My Married Aunt Neha Makes Me A Man!

Hi readers, I am Vikram, from Bangalore. I have been reading ISS for a very long time and wanted to share my personal stories during this quarantine time as I have jerked enough times reading others’ stories and I am currently jobless.

I am currently in my early 30’s and this incident happened during my college days. I am a naturally shy and reserved person, but I am also a very jovial and funny character and the word sex itself excites me. I have jerked a million times and during those school and college days have jerked 4-5 times a day, and still be excited.

The woman who stole my virginity was my aunt Neha. We all stay in the same building. I and my uncle’s age difference was 10 years and my aunt Neha was 5 years younger than my uncle so she ideally was 5 years elder to me.

I did not have any sexual feelings towards my aunt Neha for most of the time. I had jerked imagining every woman, I knew only my aunt was left to imagine and jerk about.

Aunt Neha was 5’5 in height fair complexion and average size. I did not lust on her because her boobs were not so big to excite me.

My aunt many times came too close to me while talking where I could smell her breath and a few times, she rubbed her boobs against me, got into a position where my dick got rubbed against her.

She asked me about my girlfriends. I believed I finally had my long-awaited chance to lose my virginity. I had to work on it. Women rarely make the first move and if it’s within family, you got to be 100% sure before jumping the gun.

I gave enough signs that I was interested and I got some response which kept me excited.

Finally, the doomsday came. My uncle was going out of the station on work purpose and my aunt was alone. My aunt had already spoken to my mom to send me over at night as she was afraid to stay alone.

I had my dinner and my mom told me this news, I was never so happy, excited, and nervous at the same time. I then rushed to the washroom clean shaved my private parts, and was ready for the plunge.

I went to my aunt Neha’s house. She was watching television. I also sat on the sofa and I enquired about uncle. She said he may not return for another 3 days.

After a while, my aunt got up and said she was going to sleep and asked me to join her once watching TV was over. I said I shall sleep in the living room but she insisted to join her. I was convinced she was ready to fuck me but I did not have the guts to make the first move. After 15 minutes, I joined her thinking how to make the first move.

She was on the right side of the bed and lay on the left side. She pulled over the blanket and there was only one blanket. I closed my eyes pretending to sleep and also made a snoring sound as if I was deep asleep, hoping she will make her first move.

My heart was pounding. She then turned towards me and continued her sleep. Sensing no move from her, I slow as a snail moved my hand towards her boobs. I felt it was taking forever to reach her boobs in this slow pace.

Finally, my fingers touched her t-shirt, my heart was beating so fast I thought I might just die of heart attack. Slowly, slowly my right hand was on her breast.

I still did not press my aunt’s boobs and I could just feel the shape and I was like,! These are boobs.. This is how it feels, so soft!” I was saying this over and over in my mind and I told myself there is no returning back from here.

I wanted to suck those boobs. I mustered enough courage and started pressing her boobs. There was no response and I continued pressing in excitement. All of a sudden, she moved her hand on my dick.

Damn, she was awake and waiting all the time for me to make the first move. I said the hell with this and moved closer to her in the dark and smooched her and started pressing both her boobs!

Neha was moaning and that was exciting. I wanted to suck those boobs. I went below and got into her t-shirt and started sucking her boobs as madly as I could. She was pressing my head into her like she wanted more.

I then slid my right hand into her pant and panty and squeezing her ass.

We had not spoken a single word yet. I came out of the t-shirt and tried removing her t-shirt. I removed mine as well. Now our hot bodies were sticking to each other and I could feel the extreme heat. My right leg was in between her thighs and rubbing her pussy. She was moaning continuously.

My married aunt then slid her left hand into my pant and was stroking my dick. (How wonderful is it when a woman’s soft hands hold your dick!)

I realised he was struggling to stroke my dick. So, with my right hand, I pulled my pants down, and now she had full freedom to stroke my dick and play with my balls. She was definitely enjoying it as she was continuously moaning.

I wanted to give her more pleasure. So, I started to pull her pants down. My aunt started to resist but I was in no mood to let go without feeling the pussy! Her pants were down and I inserted my hand and started finger fucking her while sucking her boobs.

Her pussy was hot as an oven and her juices were dripping. I was experiencing all the things I had seen in porn videos. She had enough and went down.

OMG! She was giving me a blowjob! It was the ultimate pleasure and I was moaning now. She was sucking really good. My dick was too big for her to take it all in but she continued.

I finally told her I was coming but she continued. I exploded my load into her mouth and she took it all in.

We both were breathless and lay next to each other in exhaustion and did not speak any word.

In 10 minutes, my dick was up, erect and pounding. ‘He’ wanted more.

I took my aunt’s hand placed it on my dick and she was ready. I moved upon her and tried to put my dick in, but due to no previous experience, I could not guide in.

My aunt helped and it just went in like a finger in a jelly. I started to go back and forth trying to enter my dick fully. After a few tries I was fully in. I just wanted to fuck her brains out so that I can have her again and again.

I started stroking her harder and harder as I could hear the flap sound like, in porn movie, I knew I was doing it right. As I had just unloaded 10 minutes ago, I was not going to cum anytime soon.

I increased the strokes, my aunt was moaning and was in pain. She told me to slow down, and said, “This is not the last time you’ll fuck me, many more to come, so go easy.”

I started to hump in a normal pace and I got to a moment when I was ready to cum. I told her I was about to cum and she asked me to let the load inside as she was on pills.

I released all my pleasure and hot cum came out and with exhaustion. Then I lay next to her.

She then got down from the bed, took her clothes and headed to the washroom to wash. She came back dressed.

I was still naked in the blanket. I went to the washroom and washed my warrior after his debut battle. ‘He’ was exhausted in pleasure. Without speaking anything, we both slept and in the early morning, I went home before she woke up.

This continued for another 2 more days. I was her new fuck-buddy, every time my uncle is out of the station I would be on her bed – no much talking just fucking.

My aunt gave me enough knowledge and experience to try other women. I shall post all the stories of my encounters so far.

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