I Fucked And Lost Virginity To My Friend!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing great. I’m a regular XIS reader, so I decided to share a couple of stories from my experiences. It happened in Feb 2020 before the lockdown. This is my first one, and I hope you like it.

My name is Rummy (name changed). I am from Udaipur, Rajasthan, and study in Jaipur. I was in Udaipur because of all this covid lockdown going on. I’m 20 years old with a pretty decent physique and a freaky mind. I’m into some really kinky stuff and interested in exploring new genres of sex.

My tool is 7 inches long and pretty good thick too. I was still a virgin and was desperate to have sex but couldn’t find an interesting partner. But everything changed when I met this girl named Diya (name changed).

She was my junior and was 19 years old. But had an amazing figure of 34-32-34. Damn, she was a real hottie. But I never had any bad intentions towards her.

So coming back to the story, we actually shared a good bond and were open to each other about anything. One night, I had a kinky dream about how we fucked raw and rough and did amazing things. From that moment, I looked at her differently.

She noticed this change and asked me to tell her everything straight up and out. I hesitated a bit and told her just a couple of things to clearly give her hints so she won’t ask me. But to my surprise, she seemed interested and told me to tell her everything.

I told her everything. She confronted me directly that it turned her on. Without any hesitation, she asked me that if I ever wanted to do such things. I embarrassingly replied yes. She chuckled and went honest about her feelings, too. She’d like to try this with me as she trusted me.

I was dumbfounded, and all the dirty stuff started coming to my mind. I got a boner because of that. I opened up to her so well that I told her to meet at her apartment to do those stuff. She happily said yes.

I went to her apartment. She said the main entrance had cameras, but the lifts didn’t. I knew all the kinky things that I could do to her. She asked me in an excited state what am I gonna do to her. I replied, “Hahaha, just wait and watch, babe.”

She was damn excited, and we both went to the lift. Her flat was on the top floor (5th), and we were the only ones in the lift. As soon she closed the door and pressed the button, I grabbed her by her waist, pulled her close to me, and smooched her!

Surprised as she seemed, she too replied really passionately to my kiss. That lift was moving really slow, and we had a pretty good 2 minutes. Her lips were on mine. I could feel her tongue, her breaths, her big boobs, and her saliva. I grabbed her ass, too, and she supported it firmly.

We came to her floor and started behaving as nothing happened. Her mother and sister were at home. Her father was at the office and didn’t come home until 8:00 pm. They all knew me well enough as I shared a good bond.

Because we were home, we couldn’t do much. But still, I spanked and grabbed her ass whenever nobody was around. I sat there for an hour or so. I had some tea and told her some rough and kinky stuff I’d do to her. She was really turned on. Now, it was time to head back.

Surprisingly, she came back to drop me. This was another opportunity for me and a green signal from her. As soon as the lift’s door closed and started going down, I pushed her to the lift’s wall, making her back facing me.

I started fondling her boobs firmly with my left hand, and with my right hand, I fingered her pussy over her jeans. She was replying really well with all the things I was doing to her, and we were so turned on. Damn, it was such a heavenly moment.

I went home after that. In the night, we talked about it, got turned on, and sexted for a while. It was really fun, but we wanted to do it for real and bad. But didn’t have many opportunities. We waited for one, and until then, we used to make out in the lift, in private cabins of the Cafes, watched porn together.

Now, we were hungry beasts, and lust dripped out from our hearts. Still, we waited for the right time, And there it was, my friends, the right moment we waited for. Her mom and sister went out for two days. Her father would be at the office till 8:00 pm. So, we had all the time we needed.

We were so fucking excited and decided to meet the next day. I made her more excited by telling a bit of what I would do to her and kept some major suspense. The good thing was that she was into kinky stuff too.

I reached her place at 1.00 pm, and she came down to pick me. She was wearing loose shorts extended to her upper thighs and a loose top, and just one ponytail. Damn, she was looking cute and hot as fuck. My mouth was drooling by thinking of all the stuff I was gonna do to her.

We went in the lift, all alone, and as soon as the gates closed, I smooched her. She wrapped her arms around me, and I grabbed her ass too. Such soft ass cheeks, my god! I immediately got a boner. She knowingly rubbed her cunt on it to make me go mad.

We did this for 2 minutes and reached her floor. She opened the main gate, we went to it and locked it from inside. We were free, horny, and had all the time.

As soon as we walked in, I grabbed her butt from behind. I told her that there wasn’t anybody to catch us, and I pulled her shorts down. She chuckled surprisingly but shook her sexy ass when I pulled down the shorts. Her butt cheeks were free.

Damn, those bad boys had some amazing curves. I turned her towards me, smooched her while massaging her bare ass. I clapped those ass cheeks very soothingly. She was moaning a bit, and now we were both turned on. She took me to her bedroom while kissing her.

She threw me on her bed. That was solid proof that she was very horny. She came on top of me, removed my t-shirt and shorts. I helped her remove hers too. That was a good scene, too, undressing her. She was now only in her bra and panty, and I was just in my undies.

She was wearing a navy blue colored bra and a black panty. She was looking so sexy that I couldn’t control myself and started grabbing her butt and thighs. She leaned towards me and started smooching passionately. I moved her one hand down to my dick and moved her hand over the undies.

I left out some soft moans. It was my first time getting my dick touched. It was the best feeling. I was on the 7th sky at that time. Without wasting any time, I opened her bra and freed her big ‘titties’. They were so big that my mouth started drooling.

Seeing my reaction, she held my head by my hair firmly and stuffed my face into her big bulges. She smelled so good, and I can’t explain the feelings that I had in mere words. I grabbed her right boob and fondled it firmly. I sucked the left one with all my desperation. They were so good.

I moved my tongue around her light brown nipples and saw them getting hard. She was moaning a bit hard now. I kept sucking them one by one, teasing her with my tongue and moving it all around her nipples and on her flesh. She was rubbing her cunt with my dick, and I had some precum on it.

She let go of my head and went down on me. She started by kissing my lips, neck, chest, and nipples and directly caught hold of my rock-hard dick. She licked and kissed over the undies. I was moaning with excitement. She was teasing me and wanted me to beg.

I told her that I can’t control it and wanted to cum. She chuckled and removed my undies and started stroking them softly. I could see lust dripping in her eyes. She bent down to suck it. She moved down the upper skin of my dick and spat on it. Now she stroked firmly, and I was shivering heavily with excitement.

She made me spread my legs deliberately to make both of us hornier. Finally, she kissed my dick, very softly and I let out good moans. She moved her tongue out and started licking all over my dick. What an amazing feeling it was, my friends.

She started sucking it, making it all wet by her saliva, and she was doing it pretty well. There it was, the first blowjob of my life, and it was pretty good. She licked my balls, too. I could feel her nails scratching my thighs softly to make me go insane.

She was very careful doing it. It was really working as I was moaning and was shivering really hard. I was about to cum and told her so. She started sucking it faster, and I felt like I was in heaven. At the last moment, she stopped sucking and instead started stroking it hard.

With every stroking, my pleasure increased, and finally, I came and came loads on her hand. She giggled and looked at me full of lust. She took me to the bathroom for cleaning. She had her own plans, which I was unaware of.

We cleaned ourselves. After that, she kissed me on my lips, went near the end of the bathroom, turned on the shower, and sat down. She instructed me to come towards her, crawling on my fours (knees and hand). I did exactly what she said.

I went near her, and she stopped me with her leg by keeping it on my face. She spread her legs wide open and moved her toes on my mouth. I knew what she meant. Without wasting any time, I took her toe in my mouth and started sucking it like a little baby who feeds on her mother’s tits.

We were wet by the shower, and lust was still flowing through us. I sucked her feet really good and started moving up. I started licking her whole feet, then her soft calves, her thick thighs. It was time to suck her wet cunt. I removed her undies and saw her clean, neat pink pussy.

She spread her legs wide apart to give me a clearer view. I couldn’t hold my horses and jumped directly to eat her out. It was really clean, had no hair traces, and smelled really good, which made me hornier. As I tasted it, I felt her sour-sweet juices. She was dripping wet and was moaning well.

I sucked her juices as they were flowing out and licked her pussy lips. She held my head and pressed it harder, and begged for more. Like a hungry dog, I licked her cunt and inserted my finger. I could feel her shivering. I licked and sucked her pussy inside out, and she was really enjoying it.

She increased her moaning and told me that she’s gonna piss. I was removing my head, but she stopped me and looked me in the eye. I knew it immediately. I got really excited and went good on her pussy. I madly sucked her pussy and her clean butthole.

She was about to cum, but before that, I could feel something warm and salty. I knew it was her piss. I told her to let it all out. She moaned out loud, fingered herself, and pissed on my face, and came. There was warm piss and her cum all over my face. But I was turned on to the fullest.

She pulled me toward her and smooched me with happiness. My face was covered in her cum and piss. But she kissed me anyway and told me how thankful she was. She really enjoyed it. Sharing her own piss by smooching me made us so fucking horny.

Now, she wanted my cock. We turned off the shower. She told me to wait and brought her dad’s condom. We had a bit of difficulty as I never wore it before. But somehow, she managed to put it on my dick.

She stroked my hard dick and lay down. I again licked her pussy, spat on it, and put it on her pussy lips. I told her I was gonna insert it. I gave a swift hard push in it, and it went in halfway. She screamed in pain but also endured it. I waited for a minute or so and again gave a hard push.

It was all the way in, and I saw her in pain. But she bit her lips to bear it. She didn’t bleed, although it was her first time. After waiting again for a minute, I started moving my dick. I could feel her pussy sucking my dick. It was really a good sensation, damn it.

After giving her a few strokes, I leaned toward her and started kissing on her lips and biting on her neck and ears. We were now comfortable, and the pain also subsided. I started giving her hard strokes, and she supported me by moving her ass with the support of the wall behind.

I was fucking her hard, and she was giving out lusty smiles and was moaning loud. We decided to try doggy style. She sat on her fours (knees and hands). I spanked her sexy ass, licked it and spat on her wet cunt, put my dick on edge, and thrust it in.

In the first stroke, it went in, and with that, she let out her big moan. I started moving my dick while spanking her ass cheeks. She really loved it and told me to go harder. I started giving her hard and fast strokes, leaned down to grab her tits, and pressed them hard.

That was really a good session of fucking intensely. Feeling her insides, playing with her big breasts, spanking her ass. It was mind-blowing. We were both about to climax. She told me that she wanted to cum in my mouth, to which I gladly said yes.

I pulled out my dick, removed the rubber, and laid down. She brought her pussy to my face and started rubbing it. I help her by licking it. Within few seconds, she let out all the sweet juices in my mouth. I licked her clean down at her pussy. She got down on me started to stroke my dick.

Surprisingly, she held my dick, put it between her big tits, and started stroking it with her tits. I was so fucking turned on and supported her by lifting my ass up and down. Finally, I climaxed on her tits and told her that I really loved this tit fuck of hers.

We got really exhausted and laid down on the floor naked. She put her head on me and told me how amazing it was. We just laid and kissed a bit. She moved her knees on my dick, I grabbed her titties.

After some time, we got up, cleaned ourselves, and dressed up. We smoked some cigarettes, had food, and kissed her goodbye. We did this another day too. Now, whenever we get the right time, we fuck and enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

So with this, I end my story about how my friend and I lost our virginity together. I hope you guys enjoyed it and stroked your dicks and fingered your pussies to it. Your feedback will be really useful to me, and you can mail your feedback to me on my mail [email protected]

Also, I have many fictional stories in my mind that would make your pussies wet and your dicks hard. And interested girls could mail me too. Your feedback is valuable to me. Thank you so much for reading this, guys, and have a great one.

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