. I found there to be a simple fault. But this was a new product in our inventory so my staff wasn’t trained for it.

Anyways I fixed it in less than 10 minutes. I told her that she could check on everything just to make sure she was happy with the product. She checked it and once she felt all was well she said thanks for the help. She asked if I could wait a few minutes.

She had ordered another product for her kitchen from elsewhere and she wanted a bit of help installing it. I normally would say no as I never deal with this kinda stuff. But this once I said yes as she was a cute and kinky gal. So I asked her where her boyfriend was.

She said this was her house and he lived elsewhere. She had never invited him over as they had been dating only for 3 weeks. She then asked me to wait in the hall and she went back to the kitchen. And she came back with a glass of water. But she had done it again.

She had pulled her t-shirt up and tied a knot with it this time it was a lot more up. I tried not to act up but said thanks for the water. I said that she was pulling that dress off quite well. She blushed for a second and sat beside me. We sat there silently for a few minutes.

After like 10-15 minutes I wanted to break the silence. So I asked why she wore her t-shirt like that. She replied saying it was getting hot and she just wanted to cool herself up. So sarcastically I asked what was the thing that made the temperature hot all of a sudden.

She came close to me and whispered saying maybe it is you. Now I was pretty sure what was going on. So I went closer to her and asked was it hotter than before. She said yes. So I said her she makes the room hotter for me too. She said really. So I went on and said yes.

I asked her how she ended up with her boyfriend out of everyone out there. She said she was just drunk when they first started dating. Right now she isn’t very happy with him either romantically or in bed. At this point, I knew what she was expecting. That there was no delivery and she was just playing me.

So I continued with the flow. I asked her if it is really that hot she could remove her dress. So she immediately removed her t-shirt and asked me if did mind her doing so. She looked great. Her boobs were just as big as her ass. She had a hot yet cute body and face.

So I said to her of course not. Then I said that I wouldn’t mind if we both got naked and started making out. And boy did she jump on top of me. We started exchanging lip locks and she quite literally tore my shirt. I said to her that was my favorite shirt.

She replied by saying in a few minutes time she would be my favorite thing. So I shouldn’t worry about the shirt much. Her bedroom was on the other side of the kitchen. So we slowly went to the kitchen as I undressed her and she did the same for me. We kept kissing each other.

I lifted her on top of the countertop of the kitchen. She started kissing me on the chest and started removing my underwear and I pulled her underwear out too. She out of excitement screamed when she saw my dick. She said she has been with a handful of guys so far. But she has never seen any dick as big and fat as mine.

I said she my dick wasn’t the only surprise she would have for the day. So she replied by saying I love surprises. After making out for some 20 odd minutes on the counter I lifted her up and carried her to her bed. She was a good kisser so I kinda liked her so far. She said she wanted to use a condom.

So I said to her I hadn’t bought one as I was prepared for this. She said no worries and pulled out a flavored condom and a bottle of chocolate sauce. She wore on to my dick and squirt some sauce on it and started sucking my dick. After about 30 minutes of blowjob, I pushed her onto the bed and jumped on top of her.

I started kissing and licking and fingering her. She tried to keep her from moaning as much as possible. But after like 10 minutes she gave up. She started moaning loudly and saying, “Please don’t stop, love. I am loving you, you are 100 times better than my boyfriend.”

I said that the fun has just started and the best part is yet to come. She then asked me to put my dick inside her vagina. And as soon as I did that, she screamed with all of her power. I thought I might really be a bit too much for her to handle all at once. So I kept it slow for a while.

After like 3 hours of sex she said to me she wouldn’t mind me going hardcore and all the way in. So I started pounding her. To keep her screaming, I started kissing her and kept her in a lip lock. And we went on like this for more than half an hour. Then she said she needed a break.

She went to get water and I did the same. When we returned she said she has never done anal sex and wanted to know if I would be interested to be her first. I was sure she could not handle it. But she was persistent and so I agreed. I gave her a doggy style anal.

She almost made me tear my ears out but she was good in sex nonetheless. In total, we went on for almost 6 hours from the time we started. By the time I was done she was super tired. So we went to sleep. But I stayed there and we went for another round in the morning. We did 69 position and other stuff too.

Anyways I hope you like me sharing what happens in my sexual life. If you do please give me feedback on my mail. If you are from Bangalore and wanna hang out, hit me up on the same mail id. My mail id is [email protected]

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