Losing Virginity At The College Washroom

Hi, I am Mani, 23 male from Chennai.

The story is about to tell has happened when I was 21 years old and pursuing my final year in engineering. My engineering life was very disappointed during the academic years but I loved going to college to see my friends and have fun.

I have my best friend named Madhav who used to wander around the college campus with me all the time. I used to watch lot of porn during my college. Madhav had a school friend named Shobhana who was pursuing the third year engineering in the same college.

During the final year, my friend introduced his school friend to me before the project review. We introduced to each other and made some plans for the same evening.

After the review, I, Madhav and Shobhi (I love calling her name as ‘Shobhi’) went out to the coffee shop nearby. We spent 1 hour there and just left the place.

When I first saw her, it felt like she was the dream girl I would like to to make love and to lose my virginity to.

I developed a crush on her and started seeing her for a week. We shared our feelings to one another. It was so nice of her to understand my situations and act accordingly.

A week passed. Me and my friend after the project review used to talk about the stuff that we did during the weekend. My friend used to tell me everything that he did, even his personal things and I used to tell him each and every thing that I admire.

After the review, we were walking towards the college bus. It was not a working day actually. Since I and Madhav are project mates, we were asked to come on that day from our class by the project supervisors.

Only a few professors and staff were there.We saw Shobhi in a bright red saree for the rotary club inauguration and after that, she was waiting for the college bus to arrive at her stop.

We were not knowing that she would be present there. We planned to frighten her from behind. So we waited for the right time.

She was in a corner and watching something in her mobile and then looking around but didn’t watch us.

When we went behind her, I touched her hip and gave a little push while Madhav kept his hands on her shoulder gave a hard pull by making a scream at her. She was frightened and dropped the mobile phone down.

We were shocked to see a porn video playing on her screen. It was her masturbating an hour before in the college restroom. She suddenly grabbed the phone before anyone noticed. But we had noticed.

She gave a nice smile at us without knowing what to do and she came near me knowing I was the one that pushed her hip.

She came and pinched my hip too hard that made me push her hand with a swing. All of a sudden, her saree’s thread stuck in my watch and made the saree fall from her shoulders. It was a visual treat for both of the boys.

She ran inside the library building which was nearer to the bus point. She ran so that she wanted us to chase her (she even shouted, “you want me?”)

We never knew Shobhi was this slutty.

We entered through the door and made sure no one was there or watching us. She was approaching us with loads of love and gave me a tight liplock. I was blank and grabbed her ass on the go.

Madhav was watching all these near the women’s restroom door with a shock in his face. With a kiss, she pulled me into the women’s restroom and locked the door leaving Madhav outside for our safety.

I kissed her on the cheeks. She was wearing a white transparent jacket and I could literally see her tits emerging from the lower neck. I grabbed them and she was kissing my head.

All these things were happening at the washbasin in front of the mirror. She made me remove her sea blue coloured panty and shoved that in my mouth. She slowly started moving to my bottom.

As she was slowly moving, I just removed her saree and threw it aside. Then I leaned on the washbasin. She pulled my dick and gave it a nice rub and patted as if it was her pet. I could not control myself and suddenly put my dick into our mouth. I grabbed her head tight for a few seconds so that my dick completely entered her mouth.

She was struggling to breathe at that time but all of a sudden, she captured my balls in her hands and gave it tight massage with my dick in her mouth. It was a heaven like feeling for me.

Then I removed my dick from her mouth and made her sit on the toilet seat.

I removed my clothes one by one. I could see Madhav’s shadow through the bottom of the door as he was eagerly waiting to watch what was going on inside.

She was watching me as if she owned me. Her pussy was clean shaven and looked like brown coloured rose petals.

I gave her pussy a nice flick and entered my fore finger into it. She was moaning with her head behind the shoulders. Whenever I gave her pussy a nice massage, she moved her body like a snake which made me so horny.

Her boobs were glowing since she gave them a rub with her saliva.

Then we changed the position. I thought of taking 69 position. But my dick wanted the pussy rather than my tongue.

So I made her lean on the washbasin. I was standing in front of her spreading her legs ready to make my move. I slowly entered the dick into her pussy as I saw it in a porn video.

I gave the first stroke slowly by pressing her boobs little hard. I could see that she was already in heaven and getting the pleasure that she never had before.

I started increasing my pace. I was very conscious about not wearing a condom since it was a sudden plan. But she never hesitated to put my dick in her pussy without a condom.

As I was increasing my pace, I kissed her lips. At the peak moment and since I was a virgin, I was about to cum soon. I pulled my dick out of her pussy but in pleasure, I bit her lips very hard that made her shout. And in pleasure, she grabbed my head and started kissing on her lips.

I never thought she would be this much happy as ever when I fucked her. Soon, I cummed on her boobs.

And then I came to know that she had masturbated thinking of me in the restroom and recorded that. She sent the video to me the same evening. She never thought her wish would be fulfilled that soon.

She was very happy that we made love unexpectedlyand that too in the college restroom when no one could watch us other than my lucky friend Madhav.

Then we dressed each other. I helped wear her jacket and saree and then our final kiss goodbye for the day was little long.

We hugged and grabbed each other’s asses and we left the restroom where I could watch Madhav giving us an odd look.

Due to this unexpected events, we missed our college buses and we booked a cab to reach our houses.

I hope you like this story very much.

I want you send me a feedback about the story and if there are any woman interested in no string attached relations and fun based sex or to discuss about sex in heterosexuality, you may feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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