First Kiss And Getting Sexual With College Friend – Part 2

Previous Part: First Kiss And Getting Sexual With College Friend

Hi friends, I’m Naziya Pathan, a 26-year-old girl from Andhra Pradesh. I wrote about myself and my first experience with a boy in my college days. I was 18 and was eager to explore my sexuality.

In the last story, I also told about my friend Ashok and our situation in a secluded room inside our college on a rainy evening. I’ll continue now what happened next.

My pussy felt a current as soon as he lightly touched it with his finger. I felt an emotion that I had never experienced even while fingering. Ashok didn’t stop even at my request. I looked at his eyes which seemed to be filled with lust.

I lowered my eyes in shame, not able to look at him still in his lap. He again gave a brush to my pussy on my salwar, and I almost jumped. He now hugged me tightly and began kissing my mouth badly.

I was getting carried by my emotions. I didn’t fear nor think logically at that time. Only my pussy was controlling my body. He again told me, “I love you,” and began pulling my kameez up. I hesitated to lift my arms but couldn’t stop him or look up to him.

Inside I was wearing a pink-colored bra. I was so ashamed to expose it and was turning red like a tomato. He began moving my bra up, and my boobs were open. I was trying to hide them with my palms.

He pulled them apart and had an awed look on his face looking at my beautiful breasts. It had chocolate color nipples almost erect now. I was feeling cold. He used his mouth on them. He began biting my nipples and licking, then leaving red marks due to his teeth.

I was shaking uncontrollably like having a fever. He was massaging them at the same time. Now, after 10 minutes, he again put his hands on my pussy which was already erupting lava now. As soon as his fingers ran on my pussy over my salwar, it gave twerk, and my body had an orgasm.

Juices started flowing in my panty, and I was fully ashamed. He now slowly put his hand on my salwar nada and undid it. I was too lost to stop. He loosened it and pulled off my salwar too. I was only in my undergarments now in his lap.

He began kissing my breasts again while caressing my naked ass cheeks and back. My smooth milky skin had started having goosebumps. My ass cheeks were getting pressed like a sponge. He now lifted me from his lap and began lying me down on the floor.

Thankfully, it had some mat-like thing in the cold weather. He came on top and began undressing his shirt and pants. As soon as he removed his shirt, his wide hairy chest was exposed, and I was admiring it. He had a bit muscular but had a dark body. My hesitation was gone now.

I began caressing his chest hair while his body was rubbing against mine. He now began opening his underwear, too, which had already grown into a big tent. Wow! First time I saw a man’s real erect dick. I was mesmerized. He was shaved and huge there.

As he came on my top, his dick rubbed all over my inner thighs and pussy over my soaked panty. He asked me to get my body a little up as he pulled off my panty, which was already soaking in juices. I again felt shy, lying completely naked in front of a man. I began to cover my pussy again.

He held my hands by his tough hands and started admiring my pussy. He began parting the little hair I had and my pussy lips. He began feeling its interior and walls and clit. I was shivering in excitement despite one orgasm. I was getting moist again as he worked well with his fingers inside.

My virgin pussy petals were in cold air. He couldn’t hold anymore now, and he held my thighs and slightly parted them. He came in between my legs, and his smooth cock was pointing at my pussy. I swallowed my saliva, mentally preparing for my first sex, which I had seen in only porn.

He held his penis by his hands and began searching for the right place. He rubbed it little on my pussy clit. I was breathing fast and hard in excitement. He slowly began moving his hips forward to penetrate my hymen. It was like a balloon inside. He couldn’t go deeper due to resistance.

He pulled out again and gave little more pressure. I felt sudden pain stretching my pussy. “Ah, Ashok slow,” the first time I yelled his name. His penis head touched my virgin walls. I shivered and tightened my arms around Ashok’s back.

I was almost digging my nails in his back. My hymen stretched and expanded as his penis moved further in. He moved a little right and left for my pussy to get used to his penis inside. He lifted his hips and had a hard push. My wall of virginity tore, and hymen burst open

I yelled and cried, “Ah!” I felt my pussy was split into two. I controlled, but a few tears came out as my mouth opened, and my body stayed motionless. He moved himself up and down slowly to push further inside.

In 3-4 strokes, his full penis was inside. My vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed his penis. He lifted my legs and clasped them around his waist. He began moving his hips up and down in slow jabs. He moved the length of his penis, rubbing against my inner pink skin untouched ever before.

I saw a few drops of blood and again closed my eyes. He increased his thrust inside my vagina. Then he pulled out his penis allowed me to relax few minutes. He again placed it at the entrance of my vaginal lips and pushed in again. This time it went in a little easier and slid the whole length in just 2-3 strokes.

My vaginal canal had completely accepted the thickness and length of Ashok’s dick. He moved longer and deeper in slow shots and later increased the speed with each thrust. I was moaning, “Aah, aah!” with every thrust. As his speed increased, both of our moans got louder and faster.

Our bodies started sweating in that cold, too, due to sexual intercourse. He kept passionately sliding in and out for about 20 minutes. Finally, I had another orgasm building. This time when I was near cumming. My vaginal muscles expanded and contracted in waves.

He was in full speed now and shouting my name, “Naziya, Naziya. I’m cumming, darling.” In a few seconds, both had orgasms. He cummed inside my pussy only. Later, I regretted and insisted on a condom in all further acts. My body was tired and also excited.

I had become a woman now. There was also a feeling of regret and shyness, which I couldn’t express. He kissed for the last few times and began cleaning up the mess. We dressed up again.

He again told me, “I love you, Naziya.” But I couldn’t look at his eyes. I silently dressed and left. In 10 minutes, my auto driver uncle called and told me he was picking me up in 5 minutes.

I went home full of feelings. I’ll tell my further experiences up to my marriage also in my future stories. Thank you for reading. Tell me if you liked my story in the comments. Please don’t ask for my contact details as I’m not giving them to anyone.

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