A Favor In Return For Another

Hi, it’s me, Nitz, here. So I am back with yet another sex story of mine.

It was recession time in Dubai. Most of them getting fired from work due to cost-cutting. No new job openings or there were the least opportunities. It was a hard time to cop up the rents and bills. I began my work as a sales coordinator working for a less salary. Just enough to meet my bills.

Less salary, no savings and no much respect in the work environment. I was struggling to hold up everything. At times I felt to quit out of pressure and stress. Our manager was Hamood, from Sudan. A black Arab. He was in his 40s. Bald, tall, dark, flirty in his Arab accent. I was working under him.

I asked several people working in different departments in the same firm to just change me into a different section. I just wanted to get out of sales coordination work. Here, I had no further growth, no increment or anything. Day by day I was getting more and more stressed.

To a point where I thought I could not take anymore. I walked into Mr. Hamood’s room and told him that I am planning to quit. I almost began to weep. I said I am done with the sales coordinator job and want to move on.

He was silent at first and then said “I can understand Nitz. Don’t worry. See, I can push you up to the HR assistant post. There is an opening. I can recommend you to that post.” I began thinking about that post in my mind. There I would get double what I get now. Also, more respect and everything as I always wanted.

Just then, he asked me as expected, “What will you do for me in return?” As you have read my previous stories, being with another man was nothing new for me. I have done it for nothing in return. But this time it was for something I wanted badly and I didn’t feel any wrong.

I knew what he meant and for the time being, I just smiled. I said, “As you say, Hamood,” and walked out daydreaming of my new position. I was finally getting out of that shitty coordination cabin to freaking my cabin as an HR Assistant. I waited impatiently for the offer letter.

From then on Hamood was finding more time to be near me. He would flirt as well as started to touch me, put hands on shoulders. Catch my cheeks with both hands and make my lips pout etc. As days passed he even began to touch my thighs below my skirt.

He always remarked, “I have been with a lot of women but never been with a Kerala girl.”

Then one day morning he called me to his cabin. I was wearing a green shirt and a black frilled short skirt with black high heels. He asked me to stand next to him so that if someone comes by, it would look like he was explaining something to me.

As I stood near him, he showed me the paperwork for me ready. He said that everything is ready. Before completing the sentence, he put his hands on my things under my skirt. He moved his hand directly up to my panty and touched my pussy over my panty.

He pressed and gently circled his thumb on my clit and my knees were going weak. He said, “At lunchtime, come here to my cabin and I shall sign your papers.” I smiled and nodded, “Yes.” I was tensed and wanted this to get over fast.

As the lunchtime was up, I skipped from my friends saying I had to go out. I went to his cabin and he was waiting at the door. I smiled at him. He gave me some file folders as if for a meeting and said to follow him. It looked like I was accompanying him for a meeting.

We both got into the elevator and we went down to the basement car parking. There was a kind of sensation in my tummy. He took me to a corner. I was numb, like praying in mind that it gets over fast. We reached a room in the basement. He had key and opened it.

He asked me to go inside while he was checking if anyone else saw. It was a generator room for AC or elevator. There were many engines and machines there, all making sound. It was cold in there too. There were machines on one side and behind that there was a vacant space. It wasn’t that tidy, but adjustable.

He said wait here and went out. I sat there in Engine room thinking what all is happening. Then he came in and locked the room. And put on the lights. Yellow light. It was dark before but now we could see each other. He was pitch black and my fair skin was glowing in the yellow light.

I was wearing a green shirt and black frilled short skirt and black high heels with bright red nail polish. He suddenly placed his both hands on my shoulders. He slowly pushed me to the near wall and started to smooch my lips fast. It wasn’t slow or gentle.

It was like wild and as a person who was starving found some food. I didn’t like the aroma or taste of his mouth. But I had no other choice other than to go in the flow. As he was smooching, he started to touch all over me and press my boobs over my shirt.

Then he made me catch his thing over his pants and while smooching. It was huge. Till then I have only heard that black negros have big dicks. Now I am about to experience one. I began stroking him over his pants. Smooching was growing wilder. I strengthened the grip on his dick over the pant.

He knelt in front of me and lifted my shirt. He began to kiss and lick my belly. His tongue was running all over my belly. Then he inserted his tongue tip into my belly button and swirled it there. I had a belly button piercing and he played on it with his tongue.

Then he opened my shirt buttons so quickly. He was like in a hurry burry. He opened all the buttons and left the shirt open. He pushed my bra up to my neck and started to suck my nipples one after one. His lips and mouth were too big that he covered most of the boobs in his mouth.

He flicked my nipples fast with his long tongue and then suck with his big lips. Then in between, he again comes up and smooches. He was fast and quick like a mad guy. His sucking and slurping. My moaning sounds were too much but the sound of engines kept them low.

He was sucking my nipples harder and licking so rapidly and smooching my lips wild and wet. He kept his mouth completely over my mouth and lips. Like my both lips was inside his mouth and suck my lips both at a time. While doing that he puts his long tongue into my mouth too.

I could feel his tongue moving around in my mouth. As I said before I wasn’t comfortable with the smell or taste of his mouth. It felt cold and at times I felt to vomit. I was standing leaning to the wall. He was all over me standing opposite to me.

Then he separated my legs. Through under the skirt with his one hand, he moved my panty aside and started to rub my pussy till it got damn wet. Then while smooching he inserted his middle finger into me. At the same time pressed my lips to separate with his fingers and asked to put my tongue out.

And when I put my tongue out, he sucked my tongue. This continued till my lips and tongue were numb.

Then after some time, he made me turn around and made me bend taking the support of the wall. He knelt behind me pulled up my skirt up to my tummy exposing my ass. He pulled down my panty down till my ankle and then kissed all over my ass cheeks. He was kissing, licking and biting my ass cheeks.

I could not spread my legs as my panty was at my ankle. So he then removed my panty carefully through my high heels and threw aside. He then spread my ass cheeks. He kept his nose and mouth into it and began to move his face up and down my ass crack.

He was sniffing from my pussy to my asshole and then back to pussy. It felt really good and arousing. He then inserted his middle finger into my pussy from the back. He began to finger me while he began to like my asshole. I was in cloud 9 as my eyes rolled back and I began to raise on my toes.

He ate me in that position for some time and then stood up. Then he asked me to kneel. I knew what he wanted. I pulled his pant and boxer down together and there his thing was. I have heard them called BBC-Big Black Cock. It was all pumped up and wet from the precum.

It had some kind of strong pungent smell. But I had to go for it. I held the big black with my tiny white hands with red nail polish. I began to wet kiss and lick gently over the giant from tip to his balls and the back to the tip. It was salty. Suddenly he held all my hair like a pony tail and entered my mouth.

He began to move his hip to and fro. I wasn’t sucking, he was moving it in and out of my mouth himself. Mouth fucking me. At times he tried to deep throat me. I gagged on his monster and a huge load of my saliva would flow on his cock onto the floor. He did that for quite some time.

After some time, he lifted me and kept on a box that covered some engines. He pushed the skirt up to my tummy. Now I was with shirt buttons opened, bra pushed to the neck, skirt pushed to tummy and a pair of heels only. He spread my legs open and sunk his face into my pelvis.

Oh, God! It was so great that I started leaking honey-like wetness. I could hear the slurping sound he made while eating my swollen wet pussy. His big lips and long tongue were doing a great job in my wet pussy. He inserted his long tongue into my pussy and was flicking in.

He ate me well for around 10 minutes until I had a leg shaking climax into his mouth. My body shivered and waves of orgasm were hitting me hard. I laid back on the box and he stopped and went around. There was a single old folding mattress inside the room. Old and dirty, but manageable.

It was on top of a cupboard. He took it from there and put it on the floor. While he was arranging the mattress I got down from the box and removed my whole dress. The only thing on me was my Black High Heels. He also got naked. He knelt on the mattress and pulled me to him.

My pussy was very close to his face. He spread my legs a bit and licked there. Once wetting it and blew onto it making a great sensation. I held on to his shoulders. I felt his tongue licking me from top clits to bottom asshole and back again. He sucked my little pussy lips.

Then he would bite my mound in between and he licked me again. When he licked my swollen clits and took it between his lips and sucked me hard and steady. I could hear his lips sucking down all the wetness. I could barely stay on my feet.

He must have understood it because he stood up and told me to lie down on to the mattress. I think he was too much interested in licking my hairless pussy. He parted my legs and laid between them and began to eat me again. He put a finger into me.

His finger fucked my pussy and his lips sucked my clit in perfect time. The pleasure his mouth was giving was making me go crazy on cloud 9. All of a sudden, his lips latched onto my clit. I felt the orgasm building from my toes to the pit of my stomach.

I supported myself on my elbows and looked down to see him working great down there with his tongue. His black skin contrast to my white skin was just like my black high heels on my white legs. I lay back once again and grabbed both sides of his head.

I began to move my pelvis up and down his face as hard as I could. And then he came up kissing everywhere. Knees, thighs, pussy mound, belly, cleavage and then reached my boobs. He looked so excited and squeezed my boobs and started to suck them ever so hard.

He was full of hunger and kept squeezing, sucking and playing with my boob. While his other hand went down and was touching and pressing on my ass cheeks in passion. Then he came down and got between my legs, spat and licked over my pussy. He made it more slippery.

Then he kept the tip of his big black cock on the entrance of my pussy. He gently pushed it in slowly. My eyes widen opened as I felt his dick filling me up. He began ramming me with his big black cock deep and intensely. I wrapped around his charcoal body with my white arms.

He pumped his cock in and out of me. We had a great fuck in that missionary position for around 10 minutes. He then pulled himself out of me and laid on his back next to me. I got onto my knees, went down on him. I pulled his hard cock into my mouth.

It tasted just like my pussy and he tried thrusting his cock deeper down my throat. I licked the head and caressed his balls with my free hand. I looked up at him, my eyeliner smudged under my eyes. My breasts bouncing with each thrust into my mouth. I was blowing him hard and tasting my pussy juices.

I then stood up facing away from him. I squatted over him with my legs on each side of him and my back towards him. I got hold on his cock and guided it into my pussy and began riding him in reverse cowgirl. I was riding him facing away from him. He began to spank my ass cheeks.

I was riding him as hard as I possibly could. I was desperate to cum and I knew he was too. I thrust back and forwards and hopping up and down on his meat. We both were sweaty and wet. Then with his cock still inside me. I turned around and now began to ride facing him.

He grabbed and played with my boobs. I steadied myself with my hands on his chest. I kept on riding him as hard as possible, taking his whole cock in and out of my pussy. He then moved his hand to my ass and spread my cheeks, thrusting his middle finger into my ass.

It was like a small double penetration. His cock was fucking my pussy. His finger plunging in and out of my asshole. I began to near my orgasm as well as I was getting tired. I stopped riding and laid on to his chest with his cock still inside me. Then he wrapped around my body like a vise.

He started to fuck my pussy faster supporting on his feet. He fucked my pussy and fingered my ass at the same time. I moaned out in pleasure and told him to keep doing that. I was going to cum. I couldn’t help making so much noise. I hadn’t felt pleasure like this in a long time.

He pushed his finger in and out of my ass and his big hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. I could feel my orgasm building and he told me to cum. I kept on bouncing up and down on his cock. He fucked me faster until I felt my orgasm burst erupting inside of me and exploding all over his cock.

And at the same time, he was shooting his hot thick load of sperm inside me. I bounced and jerked a few times as the orgasm was pretty heavy and intense. My juices were dripping down his cock along with his cum. I laid on his chest as we both laid there exhausted with his cock still inside me.

It started to lose its thickness and was shrinking as if satisfied. It was a safe time for my periods. But still, I had tension. But I had backup plans for it. So after some time, his cock slipped out of my pussy. His sperm started to flow out like thick white glue.

Then we cleaned our mess. Dressed up. I couldn’t find my panty as he threw it somewhere and we couldn’t find it. It was getting late. So I left first. I covered my face partially with hair and went to the washroom taking my makeup kit.

My lipstick and kajal was all spread. Sweating a lot. Hair messed and sore pussy. And that day I was without panty. I was so very conscious when sitting or walking or bending.

Later that day evening he called me to his cabin as if to explain something. He was fingering me under the skirt. I was standing next to him and he put his hand under my skirt. I was standing next to him like he was explaining something so that if anyone by chance looks into the cabin too will feel that it’s just casual.

He fingered me completely inside and also touch my asshole at times. He did that till I got another climax standing next to him. My knees went week as I got climax. It was the third of the day. Then he gave me an envelope having my new posting as an HR assistant. I thanked him a lot.

He said that he has booked a villa for the weekend and I should join him. So on Thursday, I left after office with him to the villa. It was in a rural area with less population and no houses nearby. Each villa had its own small pool and a lot of space between each other to have privacy.

That weekend I stayed with him in that villa. We never wore clothes during our whole stay for two days. Except when the room boy had to come to deliver food or refreshments. He constantly ate a lot of dates and drank dates milk saying its good for health. He gave me too.

We were fucking like newlyweds on honeymoon. This time, not to take any risk, I took pills. Most of the time it was me laying down and he on top ramming me hard. His black dick was always inside me. Either in the mouth or my pussy. He also did by standing and lifting and carrying me.

Around 7 or 8 times we fucked from Thursday night to Friday noon. We never wore anything. After each orgasm, we would rest. At that time, he will spend time sucking my nipples one after one till we both arouse again. He would lay down and make me ride him.

At times I would be on my all four. He will hold all my hair together like a ponytail and fuck hard from the back. He licked and ate me for a long time. Later on Friday afternoon, we freshened up and dressed, vacated the villa. He dropped me back home.

“He did me a favor and I returned it.” That was inside me until I came to know that my posting to HR was already pushed by someone else and not by Hamood. When I told him about quitting, he took that as an advantage and made it look like he got me the posting to get me on his cock.

I felt pissed off. But then I thought myself that even I too had fun. But I won’t ever go with him. Later I changed to the HR department, I rarely saw Hamood in office. Even if we met, I would avoid talking, saying I am busy. Even on weekends, he calls, but I ignored it.

A year later, he got terminated due to cost-cutting and I prepared his termination letter. He left the company and I never saw or heard from him again.

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