Fucking my best friend during lockdown – Part 2

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This is the second part of the story. So, let’s begin the story. The sex with my best friend Zoya was amazing and it was a good experience as we slept together in the same bed.

The next morning I wake up to see my best friend was sleeping next to me naked. I enjoyed the view of her big boobs and beautiful ass. I went and made breakfast for us and woke her up. We finished our breakfast. After that, we kissed one another and she went to her apartment.

At around noon. she texted me –

Zoya – Hey what are you doing?

Me – Nothing, was just watching a web series, and you?

Zoya – Then come for dinner at 2 pm and bring your laptop too.

Me –Ok.

At around 2 pm, I went to her apartment and knocked on the door. She opened the door and I saw my best friend wearing a black panty and a long white top which was draped all down to her ass.

Though I had fucked her only last night, it was still hard for me to believe it. We both smiled and I could see her eyes filled with lust and horny too.

After finishing lunch, we talked and she told me she enjoyed the last night and it should stay between us. She was cleaning the dishes and I grabbed her from the back and kissed her on her neck. My best friend gave a small moan and she was like don’t do it. I stopped and asked her, “Are you not horny now wearing such clothes and me staring at you?”

She didn’t say a single word. I put my hand inside her panty onto her pussy and started to rub her and whispered in her ears, “You are gonna be my slut bestie.” To which she smiled and with her utmost will and said, “Move now.”

I resisted and asked her, “Are you horny now?” To which she replied, “Yes, I am. I have been masturbating a few times since morning.” I was surprised to hear the masturbating part. I asked her to remove the top, which she did obediently.

I could see my best friend’s boobs now which were hiding inside her t-shirt. I grabbed one by one hand and kept one hand on her pussy, rubbing and squeezing her boobs. She was moaning and begging me to stop. Soon, she hit her climax, I stopped but I did it to her a few more times as she got frustrated and told me to fuck her.

I said, “Not now, I will do it after some time only if you obey me” and left her pussy and boobs and went to the sofa.

She was horny by then, and as I moved to the sofa, I could see that she wanted to reach her climax but she didn’t want to do it herself. So, she finished doing the dishes and came near me fully naked with just a panty.

I asked her, “Do you have clothesline clips?” to which she replied, “Yes,’ and I told her to bring some. As she brought the clips, I stood up and told her to kneel down on the floor and opened my pants.

Now, my best friend saw my big 7.5-inch dick waiting for her to suck it, and to drink all the juices held within. Without wasting time, she started to suck and with the full pace, she was sucking my dick. Sometimes, she was sucking the tip of my penis with her tongue and sometimes, the entire penis.

I held her hair together in a bunch in order to give her a deep throat. She took it out after a few seconds as she wanted to breathe and again she began deep throating a few times.

Now, I picked her up and put her on the sofa. The smell of her wet pussy was too good. I started to suck out all the juices and she was moaning like crazy. While sucking, I was squeezing her boobs and she was enjoying everything.

Between all this, I slapped my best friend’s boobs a few times, which she enjoyed. I asked her, “Are you my slut?” She was silent. I bought the clothing clips and put one on each of her nipples and she moaned with pain and pleasure.

I asked again and she replied, “Yes, yes, I am your slut. Do anything you like, just make me cum more and more.”

I pushed her head down with her ass rising at the back and slapped her ass and with each hard slap, she was moaning in pain. Within a few minutes, her ass became red. I took her in my arms and went to the bedroom.

We were in the 69 position and she was sucking my penis and I was feasting on her pussy. After doing it for a few minutes, I put her in a butterfly position and started banging her hard. With each stroke, she was moaning harder and harder.

With clips on her nipples, giggling and fucking was a very good sight to see. Now I made her lie in the doggy style and started to stroke again and now her moans were like a melody for me. She was enjoying the fuck and she wanted me to satisfy her.

I lay her down on the bed and removed the clips from her boobs. The nipples had swelled a little and the boob had become red. I sucked them for a minute and though she was in pain, yet she got pleasure. Soon, I put my penis into her vagina and was stroking with my all energy.

I was biting my best friend’s nipples, which was making her go crazy. Now she started to scream, “Sameer, fuck me more, fuck me harder and harder.”

Within the next 10 minutes, we were about to reach our climax and she told me to put it all inside her.

So I did, and she also reached her climax with a huge scream. My penis remained inside her for a few more minutes. I made her boobs my pillow and lay there for half an hour and asked her,

Me- Do you like it my slutty bestie?

Zoya – Yes, I did (giving me a naughty smile).

Then we went to the bathroom and I fucked her there too and again at night too.

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