My Lust For My Hot Neighbor – Part 3

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Hi! I’m Vihan. Thanks for the response to my earlier parts of the stories. This is the third part of the series of lust for my neighbor.

After I asked Sandhya aunty out on a date, I just couldn’t wait for the next evening. I just couldn’t sleep the entire night. The next morning when I woke up, the first thought that came to my mind was her. But before I could lose myself entirely to her, I had to make arrangements for my date tonight.

I booked a lakeside restaurant, about half an hour’s drive from Pune. I booked us a table which was isolated from the other tables. It cost me a bit too much, but I was ready to spend a fortune on her tonight. I asked the restaurant to make preparations for a candlelight dinner, music, and some champagne.

With that, my date venue was set. I decided to wear my black dinner jacket with a bow tie. I decided to buy her a gift. But a bit low on the budget. So I had to settle for some flowers.

I decided to get her some sunflowers, which I absolutely loved. If at all she wore the yellow sari, the flowers would compliment her.

We hadn’t had a chat since yesterday. I just texted her to come to the venue directly. I was not sure how everything was going to happen. Anyway, I left early to see if all the arrangements were in place or not. I wanted the evening to be perfect.

I was expecting her to come by 7. I was not sure whether she would turn up to the date. I was sitting at my table. At 7:05, the waiter tapped my shoulder and told ne, “Sir, your girlfriend is here.” I turned around to see, and to my utter disbelief there, she was wearing the sari I asked her to wear.

Yellow suited her. She was looking like an angel today. That blouse of her with a low neck was making her deep valleys visible to all. She was wearing heels, which made her bosoms and ass stand out. She was wearing bangles. And a golden necklace with a diamond pendant.

To my disbelief, she was not wearing any mangalsutra today. She had also tied her hair, which I didn’t like at all. I was just looking mesmerized at her. She was blushing too. She snapped her fingers at me. I came back to reality.

Me – Aunty, you’re looking beautiful in that sari.

Aunty – Thank you. You have a good choice.

Looking at her, I said, “Yeah, that I have.” She understood what I meant and smiled as I was flirting with her.  The waiter came back with some champagne for the two of us. Even though I had ordered one bottle, he gave us two and said it’s complimentary from our side for the couple.

Aunty was blushing and a bit angry as he referred to us as a couple.

Aunty – What’s wrong with the waiter? Why does he think I’m your girlfriend?

Me – Maybe because that sari makes you look a lot younger, Aunty.

Aunty – Is that so? Then maybe you should call me Sandhya instead of aunty.

I was shocked to see her be so casual with me. As if she had forgotten what has happened a few days ago.

Me – Ok, Sandhya. But there’s something I don’t like about your look.

Sandhya – what?

Me – I don’t like your hair tied up.

By saying that, I moved my chair close to hers. I advanced my hands to her hair and released them from the clip. Her hair was now free, and a few of the strands were on her face. I mustered some guts and moved her strands and tucked them behind her ear with my fingers. While doing this, I touched her cheeks a bit.

I realized she had applied a bit of makeup.  We both were close to each other and looking at each other.

Me – Sandhya, I couldn’t buy you a gift. All I have are these flowers.

I gave her those flowers I bought

Sandhya – I love these, Vihan. These are beautiful. This evening itself is a gift. You need not buy anything more.

I looked at her, enamored by her beauty and grace. I leaned forward and gave a peck on her cheek. I was treating her as if she was my girlfriend. We talked a lot that evening. After dinner, I asked her to dance with me. Sandhya obliged and joined me on the dance floor.

We started with dancing apart from each other. But as the music became a bit slow, I asked her hand. Oblivious as to what was going to happen next, she gave me her hand.

As soon as she did that, I pulled her towards me. She fell on me. My hands were on her waist. Our heads were together. We were able to feel our breath on one another. Her heart was racing. And so was mine. We started dancing and swinging to the tune. She was facing down. We continued.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked Sandhya to look up to me. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t stop staring deep into her eyes. She was doing the same thing. I pulled her a bit closer to me. I went to her ears and whispered, “I love you, Sandhya.”

She had tears in her eyes. With that, I kissed her on her lips. It was not a long kiss. But just a small peck on her lips. She reciprocated. She had closed her eyes. I was looking at her face. She bowed down her head, blushing and rested her head on my shoulders.

My hands traveled from her waist to her ass. I whispered in her ears.

Me – Should we head home?

Sandhya – Hmmm.

Me – Yours or mine?

That’s it for now guys. I’ll be out with the next episode where these two finally fulfill there desires. Till then, stay tuned. Do let me know what you feel about the story. Anyone who wants to talk to me can text/mail me on hangouts/Gmail at [email protected]

Thank you and Adios!

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