Exploring My ‘Bi’ Side On A Trip To Thailand

This is Rahul, I am a bisexual top and love getting sucked by bottoms and shemales, crossdressers. On a trip to Thailand, I was very keen to try out with a shemale. I went to a bar and I saw an incredible-looking shemale who I thought was a very good-looking woman.

She was far more woman than most shemales. I went to her and introduced myself, ordered a drink for her. As she was sipping her drink I began to study her, she wore a really short dress. Her long, curly hair was gorgeous and her big tits were things of beauty.

I was beginning to wonder if she even had a dick in her panties. I tried to find out.  But she stopped my hand just shy of what I wanted and told me to wait to get in her pants. Then she proceeded to rub my dick until it was about to bust out. It was at its fullest length, and as hard as a rock.

She told me she was going to love getting that. After our drinks I asked if we could go to my hotel. She agreed and we walked back to my hotel. The hotel staff is aware that many guests get women back to the hotel and ignore the fact since tourism is their bread and butter.

We entered the room. I complimented her, that she was also a very good-looking woman who just happened to have a dick. I said she knew I was looking for a woman with a dick anyway. Soon, we both went wild, stripping off our clothes in seconds.

She went down on my hard dick. The knob-head was so smooth, it slid between her lips without effort. But it took some practice to get it down her throat. Kiki pumped my dick into her mouth. I was fucking her face as I moaned in ecstasy. She flexed her lips around the shaft.

She swirled her tongue, using both in unison to stimulate various points along the shaft. I was being really loud due to Kiki’s obvious skill. I felt myself swell to full hardness and precum starting to drip into her mouth. Kiki stopped and gently released me from her mouth licking up all the precum.

Once she had finished she looked up. “Can I ride you? I am so turned on.” Kiki nodded. I lay her on the bed straddling her, putting most of my weight on either side of her beautiful torso. I put my dick in place and rubbed against her hole. Before carefully lining it up with the entrance to her, to begin slowly sinking down onto it.

Now it was her turn to moan as I reached the base of my dick inside her. Kiki ground her hips, eliciting moans. She used her knees to begin riding up and down. This was not the biggest cock she’d ever had. But it was big enough for her tiny hole.

After several moments I leaned down to support myself with my hands on the bed to begin moving my dick faster and deeper. Kiki was trying to keep her moans into low grunts as she reached her peak speed. While I was fucking her, Kiki took her fully erect dick in her palm and began to masturbate.

She also began thrusting her own hips to meet my thrusts. Soon I felt Kiki tighten her muscles around my cock. While I moved my hips even faster, Kiki did that with her dick. It was such an awesome sight that I moaned and collapsed backward as I came inside her.

Kiki continued for several moments before a single hard thrust saw her cum as well. I then lay on, her. She remained in this position for several moments breathing softly into my ear. I opened my eyes as my head was still spinning over this conclusion.

I then rolled off her, lying sideways. I kissed Kiki’s tiny breasts and took her nipples in mouth and began to suck them. Kiki reached for a towel and wiped my limp dick. She then turned into 69 position and began to lick my balls and low air with her mouth.

My dick began stirring and soon was erect and hard. She gently took my cock in hand and stroked it a couple of times before she began licking. I moaned. My cock was suitably coated in her saliva. She opened her mouth wide to take the head into her mouth.

She sucked contentedly for several moments before letting out a sigh. She moved forward to take more in her mouth. Kiki took more than half in her mouth without choking and showed no signs of stopping. When she reached the base of my cock, she seemed to hold herself with ease.

Meanwhile, since I am not into sucking, I was playing with Kiki’s beautiful dick, blowing air and tickling her balls. This caused her to get erect. Very soon her erect dick was in my palm. I began to give her a handjob while she was doing the same with her mouth.

I used my other hand, reaching down to play with her breast and nipples. I was determined to bring her and myself to another orgasm. My efforts were rewarded by Kiki’s dick and balls getting tight. I could hear her muffled cry, as she had an orgasm. I returned to thrusting as into her mouth.

And very soon I was moaning loudly. I practically screamed as I came hard into kiki’s mouth. Kiki licked me completely dry. After several moments she rolled off onto her back. I grabbed a couple of beers from the minibar and we drank them.

I then went off to shower and use the restroom. After a few minutes, Kiki joined me in the shower. We soaped each other and began playing, teasing each other. We came out dried ourselves and went to bed, with kiki’s head on my chest, and her hand covering my dick we slept.

I have moved to Chennai. Any guys, bottom’s, CD’s interested in a meeting can contact me on [email protected]

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