Making Out With College Fest’s Chief Guest

Hey guys and girls. Varshini Shetty here with yet another experience. If you guys/girls are new to my stories. I would recommend reading my stories here. Now let’s get into my story.

After losing my virginity to Kartik, everything changed in my life. I started to appreciate my body (35c-29-35), being more courageous and bold. I was more socially active. My college attire changed differently.

I usually wore low neck chudidhars or skin-tight pants and shirts exposing my navel when I lift my hands. Mostly all dresses are sleeveless. I was like the bold chick of my batch.

It was the 4th semester of my engineering. My college hosted an inter-college festival inviting nearly 20 colleges for the 2-day festival. I was allotted to host Day 1. I sincerely accepted it. I was eager to meet new people from 20 different colleges. I prepared hard for hosting the festival and not to let down my college.

Day 1:

I wanted to look super sexy (but not sluttish). So I decided to wear blue dungarees (google it if you have no idea) and dark red bra to elevate the sexiness. As soon as I got out wearing my dress, all my classmates and friends started to shout, “Ow, hotty.”

Kartik messaged me, “You look too hot, Varshini. Come to the washroom on the top floor.” I went there since that washroom is mostly empty in our building. As soon as I entered the washroom. Kartik pulled me in and pinched my waist.

“Hey, that’s painful Kartik. That might leave a mark.”

“As if I care, Varu.” He then came near me and grabbed my butt cheeks.

Me: What is it, nerd?

He: I can’t attend the festival. I just came here to see you and maybe fuck you here.

Me: Why can’t you attend? And you can’t fuck me now. I am on full makeup. I don’t want it spoilt.

He: I hate these fests, Varshini.

Me: Nerd alert.

He: At least give a goodbye kiss before you leave.

He looked like a hungry baby and I couldn’t deny a kiss. So I started to make out with my mouth. Sucking his upper lip and to his lower lip. Sharing our saliva and making sounds while kissing. I was kissing him so hard that I was painting my lipstick all this time.

I was stopping his hands from spoiling my clothes. We kissed for a few minutes. He looked like a kid who ate mud and smeared all over his lips. He was funny.

Kartik washed the lipstick off his lips and he slapped my ass and went out. On the other hand, my pussy was already wet. I was struggling hard with my dripping pussy not to scratch it and make it messier. It was 10.30 am when the festival began and I hosted with huge enthusiasm.

I knew I was looking super sexy which will compensate if I go wrong in the hosting part. I was enjoying the hungry looks from men staring at my waist and my breasts. Those looks made gave me even more confidence. At 12.30 pm, the Chief guest arrived.

He was an actor (can’t reveal his name) in a few movies. He was probably in his late 20s. He looked super attractive and had a hot body. I received him to the stage by giving him a bouquet. He received it and gave me a soft hug planting his hand on my waist.

I could feel his strong cold hands over my waist and it sent chills all over me. He sat down and the festival continued till 4.30 pm. Day 1 ended. I was overjoyed with my performance and with my body serving the purpose well of gaining as much attention as it can.

One big downer was I cannot talk to anyone personally. Since I was the host the whole day. It was evening, everyone was tired and left the place. As I was preparing to leave, the chief guest came near me.

He: Hey!

Me: (turning around) Hi sir! Is everything alright?

He: Nothing, dear. Just chilling around. I have to say you hosted real great. You were looking smoking hot too.

Me: OMG, thank you so much.

I hugged him softly in happiness that my breasts slightly pushed over his strong chest.

He: Ok, ok. BTW you can call me Krishna (name changed obviously).

Me: Thank you, Krishna. It means a lot you know.

Krishna: That’s alright. Are you busy, or can we talk for a bit?

Me: I am free for you, Krishna. Hehehehe.

We both sat on the chair and spoke for a few minutes. He was a cool and funny guy. Minutes moved to an hour

Me: You are too kind and funny and a cool guy to be an actor. I thought actors have an attitude and I see none with you.

He: Even I love to have friends around me and that too hot girl. (winks)

Me: You are so funny. Btw are we friends?

He: Totally, Varshini. No doubt in that.

I noticed him staring at my waist and sometimes at my breasts. I was enjoying his attention all this time.

He: Hey are you free now? We can go out somewhere?

Me: Sure. But where?

He: There’s a night club that my friend owns. We can go there and have fun.

Me: I never went to any pubs before.

He: Wow!  Really? You are too good to be true. Join me and it’ll be fun.

Me: If Krishna calls me, no denial then. Lol. Let me go change my dress.

I came out of that scene and called my friend to the dressing room. And I started to jump in joy. “I am going out with Krishna.” She was shocked. “Omg seriously? You are a lucky bitch. I am jealous of you.”

I kissed her cheek and said, “I need a dress. Your home is near, right? I want something nice to wear for a night club.” She immediately left the place and came after a long 10 minutes.

She: Hey! (breathing heavily). Here’s your dress.

Me: Thank you so much, dear. You are awesome.

I took the dress. It was a red shiny sleeveless mini. A really low neck one. She helped me remove my dungaree and shirt.

She: Take off your bra, hottie. You won’t need a bra for this dress.

We laughed and I took off my bra. I noticed the tightness at my breasts and ass region. My boobs looked elevated.  The sleeveless mini dress just finished 4 inches below my ass

Me: Isn’t this dress a little slutty?

She: Exactly. It will be hot when you’re with Krishna.

I felt good in that tight minidress. I went to Krishna. He took my arm and we went to his car. Seems he sent off his driver. He was driving the car to the club.

Krishna: You look sexy, Varshini.

Me: Thanks. (smiles)

Me: Do I look good?

Krishna: Don’t ask me. I mean look at you. I can hardly focus on driving. Your fleshy thighs and your breasts. I have to be frank, Varshini. It does give me a hard-on. Trust me I am not rude but just honest. I hope you don’t mind my honesty

His words made me shy but I loved his honesty. Now I wanted to look at his crotch but was controlling to not look like a whore.

Me: It’s ok and thanks for your feedback. Glad to know that I am sexy enough for you.

We reached the club. While getting off the car, he reached his hand for me. I felt like a queen. I badly want to kiss him for the respect and kindness shown to me. After getting down, he kept his left hand around my waist and we both went inside. Inside he introduced me to his friends and everyone welcomed me.

I felt like the chief guest in the club suddenly. I noticed every man’s eyes were on my hardly covered breasts. I loved the attention I got. Krishna had a few drinks and called me to the dance floor. We started dancing. His hands were moving all over the place. Right from my waist to the top of my ass.

He pulled me a little too close to rest my breasts over him. On the other hand, my nose was in front of his chest. (I am so short!). I could smell his sweat and I loved his smell. It made me horny. After a few minutes of sensual dance, he kept his hand on my butt and wiggled it a bit. It got me shocked and horny.

Me: Hey what are you doing, Krishna?

Krishna: Don’t tell me you don’t like it?

Me: I mean yeah. I like it but we are in public. I don’t want to be called a slut.

Krishna: Then let’s leave the place and go somewhere private. Shall we?

I first backed off and smiled at him. We ran from that place and got inside the car. He put his left hand behind my neck and pulled me closer for a kiss. I stopped him and said, “Privacy, Krishna. Please.”

“Fuck. Alright, we’ll leave the place.”

I smiled and even I could hardly contain myself from fucking his dick and satisfying myself. He drove for a few kilometers and stopped right in the middle of nowhere. I could barely see anyone going by. He turned on the lights.

Me: What is this place?

He: The place where I am fucking you privately.

Me: I am scared, Krishna. What if someone sees us?

He: Don’t worry, this place belongs to my dad. Technically I own this private forest

Me: You sure no one comes…

He didn’t even let me continue. He grabbed my face and pulled closer and starting kissing my lips. I too started responding. His kiss was aggressive. I could hardly keep up with him. I could just enjoy his behavior on me. His kisses were painful like a hungry wolf.

He then aggressively pulled my minidress. My boobs sprang out. He started to crush them and pinch my nipples. Pulling them. Slapping them. Kartik was never aggressive but Krishna’s handling made me horny. He was twisting my nipples so hard that it got red.

It was painful. Yet I let him do whatever he thinks while still biting my lips. This went for a few minutes. Suddenly he took his hands off my boobs leaving them hanging. He stood up a little and started to take off his pants and surprisingly he wore nothing inside. His dick was erect.

Long and thick and hypnotizing. He took his lips off me and guided my mouth to his hard cock. I corrected my hair behind my ears, held his cock in my left hand and started to suck him slowly and gradually increasing speed. He started to moan like a horny girl.

I started to massage his heavily hanging balls and sucking him harder and harder. His cock was almost choking me. I started to make choking sounds. He went on for some time. Suddenly he let a huge moan and emptied his balls inside my mouth.

It was too much load that it started to drip from my mouth while sucking. I didn’t stop sucking until I felt his dick decreasing in size. Finally, it became soft. I got off his mouth breathing heavily with cum all over my lips dripping from my mouth.

Me: You cum a lot.

Krishna: Well, you suck like a pro.

Me: You are one aggressive lover I must say. (taking his cock in my hand) Well, you are in no mood to proceed?

Krishna: I want to fuck you so hard. But my dick lost his energy.

Me: How long should I wait? Or it is over?

Krishna: I have plans to make it hard again. Get down the car now.

Me: Hey it’s almost 11.30 pm and I am nude.

Krishna: Trust me, no one’s gonna come. You won’t feel the cold for what I am going to do

We both got down the car. He came to me and pushed my head to the bonnet of the car. He pulled my skirt up and started to spank my ass hard.

Me: Hmmm.

Krishna: I told you’ll love it.

He pulled my panty down and started to rub my pussy real hard. There was no mercy what so ever. I was struggling and moving my butt but he was too strong for me. He was rubbing his fingers up and down my pussy walls and spat over it making it wetter.

He inserted two fingers in and started to finger fuck me. He lost control and started to moan loudly not caring about anything. His aggression made me cum loads of juice and he never seemed to stop. The cold weather didn’t matter cause his hands were increasing my body temperature.

“You are the best date I ever had, Varshini. I am not going to leave you.”

“Please leave me. Fuck me already I can’t control, please.”

“I love the way you beg to be fucked, Varshini.”

He then positioned his hard dick over my dripping pussy. And inserted his dick in me. I could feel the thickness of his cock rubbing my pussy walls and he pushed it deeper and deeper. That I realized that Kartik was barely fucking my pussy. I felt like new levels got unlocked in my pussy exploring new lengths.

He started to pound me from behind and increasing his speed. His abdomen was slapping my butt. My boobs were being aggressively rubbed over the bonnet as if the car itself was crushing my boobs. They were painful. I didn’t even think about stopping him. He fucked me for 5 minutes and took his cock off.

Me: What happened?

Krishna: Wait. Let’s get inside

He got in the car and pulled me so that I got over his cock. He started to suck my boobs and biting them. I had no idea what he was doing for a few minutes until he positioned his cock over my pussy and pushed me down. I was over him and immediately understood what he was trying to do.

“Fuck me, Varshini.”

“Oh yeah. This position is amazing Krishna.”

I started to jump over his cock moving my butt up and down while my boobs were in his mouth getting eaten. I hugged him tightly while moving my ass up and down. Increasing speed gradually. I felt like I was dominating him and it felt really good. I fucked him like that for another 5 minutes.

“I am going to cum, Krishna.”

“Me too, Varshini.”

I wanted to feel his cum inside me so I started to jump even harder. Suddenly I came real hard and Krishna let out his huge load in my womb. I felt my entire womb being filled. We both were breathing heavily and sweating like anything. His cock was still inside me and I could feel cock getting smaller in me.

Me: Thanks for the night, Krishna. You made me feel special tonight. You are an awesome fucker

Krishna: (hugging me) hey even you made me special. You made my day, Varshini

Me: I just hope we are not getting too far.

Krishna: Yeah. We can be best of friends from now on and not more than that

I got over the driver’s seat and reclined in my seat. We both were too tired even to wear a dress. My panty was on the fucking road and I had no energy to take them back. He turned to me started massaging my left boob softly. I smiled at him and slowly went to sleep.

Next day morning:

Krishna: Varshini, Varshini, wake up. It’s 7 in the morning.

Me: Wtf. It’s 7? I am already late for my festival.

I started to wear my clothes. I pulled up my mini dress to cover my swollen breasts and I was searching for my panty. Then I realized that yesterday Krishna pulled them off on the road. So I got down. And saw my panty on his hands

Me: Hey that’s my panty give that.

Krishna: (smelling my panty deeply) no way. This is my souvenir. It still has your wet pussy smell over it. I have no plans of giving it.

Me: Give it now horny man. I don’t have anything to wear inside.

Krishna: As if somebody notices your pussy not been covered.

Krishna was inhaling my pussy smell like a psycho. I had no other choice but to wear nothing inside. I pulled my dress below covering my butt. I could feel the cold wind blowing between my legs. It was shivering and got horny again. This time I pulled his pants down and started to stroke his cock up and down.

He was enjoying my service to him. I gave him a handjob for five minutes until he was about to cum. He pushed me down kneeling me on the floor and came between my boobs. I could feel his cum dripping between my tits and flowing down slowly to my navel. It was a different feeling.

We both got out from there and I was glad no one saw us making out. He dropped me at my bungalow and kissed me goodbye. We exchanged numbers.

I will continue my day 2 festival in the next part of the story. I would love the feedback from you guys and girls on the comments or my hangouts [email protected]. I am waiting for your response guys and girls.

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