Sex in a public park with a stranger

Hello, I’m Naziya Pathan writing my next story about sex in a public park. About me, you must already know. But briefly telling you, I’m a 26-year-old girl currently married. These stories happened before my marriage and at an early age.

You must have guessed already about me just by my name. I was from a strict and conservative family but addicted to porn and now slowly to real sex.

After the last incident with a stranger, the nerves of my pussy kept asking for more meat. Though I would finger, rub and play with myself almost every day, it felt insufficient. I even started watching lesbian and other types of porn to calm myself. But something really ought to break.

This happened when I was once visiting a market. Nothing unusual. I was in my usual attire, wearing a full-body cover and my headcover. Inside I had worn salwar kameez. I admit that despite these, my figure would attract many people, as I’ve observed.

Probably because of my slim body (at that time) and almost zero-size waist. It was a crowded place with people all around. I was finding it difficult to purchase things making way through the crowd. During this time, I noticed a guy was trying to stick close to me. It appeared highly unlikely by accident.

Whenever I went to a shop, he would also come to the same shop. Taking advantage of the crowd, he tried to push himself against my body. Initially, I was angry and irritated at the pervert. But as he touched at the appropriate places, my legs became weaker.

Slowly my breathing got heavy as he kept on brushing some or the other place of my body. He seemed not afraid nor caring for the crowd. I had initially decided to shout at him. But I was silent as my body made it uncontrollable.

Now I think he understood my intent. I was not stopping or complaining, so he continued with his business. He was rubbing my ass most of the time and sometimes my upper back, arms and waist. I was getting carried away now and looked as if I was cooperating.

When he was sure of this, he looked at both sides and tucked a piece of paper in my purse. He whispered in my ear, “10 minutes.” My heart was racing as I sneaked the paper and stood sideways to look at what was written.

It was written, “Kalinga park in 10 minutes. For fun only. Everything secret. Trust me as you trusted now.” My heart was pounding, and my mind had so many thoughts.

What if he’s a criminal or some chap who’ll blackmail later or even kidnap or rob me. Nothing was stopping my pussy which was leaking a little from the previous touches.

I knew Kalinga park. It was nearby to the market and very famous for lovers. So one thing was sure it was safe. I started walking towards the park with a confused mind and an uncontrollable pussy. I was looking here and there for the guy. I entered the gate and started walking straight, looking around for him.

I walked almost to the center of the park when he came to me. He silently held my hand and asked me to walk. Already so many couples were cuddling in the bushes. He took me to a place full of bushes and a huge tree. It was so dark there at that time of the day.

That guy was looked like in his late 20s, normal build and was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He looked like a jobless guy. He was still holding my wrist and told me to sit down. I wondered what to do when he held me by my shoulder and made me sit with him.

His hand now grasped mine and interlocked his fingers with mine. He began hugging me from the side. With his other hand, he began rubbing my shoulders in slow motion. My hand was still in his, and I began enjoying. Still, I hadn’t shown him my face or anything.

Now he slowly peeled the cover of my face and freed it. I hadn’t worn any makeup or lip color, but my lips were naturally pink. He began admiring them and touching my lips and cheeks. He asked my name, and I asked his. His name was Arun.

Now he began moving his hands slowly on my back and feeling my insides. We were sitting on the ground. So I had sat cross-legged, and he had kneeled. He now held my face, brought his closer, and gave me a tight french kiss. My lips began reciprocating and opening my mouth for access.

He held my face tightly and began kissing more wildly. My hands now went behind his head, holding it tight against mine. Now he whispered to remove my burqa. I unbuttoned it from the front and removed and kept it on the side. He began running his hands over my boobs and cleavage now, making me restless.

I began holding his waist tightly. He now opened the buttons of my salwar from the top and began playing with my bra-covered boobs. He was skilled in his actions. As removing full clothes was risky in a public place, we enjoyed that only.

He now lifted my kameez a little and searched for my salwar nada, and undid it. I shamelessly lifted my ass to lower the salwar. He looked around and lowered my salwar up to my knees but didn’t remove it completely. He now began removing his jeans, and he similarly lowered it half.

His dick sprung up like a rod. He exposed his dick completely from the opening of his underwear. My goodness! It was a huge one. I thought it would be only medium-sized, but it seemed to be around 7.5-8 inches. My white laced panty was sticking to my pussy.

He now looked around and slowly lowered my panty also. Since it was white and lacy, my juices marks weren’t visible. Now both of us were naked from our private parts. He held my waist, and he straightened his legs and spread them. He made me face him and slowly guided his huge dick into my pussy below.

“Aah,” I moaned slowly as his thickness made my walls stretch. He held my waist, lifted it a little, and again pushed it on his cock. Soon he began moving up and down. It was a superb position that too in a public place. My whole body was shivering in excitement.

He began pushing his dick more and more with every stroke. Soon we both were matching our strokes to harmony. I was throwing my head sideways and up-down in extreme pleasure. His dick also gave me some pain, but the pleasure was double.

My ass muscles tightened, and my pussy was making slurping sounds as he increased the speed. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I had my first orgasm and shuddered with force. I stopped moving my body now, but he wasn’t done yet. He understood that I’ve cum, so he changed position now.

He made me bend on all fours like an animal. My ass was lifted above in the open. He came behind and again pushed his dick down my pussy. I began building energy again as he was hugging and kissing my back. My ass was soft and shaking with each stroke.

Soon he was at his maximum pace, and suddenly he pulled out and splashed sticky fluid on my ass. He was done. Both were huffing and tired. He cleaned his cum on my ass using his clothes, and we began dressing up.

As promised, he didn’t ask for any more details of me and silently left. It was still evening when I came out. I still couldn’t believe what a girl I had transformed into.

That’s my story. Did you like it? Do tell me in the comments. Goodbye.

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