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Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. This is Casanova369 again with yet another sex escapade about how I got lucky to enter a girls hostel and fucked my virgin friend all night. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex. You can also read my previous erotic sex story here.

A month ago, when the lockdown was getting extended everywhere. Cases were increasing at their own pace and because of the public’s negligence. But for a few, this pandemic has helped to explore many things. I was among those few.

I had received a message from one of my friend Jaya Sree saying that she is bored staying all alone in the hostel and needs some company. That’s when I thought, let me take advantage of the situation and get naughty. So, I asked if she wants me to come and stay with her for the weekend.

She was happy reading it, but then she was staying in a girls hostel. So, she replied, “It’s not possible, but we can try for one night. On Thursday night, her warden goes to the temple in the evening.” I can barge in during that time silently. I was excited about this new sex adventure.

I reached Jaya Sree’s hostel and was standing a little far away, waiting for her message. Around 6 PM, Jaya messaged me that her warden has left for the temple, and I can come in silently. I reached the hostel entrance and ensured no one was watching me, and barged in quickly.

She stays on the 4th floor of the hostel. Generally, the warden will not come climbing all four floors to check on Jaya. She was so happy to see me after so many days, rather months, and hugged me tightly.

Sorry guys, I forgot to tell you. Jaya Sree is 32-28-34 with a dusky complexion and medium size dark brown nipples. Yaa, I know, those nipples just go into my mouth. Coming back to our story, Jaya hugged me tightly, and those boobs were waking up my small brother. I asked her what’s the plan for the night.

She said she will bring dinner to the bedroom, and we both can share it. Then we can watch some movies after that. So, till dinner time, we were just chit-chatting. Our bodies were touching and building up the heat for the post-dinner session.

We had our dinner by 9:30 PM, and Jaya asked what movie we shall watch? I asked if she had watched ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey.’ She replied with a ‘NO.’ So, I didn’t tell her what movie it is all about but then just started playing it on her laptop.

We didn’t want the warden to get any kind of clue. So, we were using headphones and started watching the movie. Basically, one ear head goes into my ear, and the other goes into Jaya’s ear. Because of this, we were sitting very close to each other.

The movie started playing. As you all know, the movie is all about rough sex. Jaya was getting aroused watching all those horny scenes. She was completely lost in it, and I know the night is all mine to enjoy Jaya’s virgin cunt. I slowly put my hands around Jaya, and she came close to me, hugging me tightly.

We continued watching the movie. Then a scene where the hero ties the girl’s hand on the bed and starts fucking her was running on the laptop. I slipped my hands into Jaya’s t-shirt. Jaya was not wearing any bra but was wearing a camisole. Her nipples were already erect, and I started playing with them.

Jaya looked into my eyes, and there were mixed emotions of ‘what am I doing’ and ‘Don’t stop, satisfy me tonight.’ I pinched her nipples, and Jaya gave a shrilled moan, “Ahhhhh.” I went close to her lips and gave a kiss on her lips. She didn’t react, and I again started kissing her.

This time she responded back to me by opening her mouth. We were kissing and playing with our tongues. I paused the movie and removed the headphones, and started kissing Jaya again. Now she was completely into it and brushed my hair, giving me a deep kiss sharing my saliva.

Jaya came on top of me, and we were kissing for 5 minutes. I was exploring inside her t-shirt, playing with her erected nipples and pressing her boobs. Then I tried removing her t-shirt, and she raised her hands and made it easy for me. Jaya Sree was wearing a red camisole, and I just stripped it down.

These beautiful 32B dark brown, medium-sized erected nipples in front of my eyes were a feast for me. Without wasting any time, I just took them into my mouth and was sucking Jaya’s boobs. Jaya started moaning now, “Suck them, baby. Bite them.”

I played with Jaya’s boobs and sucked those nipples for almost 10 minutes. There were love bites all around her boobs. Jaya wanted to feel my body and wanted me to remove my t-shirt. I got up and removed everything, and she was shocked to see my 6-inch dick saluting her.

I took it near her mouth. She was initially hesitant but then took it in her mouth. Jaya sucked my cock like a lollipop and got me ready for the action. She sucked my dick for 10 minutes, and she said, “I love your dick. Your dick will satisfy me tonight.”

I replied, “Not just to satisfy you but also to drill your virgin cunt and load all my juice inside you.” Jaya just blushed, and I started removing her pajamas. She was not wearing any panty, and her virgin pussy was neatly shaved. I widened her legs and started kissing her thighs.

Jaya started moaning, “Baby, fuck me, Da. Give me real pleasure.” All these statements were making me horny. I started licking her pussy, and she moaned loudly, “Kiss me deeper.” So, I started licking her clitoris, and Jaya was enjoying this.

I bit her clit and sucked it immediately. Jaya had her first orgasm with this and was taking deeper breaths now. I inserted my middle finger into her virgin pussy now and started playing with her g-spot. My tongue was licking her clit, and my finger was trying to relax her g-spot inside.

Jaya couldn’t take all this anymore and begged me to fuck her. I fingered her for 5 minutes and started rubbing her clitoris faster. In a minute, Jaya squirted out all her juices, and it was all wet. I asked Jaya to give me a mini blowjob and help my small brother. She started sucking my dick again.

In 2 minutes, my dick was fully erect, and I tried inserting it into Jaya’s pussy. Being a virgin pussy, it was a little difficult. Still, then with a couple of pushes, I completely entered Jaya’s pussy. I successfully deflowered Jaya’s virgin pussy, and all the credit goes to me.

Jaya started moaning, “Baby, fuck me slowly and satisfy me tonight.” So, I was fucking Jaya Sree at a slow pace. Her pussy was being stretched fully because of my thick dick. Jaya was moaning and was taking my dick completely into her. I fucked Jaya in missionary posture for 10 minutes.

Now Jaya asked me to fuck her deeper and faster. So, I asked her to change to doggy style, and I entered her pussy from behind. This gave me easy access to go deeper and pump her harder. I started spanking Jaya’s ass and was fucking her in the doggy style.

Jaya was moaning. All these were making me go wild, and I was fucking Jaya Sree harder. In another few minutes, both of us got our orgasms, and I released all my white juice deep in her virgin pussy. We were tired and slept naked, cuddling in each other arms.

The next morning around 6 AM, Jaya’s alarm rang. I woke up and escaped from there, jumping the hostel wall without the warden’s knowledge. I reached my home safely, and around 9 AM, I received a message from Jaya Sree, “Thank you. This was my first time, and you made it very memorable. Love You.”

I hope all the girls and aunties are aroused and horny and enjoyed reading my story. I am expecting a few more emails from young girls and women for an erotic experience with me.

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