Her Submissive Side

I texted her, “I reached.”

She said, “Park your bike near the shop. Do not remove your helmet. I will keep the door open. You can come as a delivery guy. Do not remove your shoes outside.”

I texted back, “Okay, my heart beats so fast. Thanks for inviting me to your home.”  I parked my bike as the road was empty due to a lockdown in Bangalore.

I am 27 years old. She was 33. I met her on a social media platform. We have been chatting for a year now. We met many times outside and had casual talks. We decided to take it to the next level. I said I will book an Oyo room. She said fine.

All night I couldn’t sleep. In the morning, I dozed. When I woke around 6 am, there was a message, “Do not book a room. It’s unsafe. Come to my home, we will have an hour. We can chat.”

I was heartbroken. I bought condoms went on bike to meet her with a million thoughts. Remaining, you know.

Present :

I climbed the stairs. Her house was on the 2nd floor. The door was kept open. As soon as I entered, she locked the door from behind. It was her first time. I could sense she was a little nervous. She went to the kitchen and came with a glass of water and Tropicana.

I said thanks, she sat next to me. I told her to sit close. She said, “I am comfortable here.” I went close to her, holding her hand. Gave a kiss on her hand. I said, “I never expected you to invite me to your house.”

She just nodded her head. She was wearing a long skirt. I touched her foot. It was so soft. I sat down and kissed her foot. She closed her eyes. I moved my hand up over her legs and touched her knee. Damn, so soft.

Already a tent was formed in my pant. Suddenly she stood up and started moving to the kitchen. I went behind her. Hugged her from behind tightly. Slowly moved her hair and kissed her neck, and held her waist tight.

She could feel my dick over her ass crack. I said, “Won’t you show me your house?” She said, “Sure.” She tried to free herself. I pulled her back to me and gave one hard, dry fuck.

She was literally enjoying me being a little harsh on her. She showed me her kitchen. I made her sit on the kitchen slab. Hugged her, rubbing her pussy over panty and skirt.

I removed my shirt. She saw my body and took her hand and placed it on my chest. I suddenly took my finger to her mouth. She opened her mouth and started sucking my finger and playing with her tongue. She’s really good at it.

I said, “We will go to the dining hall.” She said she likes it here. I held her waist, lifted her, and made her jump down. I said, “Show me your dining hall.” She walked in front. I gave a hard spank on her ass, said, “I love your ass.”

She gave a blush with an erotic smile. She moved to the dining hall. I asked her to sit on top of the dining table. I pulled a chair and sat opposite her. I asked her to lift her ass. She understood what I was up to and lifted her ass.

I inserted my hand from below and touched her thighs. I inserted my middle finger by sliding her panty to the left. I touched her clit, rubbing her pussy. It was so wet.

I pulled her panty in one go. It was a dark red panty, a plain one. Zivame. Now I inhaled the panty, and it was making me go crazy. I suddenly inserted my face in her skirt. Started licking her thighs, and I was slowly proceeding to pussy.

She lost control and pushed my head to go deep. I love playing, so I resisted. Suddenly she came forward, it was an unexpected move. To be honest, I was impressed by her instant thought. So I started licking her clit and fingering her at the same time.

I was doing vice versa. Her muscles got tighter, and she started pushing my head deeper. It was hard for me to breathe. I stopped licking pulled my head out. She gave me an angry look.

I smiled and smooched her. I was rubbing her pussy, started fingering her with maximum speed with just one finger. Finally, she came out loud. She took few seconds to recollect what just happened.

I asked her where are her daughter and husband. She said they went to his mom’s house, and they will be back by night.

I said, “Show me your master bedroom.” She was hugging me and lying on my chest. We moved towards the master bedroom. It was so spacious. I made her sit on the bed.

I removed her t-shirt. It was a jockey red non-padded bra. Stretch marks were seen on her tummy due to pregnancy, but I loved it. I lay on her lap. Kissed her navel. Kissing her navel kissing her stretch marks, she said she hates it. I said it’s beautiful.

I pulled the left side of her bra. Her brown tits were making me go crazy. I was pinching her tits. She screamed in pain, but she said, “I love when you do it hard.”

I was sucking it like a baby. Then I pulled her other side of the bra and started playing with it. I held her tits between two fingers and was massaging them. I jumped on the floor and stood.

She was looking at me with a blank face, not understanding what’s happening. I pulled her by her hair. She got so furious. She raised her hand to slap me. Guess it was hurting.

I hold her hand and placed it on my dick and said, “Kneel and suck it.” She understood she was taken control. She smiled at me, the same lusty smile. She said, “Sure, master.”

She pulled a pillow and knelt on it and started stroking my dick, and kissed my dick. She licked the tip of my dick. She was sucking the tip of my dick. I was frustrated as hell because she didn’t take the entire dick in her mouth.

But I was wrong. It was so much pleasure, slowly she started taking 1/4th of my dick then halfway through my dick. Meanwhile, she was sucking my balls. She asked to spread my legs. She sniffed my butthole. I did not feel anything.

While doing that, she was holding my balls with a tight grip. Suddenly she kissed my asshole and started licking it. There s no words to express it. It was heavenly.

I thought only I can make a girl cum by not touching her pussy. Today she proved me wrong. Every second she was licking my ass and massaging my balls. I was on the verge of cumming.

I said I couldn’t hold it any longer. She said, “Cum on my face and hair. I will take a shower.” I did as she said.

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