Live Sex Stream With Sameer Watched By Husband

Hi, this is Nisha again. Today, I am back with a new story. My live sex stream with Sameer was watched by my hubby when he was out on a business trip.

This happened 2 years back. He went to Belgium for a business trip. He was there for around 3 months. After two months of his stay, one day, I asked him did he visited the Netherlands.

Me: Did you visit Amsterdam?

Hubby: Yes, we went there 2 weeks back.

Me: Did you visit the red-light district?

Hubby: Rather than Amsterdam, the countryside of the Netherlands is good. (He was trying to divert the topic.)

Me: (smilingly) Don’t divert the topic. Did you visit the red-light district?

Hubby: Yes. I did.

Me: Did you fuck any girl?

Hubby: yes. But I am sorry I will not do it again. It was all because of one of my colleagues.

Me: (smilingly) No, honey. I didn’t mind. If you didn’t fuck anyone, then I would have doubted you. You can explore sexually. I don’t have any restrictions. But you should have told me. Don’t wait until I ask.

Hubby: Sorry, I won’t go to Amsterdam next time.

Me: (laughing). Oh no. Please go, and next time you should try a blond one and let me know how it went.

Hubby: (shocked). What!

Me: Yes, go ahead and enjoy. I am not like one traditional wife.

Hubby: Oh, so sweet. I know you are the best.

Me: Don’t butter me. And don’t forget to get me lots of gifts. And a few sets of sexy lingerie. I need them badly.

Hubby: Of course, dear. By the way, did you have any sex during this time?

I had a few encounters with Sameer. Also, Ritu visited me for a couple of days. But I said no.

Me: I am not in Amsterdam, dear. I don’t have that much luck. (I wanted to make him feel guilty.)

Hubby: Oh no. Hey, why don’t you try anything new?

Me: What can I try? Who will come immediately?

Hubby: Call that mother fucker, Sameer. He will always be eager to fuck you. If you give that chance, he will not say no.

Me: Are you sure?

Hubby: Of course, dear. I am okay with it. I know you want to enjoy it too. Go ahead. That idiot will take good care of you.

Me: Okay, I will see.

After that, we had a casual chat, and I did some striptease and masturbated in front of him.

The next day I just casually texted Sameer. I asked him if he could visit me this weekend. Maybe Saturday. He agreed to visit me on Saturday evening. I informed my hubby that he would come on Saturday. I also told him I didn’t inform him that he would fuck me.

But I want to decide. He convinced me hard that I should go for it. I said okay. A wicked idea came to his mind.

Hubby: don’t inform him now. Try to seduce him.

Me: What? No, I can’t do that.

Hubby: It’s okay. You can show your slutty side. And switch on the camera at the house so that I can watch you how slutty you can get. That will be a big turn-on for me.

Me: No way, I can’t do that. Then there is no need for Sameer to come.

Hubby: No, no. Just do it as if nothing is there. Meanwhile, I am okay with it.

After a long conversation, he finally convinced me. I just made it look like I am fulfilling my hubby’s fantasy by fucking Sameer while he is watching. I was happy if I could get a steamy session. He can’t question me. I was happy, and I decided to show my hubby how much of a slut I am. I was very excited about it.

Knowing that my hubby is watching my slutty side of it. And as always, Sameer is good at fucking. I thought I would go on all out. I informed Sameer about what will going to happen. I informed him that it might end up good for us. I asked him to take some time and come. I didn’t tell that my hubby would watch.

On Saturday, I finished all my housework quickly, and by afternoon I was done with it. I had a call with my hubby. He asked me to switch on the camera to watch me from now and enjoy how I get dressed. I was hesitant.

But he said, “Nisha, I give you full freedom. Do whatever you want today. I won’t stop you. But just one condition you should let me watch.” I said okay and switched on. After several months I got to know that it was not just my husband who watched.

It was his onsite manager and his wife too. On that, he enjoyed a threesome at his onsite manager’s house. I didn’t care when he told me about it. When I visited Belgium 6 months after this incident, I had group sex with them. I will tell that story later.

I was started getting ready. I shaved my pussy and took a bath. I came out wrapped in a towel. By that point, my hubby and his boss (secretly watching) were watching me. I took off my towel and started looking for a dress to wear. I was showing my 32D melons, thinking that it was just my hubby watching.

I was trying different clothes. I finally decided to wear a red thong with laces running around my hips and a small transparent cloth covering my clean shave pussy. Additionally, a small piece of cloth tucked inside my ass crack, giving clear visibility of my bubble butt.

I was also wearing a red push-up bra with small white dots. I was looking bomb. Over them, I wore a semi-transparent white t-shirt and black cotton shorts. I tied my t-shirt to one side of my hips to give clear visibility of my belly button.

I exactly dressed like a modern slut. I was just waiting for Sameer to come. I texted my hubby to check how I was looking. His reply made me more confident. “Oh, Nisha, you look much more slutty than what I saw in Amsterdam.”

At some time, I heard my doorbell. I opened the door. It was none other than Sameer. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. His mouth got wide open as soon as he saw me. I pulled him in.

Me: Shut your mouth. Otherwise, a fly will go in.

S: you are looking like a bomb, Nisha. OMG. Where you kept this beauty all these days. I have become an even bigger fan of you.

Me: Don’t flatter me.

S: No, I am serious. I envy your husband, who gets to enjoy you every day.

Me: Hmm, he is in Belgium now.

S: Show this Avatar of yours he will come to India on the next flight.

He didn’t know our action was being watched. I told Sameer to sit down on the sofa, and I will make tea. He followed me to the kitchen. We were casually talking. I was looking at the tea which I kept on the stove. All of a sudden, I sensed Sameer just standing behind me.

I suddenly turned. While I was doing, he pulled me and kissed me on the lips. We got into an erotic kiss which lasted almost a few minutes. He was rubbing my ass. Pulled one leg up and embraced himself with my leg. He was also running his hand all over my thighs.

Oh, that was a wonderful start. I turned off the stove. He slowly lifted me and took me to the hall. He threw me on the sofa and started kissing me. He slowly moved down, pulled my shorts down.

He saw my semi-covered pussy. I grabbed it by his mouth. He started kissing it over my semi-transparent panty. I was moaning.

Me: Oh, Sameer, you fucking brat, eat my pussy. I am yours today. Lick it.

He then removed my panty down and lifted my legs, and started licking the deep side of my pussy. Oh, that was a really good feeling. After some time, I got up, made him sit on the sofa, I pulled his pants off. He was wearing a black jockey brief.

His dick was already erect. I pulled it and started playing with its tip. I was slowly moving my tongue all over the tip of his cock. He was slowly moaning. I then gulped his dick in my mouth and stroking it my mouth. I started slowly at the beginning.

Meantime, I was also giving a nice massage to his balls. He was enjoying every bit of it. He slowly put his hand on my head and started pushing my mouth to take his dick deep. A few times, his dick almost touched my throat. We were enjoying sex as if no one was watching.

After some time, he made me sit on the sofa and started giving me a striptease. He slowly took off his shirt. His moves were good. I was moving my hands over his chest and abs. He moved forward and took my t-shirt off. I was in front of him in just my red bra. He sat next to me, and we started kissing each other.

He was pressing my boobs, and I was stroking his dick while kissing. It went on for a while. After some time, we broke our kiss. He then took off my bra and started eating my boobs. He slowly bit nipples, pulled them, pinched them, and sucking them.

I was feeling good. He then slowly moved down and started kissing my belly area. I was feeling ticklish and was moaning loud.

Me: Oh Sameer you fucker. Do it more. I am enjoying it.

He slowly bit my thighs. I was aroused by then and moaning. He then lifted me and took me to the bedroom. He then positioned me for missionary fuck. I lifted my legs. He held my leg on his shoulder and started inserting his dick. Oh, I was feeling good.

He intensified the strokes. We were moaning loudly. In a few minutes, he splashed his cum on my tummy. I wiped it with a towel. We slept on the bed, hugging each other for some time.

Later I asked him to clean himself in the bathroom. I then went and turned off the camera. We continued our session overnight. We were lying naked in the bedroom.

Sameer: You are growing sexier day by day.

Me: Stop flattering me.

Sameer: Hopefully, I will get a wife like you who enjoys sex and explores it.

Me: I am sure you will get one.

We then ordered our food. We ate and sat for drinks. After 2 drinks, Sameer asked me to suck the cock. I wasted no time. I just grabbed his dick and started kissing it. His dick was already erect, and small juices were oozing out. I didn’t care.

I just gulped it and started sucking it hard. I was so deprived. I took his whole dick in my mouth. He was enjoying it so much. He was moaning.

Sameer: Oh, Nisha. Fucking bitch. You gave such a good blowjob. Suck it, baby.

I got turned on more. I slowly started playing with his balls as well. In no time, he started unloading his cum. I took his dick out he splashed his cum on my face. He also started tapping his dick on my lips. Then we both went to the bathroom to clean up.

In the shower, he gave me nice fingering and also took a hot shower together. Later we slept cuddling. The next morning we had one more round of sex, and Sameer’s dick was so hard in the morning. After that session, he left.

Later I called my husband.

Me: Did you watch?

Hubby: Oh yes, Nisha. We loved it so much.

Me: What? What do you mean by we?

Hubby: Sorry, one of my colleagues also joined me along with his wife.

Me: You fucker.

Hubby: Nisha, they are not from India. But his wife was complimenting you that you are so sexy.

Me: Don’t try to butter me. You should have at least informed me.

Hubby: Sorry dear, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.

Me: Now you are embarrassing me.

Hubby: No, dear, my colleague’s wife liked you so much. She wants to have a group session with you.

Later, when I traveled with my hubby to Belgium, we had a steamy session with them. This is how my fucking husband watched me fucking Sameer. He later said he was also showing this to his office colleague.

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