Sex Story Of An Introvert

Hi dear bitches and bastards!  It’s a world filled with horny people like us, but we never dare to express and explore it.

Here is a story of my story reader of her life experience. She narrated the entire story. I wrote it and sent her if it’s fine to be published. She said she was very wet reading her own story.

I belong to a conservative vegetarian family. My parents were government employees. I have an older sister. Likewise, I was always asked not to do this or that. At the same time, I saw my sister given the full privilege of her life.

That made me hate myself and jealous of my sister. I wanted to go out from my family and live my life without any restrictions. Young girls of my age had a boyfriend(s). Most of them had their kisses and lost their virginity too. Few were acting as royal sluts.

On the other hand, I am with an elder sister who was 3 years older and studied in the same school. I was happy she would move away after her 10th. But she continued her college and MBA on the same campus.  I know my life sucks.

I had a crush on a few guys and of which few proposed. Like a dumb ass, I kept the love letter in my bag as I felt it was precious. But to my fucking bad luck, I was caught by my mom.

The next day they took me to the principal. It was so embarrassing. That’s the end of it. No other guy dared to propose to me during school after that. I had many such misadventures in my life. Years have passed, but nothing has changed.

Fast-forward to the day before I lost my virginity. I applied for a seminar in Bangalore. My parents denied me, saying you need not go. I was very adamant and wanted to go, not because I’m interested in the seminar. The first time I will be away for a week from my parents and sister.

The seminar is for 5 days and 2 days travel. I knew my parents couldn’t accompany me because of their work and my sister has her exam. This is the right time, and I was so adamant. Finally, my parents agreed.

About me:
Name: Let’s call me Slave
Age: 20
Height: 5.2
Weight: 49

Physical appearance: Short hair, left side of forehead I have a small scar, pierced nose, small earring not a stud.

Character attributes A lot submissive. But with strangers, I’m harsh. Because I don’t want others to know I’m submissive by nature (afraid of causes). I love painting and dancing.

I am an average student in studies and love watching lesbian porn (I’m straight, though), hard sex, BDSM (I love to explore). I love reading sex stories. That’s how I learned masturbating.

I boarded the bus after hours of advice from all three on how I should behave. It was Friday night, and to my surprise, the bus was empty. I was hoping for some good, handsome guy to sit next to me (let’s call him Master), so I could have some fun or have a friend.

To my bad luck, an uncle came and sat next to me. I plugged my earphones and cursing him. After 10 minutes, he asked if I could close the window? Already I was too upset. I raised my eyebrows.

Slave (Me) – Can’t you see there are many empty seats? You can move there. Please do not disturb me.

My Master (he): Sorry, relax.

He moved to the seat behind me.

I was a little relieved. But I know it will be a lonely night as there are no stops in between, except a late-night stop. I was listening to songs, and I got bored and upset. Furthermore, I leaned on my seat and removed my shoes, and moved my leg back. It touched his legs.

A sudden electric shock passed through my body, but instantly we both pulled our legs. After ten minutes, I kept my leg behind him. This time his toes were touching the backside of my legs. It was amazing, but I felt it was wrong as he’s older than me.

I guess he should have been married. I’m not sure. I pulled my leg in front, turned towards him with anger, but he had a small grin on his face. I was lost with that smile. Furthermore, I turned front and acted sleeping. Though, there was a huge battle going on in me. Should I take the next step or keep quiet?

After a short battle, always the hunger for cock wins. This time I moved my legs backside. He had his legs up already. I pressed my legs on his toes. He was rubbing his toes against my leg with his other leg. It was hot and making me wet. I leaned back on the seat and window and enjoying it.

As all lights were turned off, the lights of vehicles passing in the opposite direction. He suddenly touched my arms from the side of the gap between the window and seat. He kept his hand. Still, it was making me wetter. I wanted to know how far he would go.

I kept my hands behind my head. That way, he got a clear view of my boobs. I thought he would go for my boobs. He moved his hand to my armpits. It was tickling and making me so hot. I loved his teasing. He withdrew his hand. I knew he was smelling the smell of my armpits.

I touched myself down. He again touched his waist, and slowly it was going up for the mountains. He started playing gently with my boobs. I leaned on the side of the window so that he can get complete access to my boobs. Also, I removed my bra.

Later with his two fingers, he was pressing tits pinching it slowly. I was on the verge of cumming. I stopped his hand. I took his finger and kissed it. He pinched my lips and inserted his finger in my mouth. I was licking his finger like a slave born to suck.

I covered myself in a blanket. Suddenly he withdrew his hand. I thought, what the hell happened. He came and sat next to me. I don’t know how to react. It’s my first time this close to a guy. I was panicking at the same time. Master knew my mind. He held my hand with a grip and told me.

Master (he): Don’t worry, except you, the driver, and me. All others are asleep.

It made me blush a little.

Master (he): Is it your first time?

Slave (me): Yes.

Master (he): Share your blanket

I opened my blanket, he came in and covered both of us.

Master (he): Give me your hand.

I touched his chest. He moved my hand to his boner. It was so big. It was the first time I touched a dick. He cupped my boobs. Master came close to me. I knew I was going to kiss a guy. It was making me wet.

His lips touched mine. It was pin-dropped silence for a few seconds. My heart was beating so fast like Usain Bolt. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started sucking his lips. He was pressing my boobs and sucking my lips. He passed his saliva to me. It was kinky but so hot.

I regret being a virgin all these years. He touched my pussy while kissing my lips. I almost fainted with the pleasure. I don’t know what to do. He fingered me. Though I have fingered myself, I never felt this pleasure of another person’s finger. I came within seconds as he fingered.

I broke the kiss and was embarrassed. He brought his fingers with my cum close to my face. I didn’t want to lick it, so I moved my face a little back. He understood it and started kissing my neck.

He knew how to please a girl. I was losing myself to him. He again put his fingers close to my face. Though he didn’t force, I opened my mouth and started licking it while sucking his fingers. He smiled and told me.

Master (he): You naughty bitch, you are a virgin sex slave. Do you wish to surrender to me?

I just nodded my head.

Master (he): (while pinching my tits) Say it loud.

Slave (me): Love to serve you, Master.

Master (he): Lift your kurta and show me your titties.

I was not bothered about the surroundings or where I was. I was taking his orders. Taking his orders made me feel so satisfied as if I achieved something. Master started sucking my tits. In the dark, he gave few bites. It was a pleasure to experience. I can’t tell express words.

After few minutes, Master took my hand and placed it on his zip. I knew what was to be done. I removed the zip and took his cock out. Nerves on cock were easily felt. I couldn’t hold it completely in my one hand. I started stroking his dick after a few minutes. My arms and palms started to pain.

Master (he): Why did you slow down?

Slave (me): It’s paining Master.

Master (he): Sucking my dick is the alternative.

Master (he) went to the corner of the seat. He asked me to blow him. I went near to see his dick and kissed it. I was touching his dick with my lips. He grew impatient and pushed my head down. By the force of what he did, his dick was hitting my throat.

I couldn’t express the feeling in words. It made me so wet. I thought I was born bitch, and he brought out the whore within me. He was about to cum. It was new to me, so I didn’t want to take it in. He took his napkin and cum on it.

Later, he fingered me twice. Once he licked my cum, he wiped my cum in a napkin and said, “Once the napkin dries, you can check the smell, and you will remember this day.”

He gave me his number, and we both took a small nap. Around 5.30, I felt something on my boobs. It was his hands. We smooched for a while. He said it’s risky. He quietly fingered me, and there it goes. I cum again.

Around 7, we reached Bangalore. He left, and while leaving, he asked me to call. I said sure, make yourself available this entire week. And once he left. I inhaled the napkin. The aroma was heavenly.

I took my phone and deleted his number. I threw the napkin on the bus and stepped out of the bus. A new episode of my life started.

People can reach out at [email protected], those who have the dare to try something new and have kinky experiences.

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